Forensic psychiatrist salary

  • Forensic psychiatrist’s salary (also known as prison psychiatrist) is around $63,000 in the United States. A US-based forensic psychiatrist may earn an average salary of $61K. The factors that affect the salary range enjoyed by a professional in the field include job experience, skills or specialization, and location of practice. Hourly rate is at $15.30 – $146.81 while overtime rate can range from $0.00 to $21.36. Keep reading for more information about forensic psychiatrist salary and career requirements.

  • Forensic psychiatrist job description

    A forensic psychiatrist is a trained practitioner who integrates the principles of psychology and psychiatry into matters concerning the law, forensics, criminal justice, and research. While a forensic psychiatrist is most often found to be working for the government, more specifically the legal system or the courts, he or she may also be deployed in local police stations, correctional facilities, private investigation agencies, rehabilitation centers, or law offices.A forensic psychiatrist carries out psychological testing to people involved in investigations such as witnesses, victims or those taken into custody. He may also be in-charge in substance use testing such as illegal drugs or alcohol and may also be involved in rehabilitating those who abuse these substances.  In addition, he can also give his testimony at court conducting psychological testing among defendants, or help the court strategize an investigation scheme. A forensic psychiatrist may also be deployed in the field to work with an investigating team or be assigned in a correctional facility to provide psychiatric services among internees. He may also be assigned with the social workers in dealing with abuse cases, family-related legal issues, and child custody. Read more if you are interested in How to become a forensic psychiatrist.

    How much does a forensic psychiatrist make ?

    Average forensic psychiatrist salary

    A forensic psychiatrist earns an average of $63,000 annually, as reported by The average hourly rate for a forensic psychiatrist practicing in USA is $42.00. As previously mentioned, the salary of a forensic psychiatrist depends on various factors. While it may be seen as a highly profitable job in some parts of the world, in some it may not be the case.

    Forensic psychiatrist salary in US

    In US, a forensic psychiatrist earns about $36,842 to $122,206 in salary or $15.30 – $146.81 as hourly rate, according to One determinant for a forensic psychiatrist salary is the job experience. A forensic psychiatrist on entry level earns 10% below the national average salary while those who have 20 years or more experience in the field may earn as much as 88% above the average or an estimated value of $117, 000. Bonuses can sum up to $14,339 while overtime pay per hour rates at $21.36 as the highest value. In addition, 82% of those in the field enjoy medical benefits and 63% enjoy dental benefits.

    Forensic psychiatrist salary in UK

    In UK, a forensic psychiatrist earns £37,000 yearly. A trainee may receive around £24,250 while a forensic psychiatrist with experience and high educational qualification may be able to receive as much as £45,000 yearly. The salary received by a practicing forensic psychiatrist in UK depends on the type of agency or organization he is linked with, the number of years he has been in service, and the additional benefits that come with the assignment such bonuses, hazard pay, or pension.

    Forensic psychiatrist salary in Canada

    A forensic psychiatrist based in Canada c per year. It is good to note that in Canada, forensic psychiatry is considered to be one among the highest-paying field of practice. The national average salary is C$81,000. A psychiatrist in an entry level positions earn 11% below the national average while a mid-career professional earns just 1% below this amount. An experienced forensic psychiatrist earns 24% above the average while a veteran in the field earns 25% more. Based on the figures, we can say that more or less, there is less disparity among the income levels.

    Forensic psychiatrist salary in Australia

    In Australia, a forensic psychiatrist earns AU$25, 342 to AU$90, 122 yearly. Aside from this, he or she may also receive a yearly bonus amounting to about AU$20,000.

    How to become a forensic psychiatrist

    A forensic psychiatrist goes through the same process that other professionals in the medical field pass through. This involves secondary school, a bachelor’s degree, medical school, residency, and eventually medical board examination. Upon finishing his or her residency training in psychiatry, a psychiatrist must get into a fellowship in forensic psychiatry where highly specialized training and exposure will be opened for the aspiring forensic psychiatrist. Upon finishing the training, he may opt to register himself with medical associations such as American College of Forensic Psychiatry. To enhance his skills, a forensic psychiatrist is expected to take supplemental courses or continuing education units both in psychiatry and in law or criminal justice as his field requires him to integrate these two subjects.

    Conclusion on forensic psychiatrist salary

    A forensic psychiatrist in involved in a field which requires critical thinking and knowledge in law and criminal justice in addition to psychiatric knowledge. Also, the field is one that is predicted to continually evolve and is most likely to see innovations from time to time. While more women are found in the field, men are also taking interest. In USA, a forensic psychiatrist earns about $36,842 to $122,206, in Canada $36,842 to $122,206, while in Australia, a forensic psychiatrist earns AU$25, 342 to AU$90, 122 yearly. Forensic psychiatrist salary is above average.

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