Experimental psychologist salary

  • Experimental psychologist’s salary is around $56,000 in the United States. According to Payscale .com an experimental psychologist earns a salary which ranges from a low of $29,773 to a high of $80,389.This range may depend on several factors like; geographicallocation, sector of employment, education and experience. Moreover, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, psychologists who happen to work in areas like professionalschools, colleges and universities, receive an average annual salary of $78,570 .This report was compiled in 2009. Keep reading for more information about experimental psychologist salary and career requirements.

  • Experimental psychologist job description

    Basically, an experimental psychologist studies a wide range of areas in psychologywhichmainly involve human and animal behavior .They collect a lot of data scientifically and perform research on them. Their interests, educational background and area of employment are some of the factors which greatly influence the type of research an experimental psychologist will do. They study the human behavior in terms of; their memory, attention,effects of substance abuse on their bodies, neurological and genetic factors which affect their behavior, learning and motivation. As we have mentioned above, experimental psychologists also study the behavior of animals which can include monkeys, rats and pigeons. These professionals can work in various areas which can be in; private or government businesses, research facilities, universities and colleges. Some of these professionals work on research on animal behavior and human aspects like personalities in research facilities while others work in universities and colleges where they teach the students experimental methods.

    How much does an experimental psychologist make ?

    Experimental psychologist salary in US

    Salaries of experimental psychologists vary greatly .This may be due to some influencing factorswhich can include; the years of experience, educational level or the specialty area of the experimental psychologist. The average annual salary of an experimental psychologist is $56,500.

    Experimental psychologist salary in United Kingdom

    In the United Kingdom, the salary of an Experimental psychologist is also determined by the number of years of experience. An Experimental psychologist earns an average salary of £17,000.00 per annum after six months of experience and an average salary of £23,000.00 per annum after 40 months of experience.

    Experimental psychologist salary in Canada

    An Experimental Psychologist earns an average salary of C$70,930 per annum and there may be some added bonusof up toC$10,017 per year. With experience one can earn even more money as salary. With 20 years of experience most people in this field move to a higher position in the job rankings.

    Experimental psychologist salary in New Zealand

    In New Zealand, the average salary for an Experimental psychologist is NZ$66,055 per year. However skills in this field may influence the salary and it can rise higher.

    The minimum salary an Experimental psychologist earns in New Zealandis NZ$53,000 and the maximum salary earned is NZ$95,000 per annum.He or she may also receive bonuses of up toNZ$9,826 per annum.

    Experimental psychologist salary in Australia

    The amount of salary that an Experimental psychologist earns varies with the minimum beingAU$45,198 per annum and the maximum salary being AU$100,442 per annum.Averagely an experimental psychologist earns $71,994 per annum.Just like in any other country, experience greatly influences the amount of salary an experimental psychologist earns in a year.

    Experimental psychologist salary in South Africa

    The salary ranges betweenR98,920 to R504,809 for an experimental psychologist in South Africa. Onaverage he or she receives a salary of R248, 784 per annum.Experience is key in earning more money in this profession.

    Experimental psychologist salary in India

    The salary ranges from Rs 117,446 to Rs 607,591 in India. However the average salary for this profession in India is Rs 296,606. A person working in India as an Experimental psychologist may also receive a bonus of up to Rs 90,604 per annum.Experience and skills can also boost the pay.

    How to become an experimental psychologist

    A minimum of master’s degree in related field or experimental psychology field is required for one to become an experimental psychologist. A doctoral level degree in psychology is required for those who intend to work in universities. After obtaining a Master’s or doctoratedegree in experimental psychology one has to obtain a license that will enable him or her to practice. One can obtain the license by passing the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology. There is a possibility that experimental psychologists who already have a master’s degree in experimental psychology can go into online experimental psychology so as to supplement their degree. Besides that a membership or certification to a specialty board will definitely show your commitment to your area of specialty. This can boostyouropportunities of getting higher jobs in the field.

    Conclusion about experimental psychologist salary

    Experimental psychologist generally receives a good pay. With an average salary of $56,00 per annum in the USA ,£20,000 in the United Kingdom and  C$70,930 per annum in Canada. With time an experimental psychologist gains more experience in that field and his or her salary increases. For starters, one must have at least a master’s degree so as to become an experimental psychologist. If you happen to be having dreams of becoming an experimental psychologist then you have to make sure you have high grades in school. Experimental psychologist salary is above average.

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