Exercise physiologist – Work, Duties and Requirements

  • An exercise physiologist is involved in the study of how the body responds to exercises. There are many career paths and specialties that Exercise physiologists take. Some Exercise physiologists are involved in research while others are involved in the application of the research.  Exercise physiologists that work on research actually have a responsibility where they help us in furthering and understanding the effects of exercises on our bodies and the physiology, biology, anatomy and chemistry responsible for causing those particular effects. Exercise physiologists that work on the application of exercise physiology may be involved in the provision of exercise and lifestyle support to the athletes to enhance their performance and in the provision of lifestyle and exercise support for people suffering from chronic illnesses. They may also be involved in the monitoring of the various physical functions of an athlete including nutrition systems, pulmonary systems, metabolism, body composition, and muscle mass among others.

  • Exercise physiologist workplace and duties

    An exercise physiologist is involved in many job duties .Some of the duties of these professionals can include administering fitness tests to athletes to have an accurate profile. They also closely monitor the progress of these athletes and hence they may make the necessary adjustments to the training programs if need be. They normally come up with scientific training programs that are used by athletes. Moreover, they  often confer with coaching staff so as to maximize the effectiveness of their training programs.

    Why should you become an exercise physiologist

    Are you interested to become an Exercise Physiologist? Being an Exercise Physiologist is a promising career if you have interest in understanding the effects of exercise in our body. When it comes to salary, you have an advantage as an Exercise Physiologist if you have the years of experience.

    Basically, you should be happy to know that if you are considering this as a profession, you can earn an average hourly wage of $24.31 – $31.78 as Exercise Physiologist in Recreation,  Fitness and Sports Program Supervisors and Consultants occupational group,  according to the surveys of the 2011 Alberta Wage and Salary Survey.  While in the USA , a professional in the Exercise physiology field earns a median annual salary of about $47,610, according to  the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    The salary range for the professionals in this field is between $31,000 – $71,140 per year. It is evident that the professionals in the Exercise physiology field are being paid well. Specialization and experience are determinants of the amount of money earned as salary by an Exercise Physiologist. Their salaries may also vary in different countries in the world or the different sates of a country as stated above.

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