Equine veterinarian salary

  • Equine veterinarian’s salary is around $60,000 in the United States. Equine veterinarians, or horse veterinarians, look after the welfare of horses. They vaccinate, diagnose diseases, treat injuries and diseases, and perform surgery on horses. They are often seen on ranches and at farms. Equine veterinarians are usually experienced when it comes to working with horses before they even earned their degree. The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) said that about 44% of the equine veterinarians are focused on looking after performance horses. Others are involved with farm work, reproductive work, and racing work. Aside from private practice, equine veterinarians also get employed as educators, military personnel, pharmaceutical sales representatives, researchers, and government inspectors. Keep reading for more information about equine veterinarian salary and career requirements.

  • Equine veterinarian job description

    Equine veterinarians are licensed veterinarians who specialize in diagnosing and treating horses involved with production to competition. Their work routine usually includes conducting basic exams, giving vaccinations, collecting blood samples, prescribing medications, examining and suturing wounds, performing surgeries, and conducting post-operative care. They may also be responsible for conducting pre-purchase exams, evaluating the reproductive condition of broodmares and breeding stallions, helping with foaling, and performing diagnostic exams.

    In their line of work, equine veterinarians often collaborate with a farrier to address lameness issues, angular limb deformities, and an imbalance in the horse’s foot.

    Most equine veterinarians work up to six days a week and are on-call in case of emergencies. They may work in the field with unpredictable weather conditions and temperatures. It is important for them to follow a safety protocol since they are working with large animals. Otherwise, they will risk getting injured while taking care of their animal patients.

    How much does an equine veterinarian make ?

    Average equine veterinarian salary

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the annual pay for all veterinarians, including the equine veterinarian’s salary, is $96,140. Their hourly rate is shown to be $46.22.

    Equine veterinarian salary in the US

    Equine veterinarian earns between $29,799 and $90,381 per year, according to PayScale. The median equine veterinarian salary is around $60,574. Without the bonus, their basic salary usually ranges from $34,521 to $89,091. Bonuses may range from $200 to $3,500.

    Based on a 2011 survey conducted by the American Veterinarian Medical Association (AVMA), the median equine veterinarian’s salary was found out to be $85,000.

    The industry collectively called as Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services had the highest levels and highest concentrations of employment for veterinarians. The said industry also paid the veterinarian around $96,510. But the industry with the highest veterinarian’s salary, including the equine veterinarian’s salary, is that of the scientific research and development services, which paid around $134,230.

    Equine veterinarian salary by city/state in the US

    The highest equine veterinarian salary, based on the salary report about veterinarians from the BLS, is Hawaii. The state paid veterinarian around $122,150 in 2013. Veterinarians also did well in the states of Connecticut, where the salary was $121,480; New York, where they got paid $115,350; Pennsylvania, where they earned $114,640; and California, where their annual pay was $113,660.

    The city with the most generous equine veterinarian’s salary, based on the annual pay of all veterinarians, is that of Honolulu, Hawaii. The metropolitan area paid veterinarians around $167,600. The other metropolitan areas with high salaries for veterinarians include the Santa Barbara-Santa Maria-Goleta, CA area, where the salary was $165,360; the San Francisco-San Mateo-Redwood City, CA area, where the veterinarian pay was $156,560; Palm Coast, FL, where they earned $153,420; and the Santa Ana-Anaheim-Irvine, CA area, where the veterinarian received $147,430 per year.

    Equine veterinarian salary in Canada

    The typical equine veterinarian’s salary for those working in Canada ranges between C$70,000 and C$100,000, according to Living in Canada. These veterinarians earned the highest wages at C$49.04 in Saskatoon/Biggar, Saskatchewan, while they earned the lowest at C$36.02 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Based on the salary site’s reports, the 2014 wages were estimated to be around C$35.85, while the veterinarian’s salary, including the equine veterinarian’s salary, was estimated to be around C$69,000.

    Equine veterinarian salary in Australia

    Since there are no specific data regarding the equine veterinarian salary for those animal health professionals working in Australia, their salary is estimated based on the annual pay of all veterinarians. PayScale showed that as of December 2014, the median pay for this profession is around AU$62,045. Their basic salary ranges from AU$45,188 to AU$89,181, while their total pay, including the bonus, ranges from AU$46,413 to AU$92,709. Wages, as for all veterinarians, are often between AU$23.94 and AU45.79. Those who work overtime earn between AU$24.75 and AU$97.44.

    Open Universities Australia cited that all veterinarians have a starting salary of AU$60,000 and this covers the starting equine veterinarian’s salary as well. Their senior salary is reported to be around AU$95,000, while the average salary is AU$75,000.

    Equine veterinarian salary in the UK

    The average salary for equine veterinarian in the UK is £39,067, according to MySalary. Based on their survey, their wage is around £19.53.

    The salary also varies based on their location. Those who are based in London earned more than those working in other cities at £42,584. Equine veterinarians who are working in South East UK took home £40,240, while those in the Midlands received £36,333 per year. The equine veterinarian’s salary for those working in the North West, South West, and Scotland earned £34,379, £33,989, and £33,207.

    Based on their age, the survey data suggest that horse veterinarian in his 20s earned £29,301 in equine veterinarian salary. Those in their 30s earned £38,286, while those in their 40s and 50s received £45,318.

    Equine veterinarian salary in South Africa

    In South Africa, veterinarian earns between R188,485 and R529,935, as per PayScale survey reports. These are likely the same figures for the equine veterinarian’s salary, or higher due to their area of specialization.

    How to become an equine veterinarian

    To become an equine veterinarian, one needs to earn the minimum college credits in pre-veterinary math and science coursework to get into a veterinary school. Applicants who have a major in biology or animal science have a higher chance of getting admitted.

    Most veterinary schools have their own criteria in choosing students, as well as the minimum requirement of submitting their Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) scores. However, there are a few schools that require applicants to submit the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) or Veterinary College Admission Test (VCAT) scores.

    Aspiring equine veterinarian can choose from Bachelor of Science in Zoology, Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, and Doctor of Medicine.

    Veterinarian must be licensed and must take continuing education requirements to keep that license current. They must take the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination and pass it. Some states even require students to take a practical skills exam. Equine veterinarian may also choose to sign up for the three to four-year residency programs and get a certification.

    There are hybrid online programs available to large animal veterinarians, such as equine veterinarians. The students take their clinical practicums only at approved facilities, while lectures are conducted online.

    Conclusion about equine veterinarian salary

    The average equine veterinarian salary, including the equine veterinarian’s salary, is $96,140. The highest earners in the top 10% took home $149,530 or more, while the lowest earners in the bottom 10% received only $53,270 or less.

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