How to become an educational psychologist

  • Educational psychologists have significant roles in refining the opportunities of young children both in terms of academic skills and responsibility to the society. A student will have to choose many challenges in his/her academic life which can even affect their behavior. As childhood is the better time to shape up a child’s personality, educational psychologists have a lot of job to do. Due to the nature of the job, most of the psychologists perform their duties by working in schools. They mainly work with kids, their families and other staffs who spend their most of the time with these kids.

  • Educational psychologists work one with one with young students to help with the problems faced by the children which in term might even affect their emotional and mental behavior. They will also have to give adequate education to parents and prepare them to provide support to their kids. Education or school psychologists will also have connections with community service organizations and they assists teachers in developing engaging classroom environments for the development of students. Though their job involves direct interaction with students, some of them choose to work in the research field in which they design plans which will help to improve the behavioral and developmental skills of kids and they also publishes the result which will improve the educational quality.

    Educational psychologist educational and career prerequisites

    According to the norms of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, every educational psychologists must have doctorate with psychology as the main. Along with the doctorate degree, several years of administered experience or an educational specialist degree in psychology. The doctorate degree course can last about 5 years of full time study where as an education specialist (Ed.S) will take about three years. The initial years of an Ed.S constitutes more than 60 hours of full time graduation work involving research works, assessments works, human development and educational and psychological issues. The last year is dedicated to full time internship program. Once students successfully complete the Ed.S or doctorate program, they mist finish all the license requirements in the state which they choose to practice. If they wish to concentrate the works based on schools and educational institutions, they can opt for nationally certified school psychologist job post which is administrated and offered by the National association of school psychologists.

    In order to take the license, aspiring psychologists must have a masters in educational psychology, counseling or school psychology or any field specific degree from a certified board. The students should complete 3 years of experience as an education psychologist. Out of the three years, the first 2 years’ experience is the one obtained by working as school psychologist in schools. This experience need not be a supervised one and it should be done within 6 years from the time a student applies for license.

    The last year should be focused on supervised experience from any accredited psychology programs. Another possibility is completing a full time experience which lasts for 1 year from any good psychology schools with good credentials. During the educational period in these schools, students would be assisted with licensed professionals.

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