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  • Doctors need to spend 12 to 15 years in medical school, residences, and fellowships. It could be four years of undergraduate school, another four years of medical school, and at least three to eight years of internship or residency. They get rewarded in terms of their high doctor salary, although it varies widely depending on the areas of specialty. While one doctor earns around $200,000 annually, another brings in more than $700,000 per year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a projected 24% growth rate for physicians and surgeons from 2010 to 2020. This is faster than the growth rate of other occupations in the United States. Keep reading for more interesting facts about doctor salary and also doctor’s educational requirements. When we mention in this article ” doctor salary” we speak about Doctor of Medicine salary ( or medical doctor salary).

  • Doctor job description

    Doctors treat their patient’s illnesses or injuries. They examine patients, record their medical histories, prescribe drugs, order diagnostic tests, and interpret them. They also help patients in the aspects of hygiene, diet, and preventive health care. Those who specialize on surgeries operate on patients who are suffering from diseases, such as cancer patients, patients with broken bones and other injuries, and patients with deformities, such as those with cleft palates.

    A doctor can be a medical doctor (M.D. which states for Doctor of Medicine) or a doctor of osteopathic medicine (D.O.). Although they both use the same processes in treating patients, such as prescribing medications and performing surgeries, D.O.’s are more focused on helping patients by studying their musculoskeletal system, advising them about holistic care, and using preventive drugs.

    How much does a Doctor make ?

    Average doctor salary

    BLS reported a median wage for doctor of $80 per hour, or average doctor’s salary of  $166,400 per year for physicians and surgeons working in the United States.

    Doctor salary in USA

    The average doctor salary for those working in the office varies based on whether they are primary care physicians or medical specialists. According to PayScale, general practitioners earn around $125,568 a year, while family doctors make $150,321 as the lowest earning doctors. The highest earning specialists are radiologists, who earn $248,075, and orthopedic surgeons who make around $125,363 to $591,376 per year. Doctors who work in the ER earn $196,380, while those who focus on internal medicine make $162,819 annually. Other specialists, such as neurologists and OB/GYN earn around $177,029 and $194,940, respectively.

    A doctor’s salary also vary based on the industry. A doctor in the health care industry makes $172,928, while a doctor in an OB/GYN’s office makes around $167,151. Doctors working in medical offices earn $162,435, those who are working in hospitals make $160,310, and those who are in health clinics take home $148,715 per year.

    It turned out that male doctors make more with an annual salary of $179,215, while female doctors only earn $163,356.

    The more experience doctors have in their field, the higher the doctor’s salary becomes. Those who have only been working for less than a year make $152,716, while those who already have up to 10 to 19 years of experience earn $178,326. A doctor who has spent more than 20 years in this occupation makes way more, around $190,006 per year.

    doctor salary in US,UK and CAN
    doctor salary

    Doctor salary by state

    According to the BLS reports for 2012, the #1 state in the US is Mississippi at $236,470 annual salary in terms of compensation for doctors. The other states also pay around the same doctor’s salary – Minnesota with $235,730; Maine with $235,620; South Dakota with $235,230; and New Hampshire with $224,940 per year.

    Based on PayScale, a doctor working in California earn an annual salary of $175,586. Those in Illinois earn $168,795; in Florida $166,385; and in Texas $165,385. The state of New York pays a doctor salary of $161,490; Georgia pays $155,303; and Pennsylvania compensates doctors with $152,366 per year.

    Doctor salary in Canada

    The mean salary for doctors in general practice is around C$24,822 to C$194,888. The median doctor’s salary, according to PayScale, is C$99,469. Their basic salary is C$22,000 to C$196,527 and is boosted by a bonus of up to C$19,727.

    In comparing doctor salary based on experience, those with more than ten years of experience take home more, around C$127,171 to C$203,473. A doctor who is just starting make around C$30,000 to C$114,000, while one with up to four years of experience earns C$17,894 to C$146,939 annually.

    Canadian doctors working in Alberta earn more with a salary of C$12,164 to C$237,440. Doctors in Ontario make around C$20,000 to C$196,527, while those in British Columbia earn C$55,000 to C$124,625 per year.

    Doctor salary in Australia

    The annual doctor’s salary in Australia ranges from AU$42,750 to AU$198,526 per year. PayScale reported the median doctor salary to be AU$100,435. Their basic salary is around AU$27,987 to AU$183,994 with an added bonus of up to AU$20,044.

    As expected, a doctor with more experience are paid more. There is a huge leap from the salary of AU$14,068 to AU$147,949 for a doctor with one to four years of experience to the salary range of AU$99,442 to AU$183,126 per year for a veteran doctor with more than 20 years of experience.

    Doctors who are working in Victoria earn AU$27,987 to AU$155,858 as opposed to the Queensland pay of AU$12,082 to AU$200,000 per year. Those who are practicing in New South Wales make AU$19,572 to AU$195,743, while doctors in Western Australia earn AU$50,684 to AU$197,265 annually.

    Doctor salary in UK

    The doctor’s salary for those in a general practice in the UK, or general practitioners (GP), ranges between £20,966 and £101,655. This is the total of their basic salary of around £20,608 to £98,934 and their bonus of up to £14,899.

    GPs with one to four years of experience make £14,376 to £67,718; those with five to nine years of experience earn £25,342 to £100,672; and doctors with 10 to 19 years take home £33,535 to £102,556 per year. As expected, a doctor with over 20 years of experience earn the highest at £49,132 to £101,736 annually.

    Based on where they are working, doctors in London make £22,685 to £97,290, which is higher than the average doctor salary of £19,688 to £50,868. For doctors in Manchester, the annual salary is £19,688 to £50,868

    Doctor salary in South Africa

    The annual salary for doctor working in South Africa is around R176,169 to R789,248, with a median salary of R412,154. Their basic pay is actually R121,934 to R698,162. They also get a bonus of up to R97,871 from some employers.

    Doctors who are working in Johannesburg earn more at R122,084 to R1,179,162 per year. Doctors who practice in Cape Town make R91,998 to R709,572; those in Pretoria earn around R244,168 to R605,048 per year, and those in Durban take home R209,342 to R444,000 a year.

    Doctor salary in New Zealand

    A doctors or GP in New Zealand earn between NZ$58,098 and NZ$172,952. Based on PayScale reports, the median doctor’s salary is NZ$150,393.

    According to ENZ, a junior GP earns NZ$60,000 to NZ$70,000, while a senior GP makes around NZ$190,000 per year, based on doctor salary reports in Auckland. A GP working in Queenstown takes home up to NZ$200,000 while one who is practicing in Southland makes NZ$180,000 to NZ$190,000 per year. An experienced GP usually earns around NZ$80,000 to NZ$200,000 per year. A part time GP can make NZ$85 to NZ$90 per hour in Auckland and NZ$50 to NZ$70 per hour in Christchurch.

    Doctor salary in India

    The annual doctor’s salary in India is Rs129,935 to Rs1,208,271 per year. Their median salary is Rs490,537, according to PayScale. GPs are actually paid a basic doctor salary of Rs123,117 to Rs1,180,067, but some employers would add a bonus of up to Rs61,277 and profit sharing of Rs983 to Rs50,868.

    Based on the state they’re working in, doctors are paid differently. Those in Delhi make Rs118,783 to Rs1,225,543; in West Bengal Rs291,668 to Rs960,000; in Kerala Rs183,126 to Rs363,174; and in Tamil Nadu Rs71,517 to Rs922,692 per year.

    Based on their employers, doctor’s salary also varies. A doctor in hospitals earns Rs121,641 to Rs1,017,365; in federal government Rs702,659 to Rs1,200,000; in state and local government Rs120,805 to Rs966,439; and in foundation/trust Rs295,000 to Rs1,140,000. Self-employed doctors take home Rs165,083 to Rs915,381 per year.

    Doctor salary in Philippines

    According to PayScale data, the doctor’s salary in general practice ranges between Php186,915 and Php1,976,665. The median salary for this profession was cited to be Php320,807. The basic doctor salary is actually between Php184,746 and Php1,135,196, but doctors may also receive a bonus of almost Php146,000.

    Comparing a doctor’s salary based on experience, one with more than ten years’ experience make around Php300,000 to Php850,000. Those who are relatively new to the field with one to four years of experience bring home around Php216,000 to Php270,000 a year. The doctor salary for those who are working in Manila is cited to be within the range of Php216,000 to Php780,000.

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    How to become a doctor

    To become a doctor, one has to have undergraduate work in chemistry, biology, physics, English, and mathematics. It’s recommended for aspiring doctors to have courses in the social sciences and humanities. Experience may be gained from taking volunteer work in clinics or local hospitals.

    To get admitted to medical school, applicants need to submit their Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) scores, transcripts, and letters of recommendation. Interviews are also conducted.

    Two years before graduating, medical students will have hands-on experience in dealing with patients while supervised by experienced doctors in clinics or hospitals. They will have rotations in family practice, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, pediatrics, and surgery.

    After graduation, they need to complete a residency program in their chosen area of specialty. This might last from three to eight years.

    MDs have to pass the US Medical Licensing Examination (MLE), while D.O.s have to take the Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination (COMLEX-USA).

    Conclusion about doctor salary

    As you can see there are many factor that has major influence on doctor salary. Doctors have different compensations based on their chosen area of specialty. However, GPs are paid the lowest among all types of doctors. Specialists earn more. Doctors without a specialty earn around $166,000 per year in the US, or $80 per hour. If you want to have a more lucrative practice, specializing in a certain area of medicine would help.

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