Dentist salary

  • Dentist’s salary (also know as a doctor of dental medicine salary) in the United States is around $146,000 per annum.A healthy smile is considered an asset. Dentists are health professionals who help people retain healthy teeth and gums. Most dentists perform under general practice but some choose to enter into a certain field of specialization. There are nine known fields of specialization and these are dental public health, endodontics, oral and maxillofacial radiology, oral maxillofacial surgery, oral pathology, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, periodontics and prosthodontics. Many choose to become self-employed and work in their own clinics while the others are employed in healthcare dentistry clinics, corporations, industries, army or are teaching in colleges or universities. Because the work will require you to work in standing position for long hours, physical stamina comes in handy for the job. Dentists usually work 10 hours a day for 4 to 6 days a week. A four-year dental school program is essential if you want to enter into this type of job. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average dentist salary is $146,920 or an hourly equivalent of $70.64. Job outlook from 2010 to 2020 is faster than average with the rate of 21%. Keep reading for more useful information about dentist salary and how to become a dentist.

  • Dentist Job Description

    Dentists are expected to treat and diagnose oral health problems ranging from teeth, gum and other mouth problems. They help individuals take care of their mouths by giving advice on what foods should be eaten or not. Dentists uproot decayed teeth. If these can still be salvaged, then the dentist may try to repair these with tooth filling. For toothaches, dentists could recommend the use of medications such as antibiotics or painkillers. Getting a certain field of specialization will allow a dentist to do more tasks. Endodontists could perform root-canal therapy to cut off the blood supply to the injured or infected teeth. Dental public health specialists on the other hand are tasked to work in specific communities where they are expected to educate the people about oral health. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons have undergone extensive study in order to operate illnesses or injuries that are located at the mouth, jaws, gums, neck and head such as cleft lip of palate. If one has an oral cancer or ulcers, a specialist in oral pathology could help diagnose and treat the problem. Braces that correct the alignment of teeth and other corrective devices are done by an orthodontist. Problems of the gums and bones that support the teeth are the main concern of a periodontist. Pediatric dentists treat children and patients with special needs. Those who have a specialization in oral and maxillofacial surgery use imaging technology to diagnose diseases that may be affecting the head and the neck. Missing teeth can be replaced with permanent or removable dentures by a prosthodontist.

    How much does a dentist make ?

    Average dentist salary

    What is the average salary of a dentist ? The average dentist salary for all fields of specialization according to BLS is $146,920 or $70.64 per hour in 2010. The lowest 10% earned an average income of $71,210 while the highest 10% had wages of $166,400 or more. The highest earners belong to the fields of orthodontics and oral and maxillofacial surgery.

    average dentist salary in UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Germany or Mexico
    average dentist salary

    Dentist Salary in USA

    The average dentist salary according to is $150,223. The lower 10% have an average wage of $122,165 while the upper 90th percentile are earning compensation packages of $209,354 according to the website. In PayScale, starting rates are a bit lower where the median dentist salary was recorded to be at $126,238. Rates start at $80,326 and has the potential to increase to as much as $240,518. Remuneration increases with more years on the job. This may be accounted to building one’s reputation over the years. Dentist salary expectations with regard to experience are as follows: those with less than a year are earning annual rates of $58,490 to $153,436 or hourly rates of $30.52 to $73.70; 1 to 4 years of experience will give you yearly dentist salary rates of $59,665 to $152,179 or $48.29 to $85.57 an hour; 5 to 9 years on the job will increase yearly rates to $93,157 to $260,390 or equivalent to the hourly rates of $40 to $135; those who have been in the industry for 10 to 19 years have annual dentist salary rates of $84,978 to $270,225 or hourly wages of $48.48 to $103.04; the highest dentist salary are earned by those with 20 years or more of experience with the annual rates of $92,328 to $292,090 or $50 to $237.50 an hour.

    There are some benefits or perks in becoming a dentist. Some of these are malpractice or liability insurance, education or training reimbursements and paid holidays or vacation. Getting a certain field of specialization could affect dentist salary rate. For example, practicing in the field of public health will give you rates of $67,224 to $175,171. Specialization in oral surgery will allow you to earn wages of $137,497 to $175,841 while practicing dentistry in the field of pediatrics will give you rates of $98,990 to $183,000. Keep reading for more information about salary of dentist around the world.

    dentist salary in US, UK, Canada
    dentist salary

    Dentist starting salary

    What is the starting salary for a dentist ? Your starting salary as a dentist could differ depending on several factors such as experience, location and field of specialization. For example, New York dentist salary is higher than what a dentist receives in Hawaii. General dentists are expected to have wages of $80,132 to $234,742. Pediatric dentist salary ranges from $102,063 to $250,182. Orthodontists have dentist salary rates of $62,547 to $261,821 while prosthodontists are earning from $71,250 to $221,619. A periodontist is expected to earn within the rates of $100,949 to $238,142. With more years of experience, you can command higher rates. For example, while a periodontist with less than a year of experience is earning wages of $100,000 to $150,000, these could be even higher if you have 20 years of more of experience with dentist salary having the potential to increase to as much as $236,718.

    Dentist salary by state

    SimplyHired has a comprehensive list of dentist salary according to state. Here is a list of the states that pay above the average mark: Alabama pays at $153,000; American Samoa at $165,000; California at $164,000; Connecticut at $166,000; Georgia at $168,000; Maryland at $154,000; Massachusetts at $174,000; Mississippi at $171,000;  New Jersey at $161,000; New York at $181,000; Puerto Rico at $155,000; Virgin Islands at $178,000; and Washington DC at $175,000. The lowest average dentist salary is Hawaii with the rate of $106,000.

    dentist salary by state in USA
    dentist salary by state

    Dental assistant salary

    Dental assistants (also known as dentist assistants) have an average annual income of $31,386 as claimed by PayScale. Pay rates starts at $21,957 and could be as high as $43,192, rates of which are inclusive of other cash benefits like bonuses of $1,026 and profit sharing of $100.84 to $3,931. Hourly rates according to experience are: less than 1 year is $8.87 to $15.39; 1 to 4 years is $9.92 to $16.57; 5 to 9 years is $12.27 to $20.11; 10 to 19 years is $13.28 to $21.55; and 20 years or more is $14.53 to $24.18. Better rates are in store for those who are in Washington with the hourly rates of $12.81 to $22.32. Other states mentioned in PayScale have the following rates: Texas is $9.84 to $19.52; California is $9.43 to $20.03; Florida is $11.05 to $19.50; Ohio is $10.55 to $18.40; Illinois is $10.76 to $20.51; and New York is $10.72 to $20.69. Read more about dental assistant salary.

    Dentist salary in UK

    UK basic dentist salary ranges from £29,348 to £99,423 according to PayScale. When you add other cash benefits like bonuses amounting to as much as £8,170 and profit sharing that could be valued at  £6,500, take home pay could be somewhere from £29,593 to £101,131. But these rates may not be mirroring the real dentist salary rates in UK. According to the National Health Service statistics, 645 dentists reported to have earned wages that were more than £250,000 based from 19,000 respondents. The average dentist wage was said to be at £89,062, higher than the record in PayScale which is £60,250. Running your own practice while providing NHS dental services will give you an average income of £345,651 before taxes. Those who have are in private practice without an NHS contract have wages of £66,697 before taxes. If other expenses are accounted for, this rate could increase to as much as £99,208.

    Dentist salary in Canada

    In Canada, salary of dentist could be as low as CA$47,266 or as high as CA$207,661 as shown in PayScale website. These rates may already be inclusive of cash benefits like bonuses as high as CA$19,392. The average dentist salary is CA$104,516. Salaries are varied and does not seem to depend on experience as shown in this data: those with less than a year of experience have rates of CA$80,000 to CA$130,000; those with 1 to 4 years of experience earn wages of C$43,278 to C$200,710; those with 5 to 9 years earned dentist salary rates of CA$45,338 to CA$195,759; those with 10 to 19 years reported income rates of CA$41,217 to CA$465,398; and those with 20 years or more have compensation rates of CA$25,168 to CA$248,323. Alberta recorded the highest dentist salary with the rates of CA$94,176 to CA$297,988. Other areas have the following rates: Ontario at CA$40,474 to CA$200,488; British Columbia at CA$67,447 to CA$148,380; and Quebec at CA$98,959 to CA$137,344.

    Dentist salary in Australia

    Working in Australia as a dentist will give you an average income of AU$95,424. Dentist salary ranges from AU$59,492 to AU$207,751, inclusive of bonuses of AU$19,189 and profit sharing of AU$52,000. Salary increases with years of experience but will eventually decrease as you reach the twenty-year mark. Dentist salary according to experience are: less than 1 year is AU$25,532 to AU$102,775; 1 to 4 years is AU$51,204 to AU$137,569; 5 to 9 years is AU$77,566 to AU$241,902; 10 to 19 years is AU$60,608 to AU$267,610; and 20 years or more is AU$80,000 to AU$205,659. New South Wales dentists are enjoying the best rates with salaries recorded at AU$57,945 to AU$206,848. Other areas have the following dentist salary rates: Victoria is from AU$50,893 to AU$148,994; Queensland is from AU$50,335 to AU$142,980; Western Australia is from AU$57,000 to AU$171,576; South Australia is from AU$51,064 to AU$293,614; and New South Wales (NSW) is from AU$50,335 to AU$119,195. Benefits or perks could include superannuation, paid sick leave, paid holidays and liability insurance.

    And how much does a dentist make in New Zealand ?

    Most dentists in New Zealand are in private practice. According to ENZ, dentist salary will depend upon several factors such as years of experience and location. A graduate dentist in Auckland for example is expected to earn an income of NZ$70,000 to NZ$80,000 while an experienced dentist will be earning rates beyond NZ$100,000. CareersNZ on the other hand claims that dentist salary for those with 1 or 3 years of experience is from NZ$65,000 to NZ$80,000 while experienced dentists are expected to earn within the rates of NZ$80,000 to NZ$150,000. With a field of specialization, your dentist salary rates could go as high as NZ$150,000 to NZ$206,000.

    Dentist salary in South Africa

    The median dentist salary in South Africa is R405,292 from the salaries that ranged from R244,295 to R782,799, inclusive of cash benefits like bonuses of R40,268. Maximum pay rate increases with more years rendered on the job. Dentist salary according to experience are: 1 to 4 years is R239,199 to R581,748; 5 to 9 years is R208,342 to R662,603; 10 to 19 years is R203,700 to R709,859; and 20 years or more is R330,000 to R960,000. Rates will vary depending on location of practice. Cape Town rates are from R366,251 to R933,222 while Johannesburg pays at R206,611 to R757,498.  Dentist salary rate in Pretoria on the other hand is from R235,832 to R360,000.

    Salary of dentist in India

    Expected basic dentist salary in India is from Rs 70,049 to Rs 724,829. PayScale says that the average computed income is Rs245,355. If you add other cash benefits like bonuses of Rs 99,666 and  profit sharing of Rs 127,233, total dentist salary is somewhere between the rates of Rs 74,688 to Rs 876,996. You could be awarded perks like paid sick leave and cellphones. Pay rates will increase with experience as seen on this data: less than a year of experience will give you dentist salary rates of Rs 123,347 to Rs 589,581; 1 to 4 years will allow you earn from Rs 61,445 to Rs 600,000; and 5 to 9 years on the job will increase your rates to Rs 93,957 for up to Rs 2,042,572.

    Salary of dentist in Philippines

    The Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics of the 2005 Philippine Statistical Yearbook says that dentist salary in the Philippines is PHP11,008. This may have already changed considerably since years have already passed. PayScale may not have extensive data on dentist salary but it hinted that salaries ranged from PHP 92,784 to PHP 4,087,762, with the average salary computed at PHP166,499.

    Salary of dentist in China

    Although there is not enough data that indicates how much dentists in China are earning, a report in Chinadaily indicates that they are receiving desirable compensation rates. A patient reported to have paid an amount the cost an arm and a leg but this was a small price to pay for a nice smile. While there is no record for dentist salary in PayScale, it does say that dental hygienists are earning a median income of CNY287,973.

    Salary of dentist in Japan says that annual dentist salary in Japan is ¥8,695,788. Data on WorldSalaries agrees with this amount with the website claiming that monthly income is ¥724,649, with compulsory deductions of 20%. According to, the trade may have attracted a lot of individuals considering the dentist salary rates are considered high. According to the website, there are now more dentists compared to convenience stores in Japan.

    And how much does a dentist make in Mexico

    Mexico is now gaining popularity with its medical tourism campaign. Why not when an oral surgery could be obtained with $350. Extensive dental work that could cost $7,500 in New York could be given on the price of $1,400. Since dental work is  cheap, don’t expect to get paid as much as a US dentist would be. According to PayScale, average dentist salary in Mexico is MXN224,600. While there is not enough data to tell whether experience or location has bearing, the fact that there is now an ongoing trend for medical tourism in the country could mean more clients for a dentist in Mexico.

    Salary of dentist in Germany

    The total dentist salary in Germany ranges from €23,999 to €113,250 as shown in PayScale website, rates of which could be inclusive of bonuses valued at €9,933. The median dentist salary is €39,538. Pay rates in Berlin are from €35,375 to €60,487 while dentist salary in Baden-Wurttemberg is from €24,762 to €37,004. Bonuses increase with years of experience. Those with 1 to 4 years of tenure received bonuses amounting to €400 while those who have been in the industry for 5 to 9 years received as much as €3,500.

    Dentist salary in Dubai

    According to PayScale, dentists working in Dubai earn a salary ranging between AED58,623 and AED352,865, with their median salary being AED171,175. This is based on the salary reports about how much general dentists earn in the United Arab Emirates. Their base salary ranges between AED55,643 and AED348,324 and their bonuses may reach up to AED49,842.

    Dentist salary in Malaysia

    Dentists in Malaysia take home a total salary ranging between RM27,500 and RM417,802, according to PayScale. The salary survey site also showed their median pay to be RM60,000 per year. On top of their base salary, they also receive bonuses of up to RM4,500 per year.

    Dentist salary in Singapore

    PayScale reports showed that the total dentist’s salary for those working in Singapore ranges between S$17,901 and S$260,000. Their base salary ranges between S$17,617 and S$204,257, while their bonus ranges between S$75 and S$26,000. The site also showed the median pay to be S$87,680 per year.

    Pediatric dentist salary

    On the average, pediatric dentist salary is $200,000 according to Indeed. The American Dental Association on the other hand says that they are able to take home wages of $346,070. Working in Community Dental Services will allow you to earn a pediatric dentist salary of $260,000. In PayScale, median wage recorded for this field of specialization is $176, 897. Pay rates ranged from $102,063 to $250,182, inclusive of bonuses that could be valued at $48,936. Although starting pediatric dentist salary rate for males is lower than females, they recorded higher maximum rates than the latter. The males earned wages of $135,000 to $182,035 while the females are earning rates of $149,845 to $178,431. Read more about pediatric dentist salary.

    Cosmetic dentist salary

    The specializations closely related to cosmetic dental care is orthodontics and prosthodontics. BLS says that prosthodontists have an annual average dentist salary of$182,640 of an hourly rate of $40 to $166.60. PayScale on the other hand says that median dentist salary for prosthodontists is $135,000 with rates ranging from $71,250 to $221,619, already inclusive of bonuses amounting to $250 to as much as $26,900. For orthodontists, BLS says that average dentist salary is $206,190 annually or $99.13 per hour. PayScale says that median wage for this profession is $148,082. Rates ranged from $62,547 to $261,821 with allowable bonuses of $24,240.

    Navy dentist salary

    Navy dentist salary ( or army dentist salary, because the rates are very similar) will vary depending on grade, length of service and if one is board certified. Dental officers paid under Variable Special Pay (VSP) have rates of $250 for interns while those considered Grade 0-6 starts at $583.33 up to $1000. Board Certified Special Pay are within the rates of $208.33 and $15,000.

    Dentist assistant salary in the US

    According to the BLS, assistants of dentists in the US earn an average of $36,250 per year or $17.43 per hour. The top 10% earned $49,540 or more, while the bottom 10% made $24,580 per year or less. PayScale showed that they usually earn between $22,013 and $43,508, while their median pay is around $30,962 per year.

    Equine dentist salary in the US

    According to the Midwest Equine Dental Academy, equine dentists with a few years of experience usually earn an average of $50,000 per year. Simply Hired reported their salary to be $52,000.

    How to become a dentist

    After finishing high school, one must at least have taken bachelor’s degree prior to entering dental school. Prerequisites will vary depending on the school. Most schools will require you to at least have taken courses geared towards science such as chemistry and biology. Be sure that you only enrol in an accredited dental school since this will be needed when you will be applying for your license. Most schools administer a Dental Acceptance Test along with other considerations such as recommendation and grade point average when considering applicant. Dental school teaches students theoretical and practical training in anesthesia, anatomy, radiology and periodontology. All training will be done under the supervision of a licensed dentist. If you want to enter into the teaching profession, you need to have an advanced training that usually lasts for 2 to 5 years. Entering into a certain field of specialization needs an additional 1 or 2 year residency program. Requirements for licensure will differ by state. Most will ask you to pass a practical and written examination. In order to practice in your chosen field of specialization, you need to have a separate license for this. You may need to enter into dental school for an additional of 2 to 4 years coupled with a special state exam. People who have great communication skills, patient, have good attention to detail, physically fit, organized, and focused are great candidates for this profession.

    Conclusion about Dentist salary

    Dentists (doctors of dental medicine) are earning an average wage of $146,920 annually, equivalent to hourly rates of $70.64 according to BLS. In the United States, starting salaries for newbies is still considered high with the lower 10 percent reported to have earnings of $71,210. Choosing to practice certain fields of specializations like periodontics and pediatric dentistry could increase your wages to more than what a general practitioner receives. Dentist salary is one of the highest among physicians.

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