Counseling psychologist job description

  • These are mental health specialists whose patients have signs and symptoms of mental health conditions or have undergone through some life situations that that they are finding hard to cope with such as sexual abuse, bereavement, marriage break ups, among others. Counseling psychologist by being non- judgmental and empathetic are able to dig into their patients intimate issues through interviews and offer them the solutions to their problems or means to cope with them.

  • Counseling psychologist critical job activities

    They collect all information about their clients exhausting all the relevant sources usually by using interviews, case histories and observing the clients.

    Analyze the collected information from tests results, reference manuals, observations, history of cases involved and interviews among other methods of assessments.

    Counsel their clients either individually and/or collectively in groups, so as to help them identify their problems, possible solutions and the realistic courses of action available at their disposal.

    Develop and implement therapy and treatment plans keeping in mind their clients’ talents, skills, interests and needs.

    Consult and discuss with other professionals by being a team player so as to develop and maintain effective working relationships so as to arrive at best the treatment options, therapies and share occupational insights.

    Educate the clients and the public in general on the benefits of counseling.

    Examine counseling method(s) weaknesses and strengths and their outcomes in order to examine the reliability and the effectiveness of the treatments.

    Check also Counseling psychologist educational requirements and training.

    Select the viable tests to the issues in question, administer them to the patients and interpret psychological tests to assess intelligent quotient, talents, skills or interests.

    Provide consulting services to business firms, academic institutions and social service agencies thus enabling them to provide expert advice and guidance to the individuals or groups involved.

    Participate in research endeavors with the aim of identifying better methods and techniques to assist them to offer better quality services to their clients; for instance a research to improve counseling techniques.

    Counseling psychologist education

    Many hirers expects at least a bachelor’s degree in psychology however other employers may require or award more prestige to holders of a masters degree or a PhD in counseling psychology.

    Counseling psychologist salary

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the counseling psychologist’s annual salary to be around $72540 on average depending on the organizational setting in which s/he works in the may either be lower or higher.

    A counseling psychologist job revolves around helping their clients shed off negative thoughts and emotions that could be giving rise to wide range of mental problems, due to the wide recognition of the fact that peoples’ personal life problems can affect them and their productivity in their places of work, human resource departments in various organizations are seeking these services.

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