Cosmetic dermatologist salary

  • Cosmetic dermatologist’s salary is around $190,000 in the United States. Dermatologists, including cosmetic dermatologists, are medical doctors trained to diagnose and treat skin, nails, and hair. The Association of American Medical Colleges cited that there are even dermatologists who treat patients with sexual transmitted diseases and the mouth. These specialists usually cater to patients with aesthetic concerns. The Bureau of Labor Statistics categorized cosmetic dermatologists under surgeons and physicians, who earned 189,760 in 2014. They are expected to grow by 18% from 2012 to 2022 due to the continued growth of the healthcare industry. Keep reading for more information about cosmetic dermatologist salary and career requirements.

  • Cosmetic dermatologist job description

    A cosmetic dermatologist consults with patients to diagnose and treat patients who have problems with their skin. The skin usually gets damaged due to rapidly changing hormone levels, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, overexposure to the sun, aging, and underlying medical conditions. Cosmetic dermatologists can help improve the patients’ skin conditions, whatever the reason of the damage may be.

    Some of the services offered by cosmetic dermatologists are laser hair removal, Botox injections, chemical peels, collagen fillers, sclerotherapy, skin tightening, and microdermabrasion for blemish-free and revitalized skin. They may also treat patients with hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating or hair loss. Others even specialize in laser tattoo removal.

    Aside from dealing with their patients over consultations, they also contribute to the medical community by conducting scientific research in universities and hospitals. They find new treatments to accelerated aging, skin cancer, and other diseases by studying genetic and cellular components that may affect the skin. They also study molecular biology. Their research helps in the possible development of new technologies and products to treat skin diseases and improve skin conditions.

    How much does a cosmetic dermatologist make ?

    Average cosmetic dermatologist salary

    According to the BLS, the average physician and surgeon’s salary, which includes the cosmetic dermatologist’s salary, is around $189,760 in May 2014. Their average wage is reported to be $91.23.

    Cosmetic dermatologist salary in the US

    Based on reports from, the average cosmetic dermatologist’s salary in 2012 was $257,550. Their average starting pay was $212,100, with the high end of the salary spectrum being $254,520 and the low end being $169,680.

    According to PayScale, cosmetic dermatologist earns a median pay of $199,155. Their total salary ranges between $75,494 and $306,189. This already includes the base cosmetic dermatologist’s salary that ranges from $79,230 to $302,307, bonuses of up to $58,175, and profit sharing ranging from $604 to $25,342. Their wages usually range between $10.14 and $128.22, while overtime pay ranges between $9.83 and $91.56 per hour.

    Medscape reported the differences in the salary of male and female dermatologists. In 2012, male dermatologist earned $321,000. This is higher than the cosmetic dermatologist salary of the female doctors, which was $284,000.

    The cosmetic dermatologist’s salary also varies by work setting. The highest salary was found in multispecialty group practice at $382,000. This is followed by the salary in single-specialty group practice, which was $350,000; healthcare organization, $341,000; and solo practice, $312,000.

    The annual earnings of these specialist doctors also vary by work situation. Those who practice as a partner in a dermatologist’s clinic earned the highest at $387,000, while those who own their solo practice earned $336,000. Contractors and employees took home a cosmetic dermatologist salary of $301,000 and $240,000, respectively.

    Cosmetic dermatologist salary by city/state in the US

    According to Medscape, the highest cosmetic dermatologist’s salary in 2012 was $333,000 in the Great Lakes region, consisting of the states of Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, New York, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. The second highest salary was reported in the Southeast regions at $332,000. Those in the North Central region earned $322,000, while those in the Southwest earned $321,000 per year. The cosmetic dermatologist salary in the West region was $301,000; in the Northwest region, $286,000; in the Mid-Atlantic region, $284,000; in the South Central, $278,000; and in the North East, $274,000.

    As for the cosmetic dermatologist’s salary by metropolitan area, those working in Terre Haute, Indiana earned the highest, based on the BLS figures for all physicians and surgeons in the US. The other top paying metropolitan areas for physicians, including cosmetic dermatologists, are Pocatello, Idaho; Napa, California; the Michigan City-La Porte, Indiana area; and Merced, California.

    Cosmetic dermatologist salary in Canada

    The median cosmetic dermatologist’s salary for those specialists practicing in Canada is C$330,046, according to reports dermatologists in the 90th percentile earned C$435,376 or more; those in the 75th earned C$385,180; those in the 25th percentile made C$292,286, and those in the 10th percentile earned C$238,803 or less per year. On top of their base salary, they also receive bonuses worth C$15,265.

    Cosmetic dermatologist salary in Australia

    The typical cosmetic dermatologist salary ranges between AU$51, 823 and AU$190,874, according to PayScale reports. This also covers their bonuses that range between AU$983 and AU$30,521. PayScale also showed their median pay to be AU$100,746 per year.

    Cosmetic dermatologist salary in the UK

    PayScale reported that the cosmetic dermatologist’s salary ranges between £20,608 and £154,162. This consists of a base salary that ranges between £20,511 and £148,755 and bonuses that range from £502 to £19,744. Their median salary is also shown to be £66,942.

    Cosmetic dermatologist salary in South Africa

    There are no specific reports about how much cosmetic dermatologists are earning. Doctors in general practice usually take home a salary ranging between R229,386 and R792,973. This includes the base cosmetic dermatologist’s salary ranging from R217,449 to R782,273 and bonuses of up to R73,974.

    How to become a cosmetic dermatologist

    To become a cosmetic dermatologist, one must obtain a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Aspiring dermatologists usually major in health, science, or math-related field. Taking courses in mathematics and the sciences may help in passing the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and getting into medical school.

    Aside from getting good MCAT scores, medical schools usually prefer applicants who have at least one year of physics, biology, and English and two years spent studying organic chemistry.

    Medical school can be completed in four years. The first two years are spent studying basic science concepts and getting medical education. The final two years are spent on rotations, where the dermatologists spend face time with patients.

    Residency training is also required. The American Board of Dermatology cited that it can be completed in three years, most of which is spent taking care of patients. The rest of the time is spent attending seminars, student lectures, and conferences. The last year of residency training is spent focusing on the subspecialty of cosmetic dermatology.

    After completing the residency, cosmetic dermatologist must take the board certification exam from the ADB and get good scores. To renew the certification or license, dermatologist must pass the recertification exam administered once every decade.

    Conclusion about cosmetic dermatologist salary

    The median cosmetic dermatologist’s salary is $199,155. This is a bit higher than the salary of physicians and surgeons, which is $189,760, probably because of their specialty.

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