Consultant psychiatrist salary

  • Consultant psychiatrist’s salary is around $130,000 in the United States. A Consultant psychiatrist practicing his or her profession in USA is expected to earn around $98,588 to $262,111 yearly, the average income being $184,000. The income range depends on various factors namely the state or locality where the consultant psychiatrist practices, his position, as well as the type of practice- whether he maintains a private clinic or is employed by private companies or organizations. Keep reading for more information about consultant psychiatrist salary and career requirements.

  • Consultant psychiatrist job description

    The scope of practice of a consultant psychiatrist can include both inpatient and outpatient duties as well as medical and nonmedical services. A consultant psychiatrist may choose to maintain a private clinic where he sees patients individually, diagnose their conditions, and implement the proper management. He can also serve as a resident psychiatrist in a hospital, watch over psychiatric patients, and facilitate liaison psychiatry when called upon by other departments such as medicine or surgery. Lastly, a consultant psychiatrist may be involved with private companies, schools, and organizations. In this setting, he is delegated to carry out psychiatric evaluation for employees, clients or students, assist individuals in character development and self-improvement, or gives students career guidance.

    How much does a consultant psychiatrist make ?

    Average consultant psychiatrist salary

    Payscale reported that a consultant psychiatrist may earn as much as $183,596 in salary. On average, he may get about $26K from bonuses while $138K can be provided for by revenue shares. Mean hourly wage for a consultant psychiatrist is at $87.82 and 50% of consultant psychiatrists are able to attain this.

    Consultant psychiatrist salary in US

    The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported that as of early April, 2014, a consultant psychiatrist may be employed in physician offices, psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals, outpatient departments, and colleges and universities. Among these institutions, a consultant psychiatrist is paid highest when working at an outpatient department, earning $96.85 as hourly wage. While the rest of the workplaces mentioned above bring in $83-$86 per hour.

    Meanwhile, a psychiatrist connected with various industries such as vocational rehabilitation centers and companies or enterprises is expected to earn about $103.62 hourly and about $215,530 in salary, which are relatively high.

    As mentioned above, the location of practice affects the rate. In USA, a consultant psychiatrist practicing his profession in Pennsylvania may have a salary of about $191,810 while in New York, a psychiatrist can earn up to $163,680. The state where a consultant psychiatrist is most likely to be greatly compensated is Maine where the annual mean wage is at $232,310, followed by Arizona at $229,740, and Oregon at $227,190s.

    Consultant psychiatrist salary in UK

    In UK, a consultant psychiatrist earns an average of £51,035 in salary while the range is at £23,802 to £126,940. An experienced consultant psychiatrist can earn up to 34% higher than the national average while an entry level job will bring in a salary that’s 37% less than the national average.

    Consultant psychiatrist salary in Canada

    In Canada, a consultant psychiatrist’s salary is within the range of C$58,828 – C$400,319 with a national average of C$195,000.  Hourly rate for a consultant psychiatrist ranges from C$12.37 to C$290.87 while overtime payment can go as high as C$67.50 – C$157.50.  In addition to monetary compensation, a consultant psychiatrist also receives medical and dental benefits.

    Consultant psychiatrist salary in Australia    

    In Australia, the difference between the numbers of male consultant psychiatrist is four times compared to females (81% versus 19%). The average yearly income is AU$61,825 – AU$289,061. An experienced consultant psychiatrist is expected to earn 33% greater than the median salary while one with entry-level eligibility earns 25% less than the average salary.

    Consultant psychiatrist in South Africa

    A South Africa-based consultant psychiatrist earns R65, 436 – R1, 371,472 in salary. If a psychiatrist chooses to practice or specialize in clinical psychiatry, he is expected to earn 363% above the national average salary of R269, 000 while counseling can earn 9% greater than this value.

    How to become a consultant psychiatrist

    For one to become a consultant psychiatrist, he must first finish secondary school, acquire an undergraduate four-year pre medical degree, go into medical school, pass the medical licensure examinations, and enter psychiatry residency training. After psychiatry residency training, it will be of huge benefit to the consultant psychiatrist if he can subspecialize in one particular psychiatric area. Subspecialization can enhance his skills and would give him certain leverage in the practice of the profession. After residency training, he may also take the Board Certification from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and obtain a narcotics permit from the federal government.

    In addition, the certification from American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology is renewed every ten years and a psychiatrist should enroll in continuous education courses to enhance his skills.

    Conclusion about consultant psychiatrist salary

    Being a consultant psychiatrist is considered by practicing professionals as a promising job, saying that they are extremely satisfied with their career.  In general, there are more men in the field compared to women, but the difference in the number does not greatly differ.  A US-based consultant psychiatrist earns $184,000 average salary, £51,035 in UK, C$195,000 in Canada, AU$135,179 in Canada, and R269, 000 in South Africa. Consultant psychiatry is a high-paying, continuously-developing field that is projected to grow in the coming years and is looked upon by professionals as a good venue for personal advancement.

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