Child psychiatrist salary

  • Child psychiatrist’s salary is around $170,000 in the United States. Child psychiatrists, also known as adolescent psychiatrists earn an annual salary of around $193,000. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has reported that there would be a faster growth rate for the job of physicians, including child psychiatrists which might come around 24% by 2020. They are commonly employed in schools, patient care facilities, hospitals and they are employed nationwide. Keep reading for more information about child psychiatrist salary and career requirements.

  • Child psychiatrist job description

    Child psychiatrists are doctors who diagnose and treat emotional problems and other related illness in children and teenagers. Psychiatrists do psychoanalysis and develop treatment plans for the wellness of their young patients. These doctors use psychotherapy and other medications to study a child’s behavior before making a diagnosis. They usually treat anxiety and emotional disorders, attention disorders, phobias, psychosomatic disorders and eating problems in children. Child and adolescent psychiatrists may use various multidisciplinary methodologies and work within a school setting. They may treat a child individually or in a group along with other children or with their parents or other family members. They may also talk with parents alone without the presence of the child to know more about the problem. Find out more about How to become a child psychiatrist.

    How much does a child psychiatrist make ?

    Average child psychiatrist salary

    Child psychiatrist in some areas earns salary higher than the nationwide range according to BLS. The annual salary for them as of May 2011 was $170,000 according to the report submitted by the BLS. The average earnings didn’t hit above $174,000 annually. Still, 10% of all child psychiatrists earned no more than $67, 300 annually and 25% earned $122,500 or less than that.

    Child psychiatrist salary in US

    Salary for a child psychiatrist in the United Sates is around $193,000 annually and this depends mainly on the work experience and higher qualifications. Although, the child psychiatrists who have more experience reportedly earn more salary, however, certain other factors such as sub-specialization, advanced training and geographic location also play a key role in determining their salary. Compared to other psychiatrists, self-employed professionals earn a higher salary. According to reports, the median annual income for 90% of child psychiatrists has been about $228,900. Similarly, around 75% of them received around $211,900, 25% of them received $174,500 while 10% received $156,454 per year. However, the median hourly income for a child psychiatrist ranges from $32.40-$81.5 per hour. Regardless of specialization, there is a large income gap between full time male and female child psychiatrists. According to the statistics, male psychiatrists earn 20% more than female psychiatrists. One major contributing factor in determining their salary is a woman’s choice of specialization. There are more women who took up low-paying sub specializations.

    Child psychiatrist salary in Canada

    On an average scale, child psychiatrist who practices in Canada earns an annual income ranging from C$35,200-c$200,400. In addition, they would also receive a bonus amount which comes around C$20,600. In fact, a child psychiatrist in Canada receives their total income ranging between C$24,500 and C$361,500 annually. The experience definitely has a moderate effect on their pay. Within Ontario, there is a lot of difference in child psychiatrist salaries. These differences depend on a lot of factors like population and general competition in the industry.

    Child psychiatrist salary in New Zealand

    In New Zealand, medical professional’s salary is set by the government and the scale is consistent across the whole country. The income varies depending on how many hours the particular job requires them to work per week and also the work experience in years after completing the medical degree. Potential salary cannot be calculated without considering the work-life-balance which is definitely better than most of the other countries. In New Zealand, trainee child psychiatrist usually earns around $70,000-$175,000 and experienced professionals usually earn around $151,000-$600,000 per year.

    Child psychiatrist salary in Australia

    On an average, psychiatrists practicing in Australia are expected to receive an annual income varying between AU$58,450-AU$203,300. In addition to their basic income they also receive a bonus of about AU$40,500 will be credited to their account. As a matter of fact, child psychiatrist in Australia receives his income which comes between AU$58,900 –AU$242,300 annually.

    Child psychiatrist salary in UK

    The average expected income for a child psychiatrist in the United Kingdom is about £56,300 per year. According to the income survey, the median income for a child psychiatrist comes around £47,500 annually. An average hourly salary for them is about £28.10. A psychiatrist’s salary differs based on their ages as one in their early 20’s earn up to £42,200 and in their 30’s they earn about £55,200 and in the 50’s earn more than £65,3000 per year.

    Child psychiatrist salary in South Africa

    It is variable and depends on how hard a psychiatrist works. As it is a fee for the service type of job, the more patients a child psychiatrist see, the more income they get. However, an adolescent psychiatrist will easily make over R540, 000 a year in a city and more than R180, 000 in a small town. A new child psychiatrist who just got out of the medical school earns less than the professionals with years of experience.

    Child psychiatrist salary in India

    In India, a child psychiatrist earns around Rs.60, 000 to Rs.1, 250,000 depending on their specialization, working location and their professional popularity. In private hospital setting, a new psychiatrist with an MPhil can earn about Rs.30, 500 per month However, the income mainly depends on the expertise and experience of a psychiatrist.

    How to become a child psychiatrist

    The initial step to become a child psychiatrist is to earn a bachelor’s degree and it is a must for appearing for medical school admissions. Students can begin with a major in biology or any science subjects or by pursuing a degree in psychology or humanities. Most of the schools gives aspiring students the opportunity to enroll in a pre-medical program. This gives the students the chance to learn about the general health care, medical research and philosophy and various other fields of medicine. The medical school program is usually of a 4 year duration in which the first two years involve classroom teaching and lab instructions covering pediatrics, anatomy, gynecology and pharmacology. The final years are exclusively dedicated to supervised clinical and laboratory experience. Potential child psychiatrists must apply and participate in certified internship programs. The one year internship program will be followed by a four year residency program which focuses on general psychiatry, adolescent and pediatric specialization. Some institutions also integrated programs which lasts for five years. Child psychiatrists must also take license in their specialization by passing the medical licensing exam. In order to practice with children, child psychiatrists must obtain board certification in general psychiatry.

    Due to the importance of clinical experience, there are no online programs in child psychiatry. However, there are online courses offering master’s degree programs in the field.

    Conclusion about child psychiatrist salary

    Working conditions in the career of a child psychiatrist vary according to different factors. Most of them work in their own private space, but may be required to visit schools, hospitals, and private or government organizations. They are expected to work around 9 years a day and sometimes would be asked to be available at any time in case of an emergency. Child psychiatrist salary is above average.

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