Cardiovascular Surgeon salary

  • Cardiovascular Surgeon’s salary per annum is from $82,976 to $525,132. Newly practicing cardiovascular surgeon can anticipate an initial yearly salary of $62,511 to $408,053. The same with other professions, you can look forward to boost your yearly salary as you practice depending on years of experience. After 1 year to 4 years, a cardiovascular surgeon can expect an average yearly salary of approximately from between $62,511 to $408,053. The top pay for cardiovascular surgeon is from between $99,666 to $529,391.

  • Cardiovascular Surgeon Job Description

    Cardiovascular surgeon executes surgical procedures for various heart medical conditions.  Some of these surgeries involve, bypass heart surgery, repairing congenital heart imperfections and replacing heart valves.  Other cardiovascular surgeons place heart instruments such as pacemakers and execute heart transplants. Nonetheless, cardiovascular surgeon’s job is not only concentrated in the heart. They also perform operations on the arteries like neck carotid artery. They also provide remedy for medical conditions of the throat and the rest of the respiratory organs.

    How much does a Cardiovascular surgeon make ?

    Average cardiovascular surgeon salary

    According to Payscale, an average yearly salary of cardiovascular surgeon is about $296,148 per year.

    Cardiovascular Surgeon salary by state ( USA )

    Cardiovascular surgeon’s salary per annum in the US varies from state to state. In California for instance, the starting annual pay is from $57,674 to $489,357. In New York, the average earning per annum of Cardiovascular Surgeons is from $60,402 to $477,158 with an hourly average pay of $78 to $117. In Illinois, Cardiovascular Surgeon earns an average annual income of from $101,736 to $450,000. In Florida cardiovascular surgeon receives an annual average salary of from $57,674 to $489,357. In New Jersey, the average salary per annum is $142,500 to $300,000 In general; cardiovascular surgeon’s median salary in the US is $296,148 with the top cardiovascular surgeon’s average yearly earning of up to $525,132. The hourly pay rate is based on number of years of experience. Those with 1 to 4 years of experience receive an annual pay from $62,511 – $408,053, those with 5 to 9 years of experience receive an annual pay from $59,180 to $512,780, those with 10 to 19 years of experience receive an annual pay from $79,463 to $510,950 and those with 20 years or more of experience receive from $99,666 to $529,391 per annum.

    cardiovascular surgeon salary in US, Australia and UK
    cardiovascular surgeon salary

    Cardiovascular Surgeon Salary in the UK

    In UK, the average salary per annum for a Cardiovascular Surgeon ranges from £20,760 – £184,336 with  average salary of £84,894. The average yearly bonus of cardiovascular surgeon can reach up to £50,598. Cardiovascular surgeon in London earns an average salary of £54,938 to £120,100 per annum.

    Cardiovascular Surgeon Salary in Canada

    In Canada, Cardiovascular Surgeon earns C$25,168 – C$310,972 with a  average annual earning of CAD$141,619. In Toronto, Ontario, the average salary per annum is C$52,500 to C$250,000.

    Cardiovascular Surgeon Salary in Australia

    The average cardiovascular surgeon’s annual salary in Australia is AU$61,674 to AU$206,450. The average earning per annum is AUS$161,930. Cardiovascular Surgeon with 1 to 4 years of experience takes home an average salary of AU$60,000 to AU$225,000 per annum.

    Cardiovascular Surgeon Salary in South Africa

    Median  annual salary for cardiovascular surgeon  is  R 181,499per annum in South Africa.

    Cardiovascular Surgeon salary in New Zealand

    Average salary for cardiovascular surgeon  trainee starts from  NZ$70,000 to  NZ$175,000. Skilled cardiovascular surgeon can earn up to NZ$600,000 in private sector.

    How to Become a Cardiovascular Surgeon

    Becoming a cardiovascular surgeon is not an easy task as the average years of study is between 10 to 14 years. But those long years are worth the wait for what awaits you is a truly lucrative profession. To become a cardiovascular surgeon, you should first earn a bachelor’s degree preceded by 4 years of medical school. A cardiovascular surgeon needed to have residency as a general surgery for a few years then another few more years a few more years in a concentrated cardiovascular practice. They should acquire confirmation of certification from the American Board of Medical Specialists (ABMS). To acquire cardiovascular certifications, an aspiring cardiovascular surgeon needs to complete the 4 module courses offered by cardiovascular institutions such as the Academy of Anti-ageing medicine.

    Aside from these education and trainings, a cardiovascular surgeon needs to develop essential characteristics required by their intricate job. They need to have a strong resolve even under pressure and must be mentally strong to stand the pressure. The ability to improvise in cases of unexpected events while performing an operation is a must. Cardiovascular surgeon needs to be sympathetic enough to understand each patient to help them recover from the number 1 killer disease in America: the sickness of the heart. Most operations performed by cardiovascular surgeons last to a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 12 hours or more depending on the severity and complexity of the heart condition so they need to remain focused and physically able to withstand the long gruelling hours of surgical work.

    Conclusion on Cardiovascular Salary

    Cardiovascular Surgeon has the reputation of having one of the highest paying profession in healthcare. With an average annual salary of $343,958 in 2010 (according to BLS), the costly and long hours of study is truly worth the wait. Cardiovascular surgeons can earn even more by attaining other specializations. Cardiovascular Surgeon salary depends on number of years of practice. Those with 1 to 4 years of experience receive an annual pay of up to $408,053, those with 5 to 9 years of experience receive an annual pay of up to $512,780, those with 10 to 19 years of experience receive an annual pay of up to $510,950 and those with 20 years or more of experience receive of up to $529,391 per annum.

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