Cardiologist salary

  • Cardiologist’s salary depends on different factors like years of experience, level of specialization, practice choice, geographic location and locum tenens. The specialization levels like being an Electro physiologist (EP), non-invasive cardiologist, an interventional cardiologist, and an invasive non-interventional cardiologist will determine the salary for a cardiologist. Cardiologists can receive supplemental income via Locum Tenens as it provides a temporary work and the salary depends upon on-call, number of working hours, per day and even on per week basis. There is no dipute about that cardiologist salary belongs to one of the highest.

  • Cardiologist job description

    The main goal of a cardiologist is to diagnose, treat and prevent various types of conditions related to cardiovascular system. Cardiology field deals with the management and treatment of various diseases of the heart and its surrounding structures. It enables to treat and prevent congenital heart conditions, heart diseases in adults as well as in pediatric patients.

    Cardiologist’s job varies based on the sub-specialty level as every job deals with different types of cases. Noninvasive cardiologists deal with the non-surgical procedures, manage and treat various cardiovascular conditions. They perform diagnostic tests, prescribe medicines and recommend certain diet modifications. Invasive cardiologists diagnose, perform catherization (procedure done to detect artery blockage) and treat patients just like noninvasive cardiologists. Interventional cardiologists possess an ability to perform the above mentioned jobs in addition to performing the most advanced procedures such as Angioplasty.

    How much does a cardiologist make ? 

    Average cardiologist salary

    The average salary for a cardiologist who performs cardiac & thoracic surgery ranges from between $522,875.00 to $360,000.00 per year. The average salary for an invasive cardiologist ranges from about $402,000.00 to $272,000.00 per annum while the pediatric cardiologists receive an average salary ranging from about $230,900.00 to $189,000.00.

    Cardiologist salary and wage in USA

    The highest annual salary received by the cardiologists is about $811000 while the lowest annual salary is around $268000. In fact, the average reported salary for a cardiologist is about $403000 annually.

    The starting salary for cardiologists basically ranges from between $180,000 to $250,000 while the cardiologists with more than 5 years of experience receive salaries averaging from between $300,000 – $400,000. In fact, a competitive interventional cardiologist with profit-sharing partners can receive a salary of about $800,000 per year.

    According to American Medical Group Association (AMGA) financial survey, the starting salary for an average cardiologist is about $292,000 per year while an experienced cardiologist receives $398,034 annually. The upper 10 percent of the cardiologists receive more than $300,000 per annum while the lowest 10 percent receive less than $150,000 per annum.

    The median hourly wage for a cardiologist is about $105.66 per hour. The upper 10 percent receive an hourly wage of about $200.00 per hour while the lower 10 percent of them receive $70.00 per hour.

    Some of the 5 best top paying states for cardiologists include South Dakota $204,000, Minnesota $206,000, Indiana $203,000, Nevada $200,000, and New Hampshire $201,000.

    cardiologist salary in USA, UK and Australia
    cardiologist salary

    Cardiologist salary and wage in UK

    The average salary for a cardiologist from UK is about £42,775 – £142,300 per year. The bonus received by the cardiologists is about £9,933 while the mean total salary ranges from between £11,000 – £100,000 per annum. In addition, the cardiologist receives an average hourly wage of about £26.5.

    Cardiologist salary in Canada

    An average salary for a cardiologist based in Canada ranges from between 154,073 CAD – 293,432 CAD per annum while an average hourly wage ranges from between 88.04 CAD – 171.19 CAD per hour.  A median salary for a cardiologist averages to about 254,344 CAD per annum while a median wage is about 145.76 CAD per hour. A highest paid cardiologist receives over 293,432 CAD while the lowest paid cardiologist earns about 154,073 CAD per annum.

    Cardiologist salary in Australia

    An average salary for a Cardiologist ranges from between AU$53,928 – AU$167,315 per year while the bonus is about AU$3,000 – AU$25,000.

    Salary of Cardiologist in New Zealand

    Experienced doctors, including cardiologists, practicing in New Zealand usually make between NZ$151,000 and NZ$600,000 per year, according to Careers NZ. However, the cardiologist’s salary may be a bit higher because of their specialty. PayScale also reported that general practitioners earn between NZ$57,657 and NZ$304,676 per year, although the cardiologist’s annual pay may be higher than this salary range.

    Cardiologist salary in South Africa

    General practitioners in South Africa usually earn between R229,386 and R792,973 per year, according to PayScale. However, cardiologists are bound to be earning more than the GPs because they are specialists with more training. 

    And how much does a Cardiologist make in India

    According to PayScale, cardiologists in India typically earn between Rs402,683 and Rs2,511,571 in total salary. Their base salary ranges between Rs402,683 and Rs2,462,087 and bonuses of up to Rs102,409. Their median salary makes around Rs1,182,347.

    Pediatric cardiologist salary

    A pediatric cardiologist analyses abnormalities and treats the cardiovascular diseases in infants, teenagers including children. It is a pediatric cardiologist’s duty to manage the cardiac disease, refer critical patients to a cardiac surgeon, and conduct physical tests in addition to obtaining various other reports like Doppler echocardiography, X-ray, blood tests, stress test, and electrocardiogram.

    The annual salary for a pediatric cardiologist is about $241,014. In fact, about 10th percentile of pediatric cardiologists receive $182,117 annually while 90th percentile of them receive around $,352,825 per year.

    Interventional cardiologist salary

    Interventional cardiologists perform surgical procedures such as placement of mesh stents inside narrow arteries, opening artery blockage via balloon angioplasty. Their job includes consulting patients before surgery, counseling patients post-surgery, and performing catheterizations.An average yearly salary for an Interventional Cardiologist is about $312,361 while the median annual salary is about $300,000 which ranges from between $100,000 to $700,000. The lowest annually salary received by an interventional cardiologist is about $100,000 while the highest expected salary is around $700,000 annually.

    Invasive cardiologist salary

    A median yearly salary for an invasive cardiologist ranges from between $77,566 – $373,127. An average starting hourly wage for an invasive cardiologist in the United States ranges from between $41 – $61 per hour which gradually increases from $58 – $87 overtime. An average annual salary bonus ranging from between $500 – $120,000 will be included and the total annual salary ranges from between $77,566 – $403,499. An invasive cardiologist receives various salary benefits such as: paid holidays / vacation: $247,897 – $353,749, 401(k): $246,581 – $405,470; paid sick leave: $292,774 – $360,000, malpractice/ disability insurance: $251,395 – $353,749, and life/disability insurance: $250,000 – $360,000.

    Non Invasive cardiologist salary

    An average starting hourly wage for a Non Invasive Cardiologist in the United States ranges from between $41 – $61 per hour which gradually increases from $58 – $87 overtime. An average annual salary bonus of around $49,132 will be included and the total annual salary ranges from between $82,550 – $364,966. A non-invasive cardiologist receives various salary benefits such as: paid holidays / vacation: $134,095 – $354,033, 401(k): $134,095 – $361,440; paid sick leave: $147,395 – $370,963, malpractice /liability insurance: $139,107 – $370,389, life/disability insurance: $121,641 – $368,221, 403(b): $151,701 – $360,113, and Private Medical Insurance (PMI): $32,906 – $377,515.

    Cardiologist education, training and certification

    Aspiring cardiologists should initially complete an entry-level education (college degree) and should complete 4 or more years of medical school. Then the candidate should finish 3 years of internship in internal medicine residency, pass the board certifying exams and complete a cardiology fellowship which lasts for about 2 to 5 years.

    Conclusion about cardiologist salary

    Cardiologists receive the highest income when compared to physicians from other specialties. The cardiologist’s salary is determined by the work experience, level of specialty, working sector, geographic location, surgical skills and advanced certification.

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