Behavioral psychologist salary

  • Behavioral psychologist’s salary is around $75,000 in the United States. A behavioral psychologist is similar with a clinical psychiatrist in a sense that both practitioners are geared towards helping people with their mental problems but thebehavioral psychologist salary is lower than that of a psychiatrist. A clinical psychologist also wants to tap into a person’s behavioral issues to find some resolve for his or her problems. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a behavioral counselor is around $38,000. For a behavioral psychologist, the rate is higher at $67,000 yearly. Keep reading for more information about behavioral psychologist salary and career requirements.

  • Behavioral psychologist job description

    It is usually a one-on-one daily session with a behavioral psychologist to aid the patient in finding answers for his or her problems. The person who needs help cannot properly ascertain a solution for his behavioral issues which is why a psychologist is there to sort out the concerns. What a behavior psychologist does is to assess the patient’s behavior and from that formulate a plan to treat the patient.

    What are these behavioral issues? Phobia is one of these concerns. A behavioral psychologist will have to employ classic conditioning techniques to help the phobic patient. Systematic desensitization, one of the processes in treating patients with phobia, proves to be very effective and can even treat a patient in one therapy session. Another alarming behavioral problem is addiction in any form like drugs, sex, gambling and more. Anxiety disorders are also addresses by behavioral psychologists.

    How much does a behavioral psychologist make ?

    Behavioral psychologist salary in USA

    An extensive research was done on the salary rates of behavioral psychologists all over US. The average income per annum of a behavioral psychologist, according to the 250 compiled sources of, is $69,000. That figure is not far from the research of BLS who said that the going rate is $67,000 so it does prove to be accurate.

    The state which has the highest salary for a behavioral psychologist as of 2014 is Washington, DC with an average salary of $84,000. The second state paying a great deal for the behavioral psychologist is New York at $83,000. The salary is averaged at $82,000 for behavioral psychologist in Massachusetts which ranks third. The lowest paying state for the job is Idaho which provides $44,000 per year for a behavioral psychologist.

    Their earnings are considered to be in the middle class. As of 2012, the Census Bureau has reported that if an American home is earning at least $50,000, then it is considered in the average status. But the behavioral psychologist may have a partner or a spouse which can add to that household income. The point here is that if you are a behavioral psychologist in US, chances are big for you and your family to live comfortably. No wonder it is expected that by 2022, a growth of 11% in the industry was foreseen.

    Behavioral psychologist salary in Canada

    Per hour, a behavioral psychologist in Canada earns the highest rate at $47.13 in Edmonton, Alberta. The lowest rate is in Vancouver, British Columbia with an hourly rate of $31.79. So basically in a year, the income rage of a behavioral psychologist is from $55,000 – $70,000 Canadian dollars. To convert in US dollars, that amount is about $44,124 to $55,156. This means that behavioral psychologist in Canada is quite well-off.

    Behavioral psychologist salary in New Zealand

    A behavioral psychologist salary of $61,000 to $64,000 New Zealand dollars is being enjoyed by new graduates. (US dollars conversion is $46,000 to $48,291). It is bigger when the practitioner has a significant list of credentials like trainings and years of experience. The income will be from $65,000 minimum to a maximum of $97,000 NZ dollars. To convert, that is from $49,052 up to $73,207. They are considered upper middle class citizens with that income amount.

    Behavioral psychologist salary in Australia

    The average salary is AU$64,771. The lowest recorded income rate was AU$48,196 and the highest was AU$103,220. In US dollar conversion, the amount in average is $51,132. The highest income for a behavioral psychologist in Australia is $81,486. If a family is earning AU$55,000, then, they are middle class. A behavioral psychologist down under is surely moneyed if that is the case.

    Behavioral psychologist salary in UK

    National Health Service in UK has a pay system called Agenda for Change. So for a behavioral psychologist trainee (Band 6), the salary is £25,783 or $39,959. For a Band 7 certified psychologist, the income is from £30,000 to £40,000 or $46,500 to $62,000. A principal psychologist (Band 8) can rake in £56,500 or $87,581. Consultants categorized at Band 9 earn a whooping £98,453 or $152,624. The figures in both currencies are astounding which means a behavioral psychologist in UK is really rich. Practitioners outside NHS earn in varied amounts.

    Behavioral psychologist salary in South Africa

    It is considered a good paying job in South Africa with an average income of R248,784 or $21,600. The highest pay is recorded at R625,396 or $ 54,527. The lowest pay is R116,702 or $ 10,177. In American living standards, this is the below average. But in South Africa, a behavioral psychologist is wealthy. Their average household income in the low category is R192,000 while the upper middle class is R600,000.

    Behavioral psychologist salary in India

    It is a noticeable fact that male behavioral psychologists in India earned significantly higher than their female counterparts. For one, male counselors earn around RS 125,714 which can go up to RS 3,307,895. The women, on the other hand, have an average income of RS 120,000 and a maximum of RS 245,000. And yet there are 87% female psychologists in India of which 54% holds a decent pay. Clinical psychologists are paid higher than the regular counselors. Their earnings can reach up to RS 2,600,000. To convert, RS 125,714 is about $2,000.

    How to become a behavioral psychologist

    One must finish a 4-year Bachelor’s degree preferably BA Psychology. After that, the individual must earn their PhD in Psychology degree which takes about 5 to 7 years. Internship is also added to that. To finalize the whole training and finally getting that Doctor of Psychology status, a dissertation is required. Online studies are not fully approved at the moment, according to American Psychological Association.

    Conclusion about behavioral psychologist salary

    If you compare, the highest paying country for a behavior psychologist is UK while the lowest being India. Still, the behavioral psychologist salary for any of these countries proves to be above average. As a Doctor of Psychology, the way of living is not just relaxed but blessed in terms of income opportunity.

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