Anesthesiologist salary

Anesthesiologist’s salary is the highest compared to other health care professionals in the field of medicine. Salary for anesthesiologist widely varies depending on different factors such as facility type, geographic region, sub-specialty, number of years served in field and working sector. On an average, Anesthesiologists earn approximately around $300,000 per annum excluding bonus and may receive up to $450,000 based on experience. Majority of the anesthesiologists in specific fields like pediatrics or cardiology receive more salary compared to those from other fields of expertise.

Anesthesiologist job description

An anesthesiologist is a physician who provides surgical assistance to the surgeon by medicating a patient with general anesthesia to relieve the patient’s pain during a surgical procedure. The main job of an anesthesiologist is to inform the patient about anesthetic effect and its duration of action before preparing the patient for a surgery. In fact, it is the duty of an anesthesiologist to determine an appropriate anesthetic to every patient based on his or her medical condition and to discuss the case with a consultant specialist doctor. Anesthesiologist job requires a wide range of latitude and advanced skills.

The job of an anesthesiologist includes medicating patients with an appropriate intravenous, local, or spinal anesthetic, determining the type of anesthetic, determining an anesthetic dosage, and monitoring the patient condition frequently during pre-operative and post-operative period. In general, an anesthesiologist job demands the candidate to be well-aware of the surgical procedures, skill practice, and conventional concepts related to the field of anesthesiology. In addition, the salary for anesthesiologist depends on anesthesiologist, working tenure, age, and experience to name a few.

How much does an anesthesiologist make ?

Average anesthesiologist salary 

The annual salary for an Anesthesiologist is about $166,400 while the median salary for an anesthesiologist based in US is $335,078. As you can see average anesthesiologist salary is one of the highest salary in medical sector.

Anesthesiologist salary and wage in USA

The average mean salary for anesthesiologists working in clinics or hospices or private agencies is around $221,010 per annum. In contrary, the annual salary for small number of anesthesiologists employed in medical schools or universities received around $139,490. According to US Bureau of labor statistics, the top earnings of anesthesiologists employed in public sectors is about $197,000 per year while the self-employed anesthesiologists received an annual take-home salary of about $316,500.

The upper 10 percent of the anesthesiologists received about $200,000 per year while the lowest 10 percent of them received about $115,470 per year. Based on percentiles, the median salary for 90th percentile of anesthesiologists has been around $417,930 yearly. Similarly, about 75th percentile of anesthesiologists received $378,446, 25th percentile of them received $290,796 while 10th percentile received $250,481  yearly.

The median hourly wage for an anesthesiologist is more than $80.00 per hour. The upper 10 percent receive about $100 per hour while the lowest 10 percent receive up to $55.52 per hour.

anesthesiologist salary in USA and Canada plus UK

anesthesiologist salary

Anesthesiologist salary by state

Some of the best paying states for anesthesiologists are Oregon, Washington, Missouri, New Hampshire, and New Jersey and the annual salary ranges from between $166,000 to $200,000.

Anesthesiologist salary in UK

 The median salary for anesthesiologists with more than 1 year of work experience is about £199 829, those practicing from 6 to 10 years receive about £205, 113 while those with 10+ years of experience receive more than £234 265. The starting salary for an anesthesiologist is about £16,395 which may go up to £85,500 with increase of experience.  The bonus ranges from about £401.49 – £7,000.

Anesthesiologist salary in Canada

An average salary for an anesthesiologist based in Canada ranges from between 95,094 CAD – 171,258 CAD per annum while an average hourly wage ranges from between 54.36 CAD – 97.91 CAD per hour.  A median salary for an anesthesiologist averages to about 137,010 CAD per annum while a median wage is about 78.33 CAD per hour. A highest paid anesthesiologist receives over 171,258 CAD while the lowest paid anesthesiologist earns about 95,094 CAD per annum.

Anesthesiologist salary in Australia

The average salary for an anesthesiologist based in Australia ranges from about AU$100,000 – AU$196,527 per annum while the total mean pay can range from between AU$62,659 – AU$309,907.

Salary of Anesthesiologist in New Zealand

There are not enough data about the salary of anesthesiologists in New Zealand. However, doctors in general practice usually earn between NZ$57,657 and NZ$304,676 per year. But as specialists, anesthesiologists might be earning more than this salary range.

Anesthesiologist salary in South Africa

According to PayScale, anesthesiologists in South Africa typically take home a salary ranging between R518,063 and R1,972,651. Their median pay is around R780,000. The site also showed that most anesthesiologists find other positions after 20 years in this line of work.

And how much does an Anesthesiologist make in India

There are no specific salary reports about how much anesthesiologists are earning. However, they are likely earning more than general practitioners who make between Rs235,769 and Rs1,156,556 per year, according to PayScale reports. These doctors were also shown to make a median salary of Rs540,637.

Anesthesiologist assistant salary

According to Explore Health Careers, anesthesiologist assistants usually receive a salary ranging between $110,000 and $120,000. The American Medical Association reported that in 2006, anesthesiologist assistants earned between $95,000 and $120,000 per year. With experience and credentials, this might increase to a salary range between $160,000 and $180,000.

Nurse Anesthetist salary 

There are no specific reports about anesthesiologist nurse’s salary. However, nurse anesthetists, professionals with a relevant profession, earned an average of $158,900 per year in 2014, according to the BLS. According to PayScale, nurse anesthetists earned between $90,924 and $186,905 per year.

Cardiac anesthesiologist salary

Cardiac anesthesiologists usually earn between $103,429 and $401,292 in annual salary. This is based on PayScale reports about how much anesthesiologists earn in the US. PayScale also showed that anesthesiologists have a base salary ranging from $103,490 to $388,654, bonus of up to $59,714, and profit sharing ranging from $3,393 to $50,457.

How to become an anesthesiologist

A prospective anesthesiologist should finish an entry-level education (4 years of bachelor’s degree) and complete 4 years in an accredited medical school to obtain a Doctor of Medicine degree. The candidate should then finish three years of residency program in the field of anesthesiology in order to obtain hands on experience under the guidance of a board certified anesthesiologist. The candidate requires at least 2 to 4 years of experience in the field of anesthesiology.

Find out more about Anesthesiologist schooling.

Conclusion about anesthesiologist salary

Anesthesiologist’s salary varies by assignment and an average pay rate is around $1,200 per day which may go up to $1,350 for pediatric or cardiac cases. In fact, anesthesiologists receive about $6,000 to $6,750 per week through the assignments.

70 Responses to Anesthesiologist salary

  1. karen says:

    I think making that much money is just wrong..when there are so many people who are poor and go without..unless a lot of that money goes to help those poor and go without.

    • anna king says:

      Karen, this job essentially is critical and is a ridiculously tough job to concur. There is a reason why they make that much.

    • Alex says:

      Karen, you know why they make so much money? Because they deserve to, they work their ass off in med school to get to where they are, and they spend a fuck load of money on their education. My brother lost 10 pounds because he literally spent every waking minute studying or at a hospital working. he now makes ~$500,000 a year, he deserves every dollar he gets because not only is he helping to saving live everyday, he worked his ass off to do what he does. He gets up at 3:00 AM to assist a surgery, and he gets back 7 hours later. He doesn’t complain, he doesn’t bit*h about how politicians make more money, he shuts up and does his job, I suggest you do to.

      • Tom T says:

        I agree with you. your brother deserve it.
        Can you tell us how much does your bother need to pay for his insurance yearly?

      • dee says:

        I agree Alex, my husband is an Anesthesiologist and a veteran. Karen, it may be a tough job but he doesn’t complain at all.Bad side is stress and moodiness because of hours and patients at work and including discrimination within the hospital because he’s an African American brotha and there is another black guy Doctor too who’s just straight-up stuck-up, i’m used to it which his world and he comes to me because i have understanding and that’s what i’m there for… Yes he gets up every morning at 4am; similar to Alex story… sometimes he gets off early which i love, that’s when the cases are successful. We talk about life, joked around and prank each other or head to a bar to see basketball game. Anyways he went to College and bust his ass and he deserves every drop of pay, that’s why he don’t worry about other people only family and his patients. So Karen, life it’s what you make it don’t think about the negative only the positive.

    • Carrie Kay says:

      Karen, SOME people are only poor because they chose not to go to school or dropped out. Other people are poor because they just didn’t make the money or whatever else and those people are the ones I will be giving money too. I don’t feel bad for the people who dropped out of school. That was their choice not mine. Anesthesiologists make that money because they work hard for it. Just like everyone else has said.

    • sara lovely says:

      lady listen they had a choice to do something with there lives they chose not to nobody fault but there’s i know for a fact i walk to school for 12 years of my life just to get a education parents didn’t care one bit but i made it out now iam a stock broker in new York city.

    • Jen says:

      Ur an idiot.. U think that’s wrong.. They are professional doctors who have many peoples lives in their hands. Who have gone to school for yearsssss to know everything about the subject. Why would it only b okay to make that money if it goes to help poor ppl? They help people everyday. Ur comment was not thought through.

    • Greywings says:


      I couldn’t agree with you more. Karl Marx’s mantra was “from those who can to those who can’t…or don’t want to”. That’s what builds a society…or does it?

    • Jovonne says:

      You really should have thought your comment through. Anesthesiologists go through a long period of study and training and then have stress from all their hard work they’ve put into their career. All in all, the 12+ years these people paid for school is shown in the bacon they bring home.

    • Di says:

      These people have very high Student Loans to pay off because of their intense education. These students are in college for 12 years–have they earned the right to a decent living–absolutely.

    • Marisha says:

      Karen ,
      People who practice in Anesthesiology get a large portion of money because this job is very critical , if the patient is given the wrong amount of anesthesia that can result in them being unconscious for a long period of time or even death. If a patient’s treatment does result in death the Anesthesiologist can be terminated from their position and sued. The people who are poor and or with out work usually did not go to college or even dropped out of highschool , therefor it is there decisions that they have to deal with. The people who do pursue in life do not have to help any one they do not choose to , yes they should but no one has to sign a contract saying they will help the poor if their salary is high. Yes , Karen you can voice your opinion but that does not necessarily mean everyone will agree with you . You should be open minded and take other peoples opinions into prospective .
      thanks for your time .

    • Celine says:

      Well, they make that much because they’ve put years of hard work comittment to get the job. They certainly do deserve it.

    • Kayla Mendez says:

      Well if these lazy ass peopke got off thwir asses and went through school they would be able to make money like that but no the bumbasses wanna play around in school

    • Timmy says:

      Well, it is a tough job and you spend a lot more hours and countless sleepless nights. And half of your life is spent as full time student. Medical school = no life. I think it is fair for them to earn as much as they do.

    • Ahmad says:

      Anesthesiologist salary – here in Egypt we get 2571 $ a year
      f*ck Egypt

    • pp says:

      I dont normally comment but anna king, these guys are saving lives. Save your comments for savvy businessmen who don’t better people’s lives

    • Margaret says:

      Would you feel the same way if your debt was 300,000 thousand dollars at least just for your education?
      Would you work at studying foe 12 to 14 hours a day 7 days a week for at least 8. Years?
      Get your facts straight!
      You work for it you deserve it!

    • Sam says:

      You think it’s wrong. What about younger people, like myself might I add, who don’t want to have children? Who want to own a simple home and a dog. Go to school for anesthesiology and help other people with the money I don’t need. Making the money isn’t wrong. Maybe the unfair wages other people receive at their jobs is wrong. But it’s what you do with it.

    • puneet g says:

      I’m sorry Karen but why should anesthesiologists give their hard earned money to the people who choose to drop out of school and choose to not put effort into their life? charity is a different thing, but the people who don’t have money by choice is their own fault. anesthesiologists work for 13+ years and go through endless amounts of stress to make that money, and a life is literally in their hands. they deserve it.

    • sara patel says:


      Karen. Karen please, Karen…Karen, just, Karen. Karen, Karen. Karen?


    • Donald says:

      Karen… Imagine yourself waking up in the middle of a surgery and you see your lungs, intestines, heart, liver exposed. Feeling every single cut the surgeon makes. Only then will you realize how important well trained and well paid anesthesiologists are.

  2. Miracle says:

    ummm. that is alot of money

  3. john s says:

    Shut the hell up Karen. Those people put the time, effort and money into accomplishing something that hard; they deserve the financial/salary in accordance with it. If you want to go after people for wasteful spending and pissing away money go after your weasel politicians, not people keeping patients alive during a surgery. Get some god damn sense while you’re at it.

    • Mitch says:

      Very well said John S

    • arc says:

      u shut the x up, everypeople have their freedom to talk .
      and there is a Point to see why compare to all other professionals, which accountant,s barristers, architects, engineers, all have their life time dedication on education and time on getting professional affiliation and licensing, why ONLY surgent PAY so much and the rest are NOT< until they are Star accountant, star barristers and star architecst??? why !!!
      the other stressful days and time and education fee spent on this other fields are NOT less than being trained as a surgent. !! come'on SOCIETY !!! wake up!!!! we need fairness!!!

  4. jessica p says:

    Everyone put what I want to say to karen exactly how I would say it karen you’re an idi*t get some sense why isn’t right for them to get that money their saving peoples life

  5. Lys says:

    Karen it’s people like you that couldn’t handle the pressure of having someone’s life be put in your hands. These people deserve the money because the amount of money they spend to go to school to become this is more than they make in the first year they work. The stress and pressure that are on these people makes them more than deserving of this amount of money. Just rethink what they really do. Most doctors and health care professionals do give back to people who are poor because they are the ones paying for their medicaid and no health insurance. Some food for thought.

  6. Hannah says:

    Karen you should think before you speak
    Maybe you are just jealous stop wasting your time saying something that is not thought out
    In life people work for what they get anesthesiologist spend 12 years in training the money they earn is well deserved you should use better judgement next time you think of posting something on the Internet anyone can read what you posted what you said should be offensive to doctors who work their ass of and making a difference In the world just do you know jealousy will not get you anywhere in life if you really wanted to you could have became an anesthesiologist
    And made a lot of money be thankful for what you have and always remember there is always some one who has it worse than you do you only have one life make the best of what you have

  7. LL says:

    What’s wrong is athletes making millions, just to play a game. Or even actors. Just to entertain. Anesthesiologist making what they make is justified.

  8. Kimberly says:

    I agree with Karen. They make half a politicians salary. Politicians don’t do crud. Yeah these people,anesthesiologists, have a very stressful job medicatinng people but they don’t need all that money.

    • Jan says:

      Kimberly, medicating people? See my reply to Karen. Who needs all their money? The people sucking off the government who want their “Free Obama Phone” while they sit home watching Jerry Springer feeling entitled to everyone else’s hard earned money?

    • Di says:

      I think Kimberly should have someone who is not very educated giving her anesthesia when she is in surgery!!! HA

      • arc says:

        I agree with Karen, why over paid them, while as an architect, the hardship and hard work of 6 years of study and not to mention how difficult to get the license and some even take 10 years to get the license. and keep up to date advance technology to build YOU A HOME and BUILD YOU the country and the airport?!!! why only STAR architects make alot of money and the average architect pay not as much as the MEDICATION People do???

        and in a society , you can’t live without a doctor. and you CAN”T LIVE WHITHOUT AN ARCHITECT BUILDING YOU A HOME< A HOSIPTAL AND AIRPORT

        it is JUST NOT FAIR FOR all the professionals.

        • Haha says:

          Well someone’s a little jealous they don’t make as much lmao

        • Lizz says:

          What the hell?! You’re so uneducated, I almost feel bad for you. Did you actually do your research before coming here to b.tch about how much anesthesiologist earn while architects deserve more? If you had, you would see that anesthesiologists need a hell of a lot of education before earning all that money. And that education costs a lot as well. They first need to start taking many math and science classes starting from high school, go to college for at least 4 years (think of the tuition fees), an additional 4 years of medical school (usually costs more than the college)while at the same time working to get board certified, a year of internship, and then like 3 years of residency. Now try and convince me how they don’t deserve every single penny they earn.

      • arc says:

        di you need to see that one too..
        you people spoiled the dr to make those money in a ‘ HUGE ” sum which that can rather safe the poor or the poor homeless people in the street..
        why OVER paid the professionals in medical field ? and not to mention how humble and tough life as an architect??? we TOOK 6 years of study and the stressful days working in this field. don’t allow you to make any mistake as ONE SINGEL simple mistake in techinical detail drawings will turn the building to fall down and harm people’s life. nad DESIGN and create a BETTER world, society with GREEN buildings and lovely community , build the CLUSTER Of hospital buildings. i think ARCHITECTS are as important as the surgent, but WHY ONLY THOSE star architects and STAR lawyers , barristers get the fair paid nad hte other are underpaid compared with the Surgent or the medical field??? WE ALL spent The loads of education fee and loans to get to the top and spent hours and hours on designing and constructions, buidlings codes, buildings laws.. and not to mention the daily stressful work to due with the magnate and the developers. WHY you think the surgent deserve that paid and WHY NOT Stand for the architects and we need to be PAID FAIR TOO??? and not to mention hte underpaid engineers, and underpaid lawyers and some no-name helping people barristers????????

        • kim says:

          Well i think you should stop whining and start work hard to become a STAR architect( if u want ).
          Doctor need to work hard to become a surgeon too or they will end up to become a normal doctor with normal paid( still they save life), just like normal lawyer and so on.
          A wise man once tell me: Everyone can become a doctor, but not everyone can become a good doctor.
          I think it can be apply to any profession.

        • Haha says:

          They work more than you , went to school MUCH longer than you, they work harder than you, they do more than you , they have a harder job than you, and they do better than you. I don’t see you getting up at 2 to help people that are sick and dying. What? Are you jealous? Look at you, sitting at a desk all day, on a computer. While they save lives, they run around from person to person, doing what you aren’t capable of. Maybe they don’t give all their money to the underprivileged. Instead they help people that are dying and sick. What’s better A. Saving lives and helping the sick or B. Giving all the damn money you work so hard for, to the people that are dropouts. Honestly I think you just are jealous when you see people who make more money than you. MAYBE they got further than you and work harder. Ever think of that? Go back to working at McDonalds lmao

          • Nosaj says:

            What’s wrong with working at McDonald’s? Many great, smart, and hard-working people work at McDonald’s.

        • Lizz says:


        • DrS says:

          Being a doctor is stressful. Time consuming. You have peoples LIVES depending on you. If something goes wrong, you live with that. As someone studying to become a doctor myself, it is very disheartening to see people complain about how much a doctor makes. These people save your lives. Sure, you can build a house, an airport, whatever, but it’s not LIFE SAVING. It helps, yes, but seriously, don’t complain.

    • Charmaine says:

      These “people who don’t need that much money” could easily accidentally kill you with the wrong amount of medication or not enough thought put in. They work their butts off so you can be not in pain in the hospital. Think about that. Not to mention they can barely get any sleep, seeing as how they work 12 hours a day. So yeah, they deserve the money.

  9. Jan says:

    Karen, we could go back to having the patient bite down on a piece of iron while the “doc” cleans the wound with whiskey. Or, you could have an anesthesiologist place lives in their hands … “puts them to sleep”…. then “wakes them up” after surgery. The anesthesiologist is the one in charge in an operating room. Not the surgeon. The patient places their life in the hands of an anesthesiologist. “ABC’s” ~ Airway, Breathing, Circulation. All very critical to life. They make a lot of money for the pressure, and commitment. They have ENORMOUS loans to re-pay to learn how to make surgeries painless. I don’t think anyone in the medical field is overpaid when it comes to saving people’s lives, or making someone pain free, etc. Please give some more thought to your comment. How many lives does a professional athlete save?

  10. frances says:

    Lets not beatup on karen lets educate her I just finishes medical school worn out and I still have more to go with a speciality it seems like a lot of money but it really is about knowledge avaiabilty education all your time is spent on working, what do you think is fair not everyone is willing to loose their years just learning and not earning while some who goes to college for 4 year becomes an earning relativately as soon as they graduate doctors donot we continue to study without earnings when we being residency we are paid a low wage and have alot of loans to pay baack when we start earning we reinvest back to universities, hospitals and for people with needs and lastly,if we were to charge minimum wage for the the hours we work and all of the resources we offer we’d make even more than what you are seeing.

    • arc says:

      HONESTLY!!! I THINK karen has every RIGHT to say what she feels.

      and In the professional fields, like barristers lawyers architects and engineers, accountant and you can’t live wihtout an architect in a society !

      THINK TWICE !!! NOT ONLY DOCTOR SPEND YEARS of educations!!! WE PRofessional, as an architect , iPAID loads of money to get to A list university and hardhship of 6 YEARS. and we help u to BUILD YOUR HOME and build u the hospital you need and WHY NOT PAYING Us FAIR Amount of money???

      talking about hours of investment on education?? we studied 6 years and more humanity and sociological and TEChnology advance skills to build the curtain wall more than building a CAR.. and we spent HOURS and HOURS to design and fulfill the developer and land owner’s requirement and takes hours to negoitate with the governmeent and wiht TONES of buildings laws and codes to cope iwth nad every DAY STRESS is NOT less than any surgent, as IF WE make a single MISTake or decision, the buildings will fall apart and be dangerous . and it can kill people and save people’s life with GREEN buildings I think the time and stress dedicated to the society, architects are NOT less important than A SURGENT< why we got paid less unless you are SUPER STAR architects ?? even so, onlhy the BIG Lump sum goes to the "BOSS" <– that "STAR" architect??? WHY !!!

      I TOTLALLY ARGREE with karen, that most of the people get into this field is NOT ALL have good heart to save people but just want a steady job wihtout laid off even bad times come in the society and that's y the MONEY Diggers all goes there..

      if you got cancer, the dr only see how to get your money or your insurance and HOW MANY DOCTOR REALLY THINK of a patient "S VIEW????? to save Live???? the 1st intention to go to medical schoold is To EARN BIG MONEY!!!! honesly , i felt pathetic for those . who can't see the UNFAIRness of the society since the dates of ENlightenment. where the master and slave system sustain , even in the era of the modern world, which the RICH has more say and the poor suffer.

      • Haha says:

        People can build homes on their own. All you need is a hammer and wood. People can’t just be a doctor. They don’t know what the fuck their doing unless the get education. You don’t see all the people before “architects” not able to build homes. And to be honest, people actually needed to be educated to be a doctor. They can’t just put dirt on a wound to make the pain go away. Doctors is what keeps people alive and healthy. Just to let you know putting a couple nails in wood is really easy. Being a doctor is way harder. And without vaccines, we could all be dead right now from small pox or something. I think putting a couple pieces of wood together is what anybody can do. The world can definitely go without architects. People can do this stuff on their own. They don’t need architect education or some shit. Now, Respect doctors Bob the builder. Because without them, there maybe wouldn’t be a human race right now.

      • june says:

        buddy…. are you retarded? how’d you even become an architect? your spelling, grammar are mediocre at best and thats comparing it to a 4th graders standard. you know what an anesthesiologist is? its a so called “star” doctor you’re referring to. so what happens is… 4yrs undergrade + 4yrs med school + 1yr internship + 3yrs of residency. becomes a doctor… now to become a anesthesiologist is a speacialty job… so they have to pass further examinations. you’re trying to say a 6yr education to become a “regular” architect is the same as a 12yr system for people to become your so called “regular” doctors? you do understand they still a medical license pay big amounts of insurance etc etc… obviously you aren’t an architect cause you possibly couldn’t be this ignorant or stupid.

      • june says:

        and if youre so mad about not making the same salary as a doctor… maybe you shouldve become a doctor instead… food for your dumbass brain

  11. Mark says:

    Karen, I couldn’t agree with you more. I mean here I am in my second year of medical school, I already have amassed over 100,000 in student loans, I spend every waking hour either in class or at home studying. I don’t have cable, I don’t go out with friends and I average about 3 hours of sleep a night, if I am lucky. I have 2 more years of school remaining before I attain my M.D., plus my PGY 1, 2, 3, and 4. Not to mention any post specialty training I have to go. If I escape school with loans less than 250,000 I’ll be doing okay. You are right though, myself and my classmates should certainly give the majority of what we net to those that always do the bare minimum. I mean hey they deserve it right? Here’s a thought Karen…I’m not making any money right now, but you are making more than me. I deserve your money. You need to pay me because right now I am poor by your definition. Feel free to message me and I’ll send you my bills and you can pay them for me.

    • june says:

      this was answered spot on…. good luck to you sir…. hopefully others will understand the meaning of “getting paid for the ACTUAL work you put in”

  12. Charles says:

    It’s really simple, Karen, and to all others: supply and demand. There aren’t enough anesthesiologists and so demand is high. When the government intervenes and sets physicians’ salaries, there will be even fewer anesthesiologists and more people will die. The government may mandate more residency slots for trainees, but there will be no one to teach them.

    Do we really want this?

  13. Babygyrl says:

    To all the doctors and anesthesiologist that saved my life, i thank you.. You deserve all of it..

  14. pretty says:

    no need to call karen an idiot:-( some people are just mean..
    I am married to an anesthesiologist who makes $350,000 per year. All the money goes to taxes and he brings how just close to $7500 biweekly.. The salary sounds large but it all goes to taxes.

  15. Engineer_Married_to_Anaesthesiologist says:

    Can anyone explain me how come Anaesthesiologists in North America earn so much more than their colleagues in Germany or Austria

  16. johnn says:

    karen, i could not agree more to what you posted.

    • River says:

      Both of my parents are doctors and when I was young they were as poor as hell, we didn’t even have a house, we rented a three room house that we could barely afford and they spent 12 hours of their day at medical schools and they were like 28. They would always tell me about how one day their hard work would pay off and that we would be able to actually get a house and that we would get the education that we deserved so that I one day would also be successful. After 12 years of schooling, they finally were able to become doctors and help save lives and to be able to support our family. Everyday they get these so called “helpless poor people” that go in there and start pretending that their sick but then they check them and they are perfectly fine and all they are trying to do is take advantage of them and get drugs. These doctors get bullied everyday because of these drugatics and acholics and they come home to rest but then suddenly they are ambushed by these comments about how they get too much money and how going to school 12 years and getting more money then a basic skill of building for half of that time is unfair, when what is really unfair is the fact that they spent 12 years learning how to become doctors and they work up to 14 hours a day and at the end of that day the government takes half of that money to spend on the “helpless poor people” who spend that money on drugs that my parents won’t give them because they care about them. So saying that they don’t even care and that they just do it for the money is such crap because if they really didn’t care then they would give these people drugs which kill them and they wouldn’t have gone to school for 12 years to make sure that they don’t put these people in danger. So next time you post, know the facts instead of just saying poor me, a helpless unequal architect that went to school for 6 years and I don’t get as much money as a anesthesiologist whom went to school for 6 more years then me and they get money for saving lives. Because really the replies that ur saying are coming from jealously.

  17. poop says:

    talk about a bunch of five year olds people have their views its ok to disagree but cussing to get a point threw shows you don’t know how to argue. if u haven’t not people Karen has never replied back because know one really cares what any of you have to say just like you don’t care what she has to say. here is America cussing and name calling because they cant handle other point of views maybe you guys should all think about how mad your getting over a internet comment wow guys

  18. Robert Sookadik says:

    Anesthesiologists don’t deserve it. They have no lives. They should donate

  19. trisha says:

    I think anyone ..not just Karen who think it isn’t fair for anesthesiologist to make the money they make is what’s wrong..can u do that job?..probably not. Anesthesiologists are there to help save people and keep them comfortable they study hard learn a lot and put in a lot of money to get where they are and for those of you who thinks it’s wrong for them to get a return for all their hard work are just disgusting..why should people who work hard and make something of themselves have to suffer for those who choose not to? That’s just the stupidest thing I ever heard. In the future if you need surgery maybe you will change your outlook. You make think it’s so simple to just give people medicine but that is not the case hence the reason we are not all able to be anesthesiologist. Before you make dumb comments why don’t you think about what has to be put into a job like that

    • trisha says:

      And for “poop” u obviously care or you wouldn’t have said anything and ask for Robert sookadik..anesthesiologists have no lives because they are WORKING to HELP people all day inconsiderate and unappreciative some people can be is just horrible..maybe your jealous because you don’t have that kind of money..I think that’s what it boils down to for the people who think it’s wrong or they don’t deserve the money..and how the he’ll does anyone know what anesthesiologists do..maybe they do donate

  20. Raul says:

    Wow Karen, you’re pretty popular.

  21. M says:

    I am an anesthesiologist and I found the comments interesting. I think that the thought that American is materialistic is proved by the comments above. I agree that Anesthesiologists don’t deserve the money, because that takes on the concept of deserve.

    I am a very patriotic American. I appreciate the idea of the American dream; where hard work can improve your station in life. This concept delves into “deserve.” While I appreciate the American Dream I don’t think that means deserve.

    Do I deserve to get $25000 pay checks per month? Nope. But that is what someone else is willing to pay because they are willing to exchange that money for evidence based, thoughtful care. Does an architect or banker deserve to make their paycheck? Nope. They make what they make because that is what their customers are willing to pay. It goes to another concept of “supply and demand.” And it also depends on a concept of how important something is to you. The best Anesthesiologist may be asked to care for wealthy clients and make more because of it – because it is important to their clients to secure the best Anesthesiologist. For most people, if they were the best at something, they would take higher pay if offered them.

    I think that the American people should also think about how to make society better, does that mean giving money away? No! Do you know how to make an entitled brat out of a child. Give them whatever they want and don’t discipline them. Giving money away doesn’t necessarily make for a better world.

    Our country lacks 1) common sense 2) decency, but has lots of entitlement!

    Will I feel bad for taking a fat check from a happy customer who feels better, was well cared for and now is living a happier life? YES! Will I feel obligated to give it all away to feed the entitled desires of our depraved society that has drifted away from its American roots? NO!

  22. M says:

    BTW that guy in the pic above looks like hes going to suffocate that chic. He doesn’t even have monitors on… thats NOT what anesthesiologists do!

  23. M says:

    Now for Karen. I think that you should study some economics. There is an important principal that uneducated people don’t know about and what the liberal left want you to believe cause it gets them elected. But the financial health of the poor depends on the financial health of the wealthy. The fewer wealthy, the worse off for the poor.

  24. Mom says:

    I stumbled upon this site in my attempts to feel uplifted that there was a viable reason my son, who is in his first yr of residency as an anesthesiologist will have a good life someday. While his friends have graduated college after 4-6 years and are now living very comfortably, my son, his wife and our new grandchild are living in a tiny apt struggling to pay off school loans. I didn’t want him to be a physician. They sacrifice the best years of their lives age 21-30. No amount of money can repay that loss. Then they work long hours to meet the demands placed on Physicians. Thanks you to those of you who recognize what they endure and how hard they work. To the Karen’s out there, your ignorance is obvious.

  25. Ralph says:

    l thank God for every thing.those anaesthesiologists are trying. I thank God for them. they deserves what that loads of dollars. its not easy to spent 12+ in school all in the name of studying anaesthesiology. they deserves what ever amount of dollars can served. And I wish to become one of them one day. after my secondary school education. Good morning NIGERIA. thanks for your time.

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