Surgical nurse salary

  • Surgical nurse in the US receives an average salary ranging between $38,300 to $100,251.  A newly practicing surgical nurse receives a starting salary of around $38,000 but they comprise only 10% of all Surgical Nurses in the US. Those who receive more than $100,000 comprise the 90th percentile of all Surgical Nurses in the USA. The hourly pay rate for surgical nurse is from  $22.07 to $33.00 with a national average hourly overtime pay of $26.53 to $49.34. Surgical nurse salary is one of the highest among other nursing salaries.

  • Surgical nurse job description

    A Surgical Nurse plays a key role in the education of the patients about the pre-operative and post operative procedures, processes and consequences. Among the things that surgical nurse needs to inform to the patients and their families are the side effects of surgery, what to anticipate after the surgery and the length and needed precautions during the course of recovery. A surgical nurse arranges all the necessary preparations before a surgical procedure. Surgical nurse must see to it that needed medical supplies are in enough supply and the operating room and all the necessary surgical tools, surgical machines/devices are properly functioning. Throughout the surgical procedure, surgical nurse keeps an eye on the vital signs of the patients, hands the right tools to the surgeons and assists the surgeons in everything that they do during the operation. Surgical nurse also supervises the post surgical procedures such as the monitoring of the patient’s health, dispensing of medicines and changing of wound dressings.

    How much does a Surgical Nurse make ?

    Average surgical nurse salary

    In the United States, the average median wage of a surgical nurse is $63,084 per year while the average earning is $60,963. Companies/Health facilities with 50 or more employees give away a median profit sharing of $2,050 per year. The average hourly pay for surgical nurse is $27.53.

    Surgical nurse salary in USA    

    The 10th percentile of all surgical nurses in the USA receives an annual starting pay of around $39,000, the 50th percentile collects around $63,000, the 75th percentile takes home around $81,000 and the 90th percentile of all surgical nurses receives around $100,000 per annum.

    The national hourly rate for surgical nurse is from  $22.07 to $33.00 with a national average overtime pay from between $26.53 to $49.34. A surgical nurse’s yearly bonus depends on the number of years of experience. A Surgical nurse with less than a year of experience receives a median bonus of $550 while a surgical nurse with 10 to 19 years of work experience collects median bonus of $1,500.

    surgical nurse salary around the world
    surgical nurse salary

    Surgical nurse salary in UK

    Surgical Nurse’s average annual salary in the United Kingdom is from between £15,884 to £40,384The median salary for all Neonatal Nurses is £26,436. They receive an average bonus of £12,080. The salary of surgical nurse is based on number of years of practice. Surgical nurse with 1 to 4 years earns from £10,304 to £38,395 and bonus of £318.31 per year, those with 5 to 9 years take home an average salary of £16,913 to £29,582 per annum with a total bonus of £318.31 and those with 10 to 19 years of practice receive an annual average salary of £15,546 to £34,945 with an average bonus of £50.00.

    Surgical nurse salary in Canada

    In Canada, a Surgical Nurse receives a yearly salary from between C$45,588 to C$88,359. 10% of all nurses in Canada receive around C$46,000 per year, 25% collects around C$62,000, the median salary of all surgical nurses receives an average of around C$72,000 and 90% of all nurses enjoy an average annual salary of C$90,000.

    The national hourly rate for surgical nurse is starts from C$24.16 to C$41.17 with a national average overtime pay of C$15.03 to C$80.93. Surgical nurse in Canada collects an average yearly bonus of up to C$2,517.

    Surgical nurse salary in Australia

    A Surgical Nurse in Australia earns an average yearly income from between AU$40,693 to AU$80,426. The 10th percentile of all nurses in Australia collects around AU$41,000 per year, the 25th percentile takes home around AU$50,000, the median percentile receives around AU$59,000, the 75th percentile takes home around AU$71,000 and the 90th percentile enjoy a yearly pay of around AU$81,000.

    Surgical nurse salary by state

    The highest paying state for Surgical Nurse is Victoria that offers AU$28,596 to AU$94,467 yearly salary, New South Wales, AU$17,947 to AU$76,864 and the top paying state is Western Australia where a surgical nurse gets to enjoy an average salary from between AU$28,528 – AU$148,994 per annum.

    How to become a surgical nurse

    If you want to become a surgical nurse, you must acquire a 2 year associate degree in nursing or at best obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. You must also become a registered Nurse by passing your state’s board examination for nurses. To become a surgical nurse, becoming an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) is a plus. You must be trained in basics of surgery by doing internships in a surgical unit, operating or recovery room of a hospital or a care facility. You must also have a valid license and pass the NCLEX examinations supervised by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSN).

    Conclusion about surgical nurse salary

    The average income (surgical nurse salary) of all Surgical Nurses in the US is $69,275.50. The  average surgical nurse earns $63,084. The average hourly pay for all surgical nurses is $27.53 with average hourly overtime pay of $37.93.  Surgical nurse receives a yearly bonus of $400 and profit sharing of up to $2,050 per annum.