School nurse salary

  • The national salary data for School nurse in the US reveals that the yearly average salary for school nurses is from between $24,683 to $63,014. A new school nurse receives a starting salary of $19,322 per year but as school nurse accumulates more experience, school nurse can anticipate a yearly pay of $56,725 within 5 to 9 years. The average national rate for School Nurse per hours is from between $11.38 to $31.00. Keep reading for more information about school nurse salary in USA, Canada, Australia and UK.

  • School Nurse Job Description

    A school nurse has many functions in his/her school of employment. Among these numerous responsibilities is the provision of health assessments of the students. school nurse must obtain the history of health development by examining and assessing findings for eye problems, hearing impairments, growth and health problems of students that may negatively affect their studies. school nurse classifies health findings and helps with the conducting of physical checkups in his/her school of assignment. A school nurse also works out for the implementation of a school health plan. School nurse reports and updates the health situation of concerned pupils to the school personnel and instigates recommendation to the parents of the sick. School nurse recommends a plan for intervention and remedies as well as follow ups. School nurse should make the update health information of the pupils available at all times to the parents, school agencies, school personnel and to the pupils themselves for the implementation of medications protocol. A school nurse also provides home visits to the sick pupils upon recommendation of the school officer in charge. School nurse must take part in the education of students in relation with his/her individualized health plan. As a school nurse he must implement health measures and remediation to those with chronic health conditions as well as administering of medications. In cases of injuries and acute illness or emotional problems, a school nurse should provide crises intervention. School nurse must also make plan for the control of contagious diseases by way of immunization, timely discovery and close monitoring.

    How much does a School Nurse make ?

    Average School Nurse salary

    According to Payscale, the median wage for all School Nurses is $42,130 per annum while the hourly average earning is from between $11.38 to $31.00.

    School Nurse salary in  USA

    In the United States, a School Nurse earns a yearly starting pay of $23,773. As she acquires more experience, his/her salary gradually increases.  In fact a school nurse with 5 to 9 years of experience can receive an average pay of up to $56,725 per year.

    School Nurse’s yearly salary according to number of years of experience is as follows. School Nurse with 1 to 4 years of experience collects an average annual salary from between $19,322 to $60,930. School Nurse with 5 to 8 years of work experience receives an average pay from between $29,644 to $56,725 per annum. School Nurse with 10 to 19 years of experience receives an average yearly pay of $21,315 to $63,473 while School Nurse with 20 years of work experience receives an average yearly wage from between $28,855 to $71,411

    The average hourly rate for School Nurse is also based on number of years of experience. Those with 1 to 4 years of work experience receive an average hourly salary of $11.38 to $27.32. School Nurse with 5 to 9 years of work experience get to receives an hourly rate of $15.64 to $30.51. Those with 10-19 years experience collect an hourly rate of $14.76 to $35.44 and those with 20 years or more of work experience enjoy an hourly rate of $11.00 to $31.00.

    The median annual national bonus for School nurse is $500.00. They also enjoy Salary by Benefit/Perk of Paid Sick Leave, $28,841 to $65,649, Paid Holidays / Vacation, $28,894 to $70,389, Life Insurance/Disability, $29,080 to $61,058, Company Pension Plan, $24,658 to $60,674 and Education/Training/Tuition/Certification Reimbursement, $27,991 to $61,275.

    school nurse salary in Canada, UK and USA
    school nurse salary

    School Nurse Salary in UK

    The average annual salary of a School Nurse in the United Kingdom is from between £21,173 to £28,614The median annual income for all School Nurses is £22,061.

    School Nurse Salary in Canada

    In Edmonton Canada, a school nurse receives a median annual salary of C$38,018. The 10th percentile of all School nurses collect an yearly pay of C$23,410, The 25th percentile receive an annual average of C$30,372, the 75th percentile take home an average of C$47,991 per annum and the 90th percentile enjoy an average salary of C$57,072 per year.

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    School Nurse Salary in Australia

    In Australia, School nurse receives an average annual pay from between AU$35,355 to AU$78,927. The average median yearly earning for all School Nurses in Australia is AUS$50,000. The average annual bonus is from between AU$972 to AU$59,806. The average hourly rate for school nurse working in Australia is from between AU$25.07 to AU$39.73

    How to Become a School Nurse

    An aspiring School Nurse must finish the minimum standard BSN degree after which school nurse must have at least 2 years of acute care experience. School nurse must also have passed the NCLEX-RN. School nurse may pursue a graduate degree and passed the Certified School Nurse Certification (CSN).

    Conclusion on School Nurse Salary

    According to Payscale, the average salary for a School Nurse in the US is from between $24,683 to $63,014 per year. School nurses salary is $42,130. The nationwide hourly rate for a school nurse ranges from between $11.38 to $31.00 with an average compensation of $300.00 and median bonus of $783.33.

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