Psychiatric nurse practitioner salary

  • Psychiatric nurse practitioner salary (also known as Psychiatric advanced registered nurse practitioner salary,  ARNP salary or Mental Health Nurse practitioner salary) ranges from between $69,989 to – $121,235 with a median annual average of $91,106. The top 10% of highest earners receive an average of more than $95,000 per annum while the lowest 10% of psychiatric Nurse practitioner earn an average yearly salary of $60,000. It has to be said that salary of psychiatric nurse practitioner varies from state to state and also there is different salary range between USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Keep reading for more interesting information about Psychiatric nurse practitioner salary in different countries (or about psychiatric nurse salary).

  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Job Description

    Psychiatric Nurse practitioner is also called Mental Health Nurse Practitioner in other countries. They perform most of the jobs identical with the work of a psychiatrist from making diagnosis on mental sicknesses to prescribing medications to patients afflicted with psychiatric and psychological illnesses. They are advanced practice nurses who also act as therapists assisting and helping the patients suffering from anxiety attacks, dejection, depression and suicidal tendencies. They also work to alleviate the patients’ sufferings and other mental health conditions that can be cured with psychotherapy.  They work closely with the family of the patients giving counsel on their part in throughout the healing process.

    How much does a Psychiatric nurse practitioner make ?

    Average psychiatric nurse practitioner salary

    Average salary for psychiatric nurse practitioner / mental health practitioner / ARNP is $91,106 in USA. 

    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner salary in the USA

    Payscale noted the psychiatric Nurse Practitioner hourly salary by experience.  Those with less than a year of experience receive and hourly rate from between $36.50 to $42.51. Those with 1 to 4 years experience take home an hourly pay ranging from $33.72 to $62.19. A psychiatric Nurse practitioner with 5 to 9 years experience receives $37.72 to $62.19 hourly pay while those with 10 to 19 years of experience take home an hourly pay of $41.49 to $72.41. Those with 20 or more years of experience receive $49.49 to $72.41 hourly pay.

    psychiatric nurse practitioner salary in USA, UK and Australia
    psychiatric nurse practitioner salary

    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner salary by state

    The highest paying cities for psychiatric Nurse Practitioners in the US include Boston, Massachusetts with a yearly salary cap of $62,510 – $97,000, Nashville, Tennessee from $60,000 to $80,000, Chicago, Illinois with annual salary bracket of $79,992 to $102,163, Louisville, Kentucky with $95,679, Cleveland, Ohio salary ranging from $73,893 to $95,567, San Antonio, Texas with $83,490 to $100,106 and New York, New York with an annual salary bracket for psychiatric Nurse practitioner from $87,490 to $102,185. Among the highest paying states is Ohio with annual salary cap of $73,570 to $101,681 and North Carolina with annual salary bracket of $61,825 to $131,440.

    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner salary in UK

    The average annual salary in of Psychiatric Nurse practitioner in the UK in 2012 was £34,851 a difference of 10% from the last year’s figure. The median salary per annum for a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner is £35,000. Registered Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner’s salary differs from region to region. For example, in the Northwest, the average yearly salary for NP is £33908, in Yorkshire and East, the average annual salary is £30,825, in London the salary per annum is £41,999, in the South West, it is £33,522, in the South east, the annual salary is £39,687, in Scotland, £32,752, in Northern Ireland, £34,678, in Wales, £32,367, in the Midlands, £35,834 and in the east of England, the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner’s annual salary is £31,981.

    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner salary in Canada

    From C$50,955 to C$111,847 is the average salary for Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Canada. The median average yearly salary is C$89,675.  In Ontario, the average yearly salary is C$48,322 to C$101,761 while in Alberta the average salary per annum is C$73,177 to C$100,000. The average hourly pay rate for those with 1 to 4 years work experience is C$30.25 – C$45.78. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner receives a maximum yearly bonus of C$24,468.

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    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner salary in Australia

    The average yearly salary for Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Australia ranges from AU$ 91,488 to AU$ 10, 3416. The average monthly salary of Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner working in Sydney ranges from AU$7,624 to AU$8,618.

    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner salary in South Africa

    The median salary for Registered Psychiatric Advanced Nurse Practitioner (also know as ARNP) in south african cities like Pretoria, Cape Town is R244,199.

    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner education, training and license

    The first step to become a Psychiatric Nurse practitioner is to obtain Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. The preliminary education is A Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree that includes pathophysiology and pharmacology, physiology and anatomy. A tip to accelerate the process of becoming a psychiatric Nurse Practitioner is to take up elective subjects in psychiatric medicine and psychology. The 2nd Step is to pass the National Council Licensure examination (NCLEX-RN) to obtain state licensure as a registered nurse.  The 3rd step is to gain experience.  A year or two of experience in a psychiatric nursing institution as a registered nurse is a must. Geriatrics and in-patient and out-patient mental health institutions practice are some of the specialties that an aspiring Psychiatric practitioner can participate.  The 4th step to becoming a psychiatric Nurse practitioner is to earn a Master’s Degree. This program normally takes one and a half to 3 years. During this stage, an aspiring Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner cultivates psychotherapy skills and gains knowledge on different approaches in therapy. It is necessary to enrol in a program recognized by state to ensure the accreditation of the educational prerequisites towards the certification and licensing requirements. The 5th step is to become certified as a Nurse practitioner. This can be earned by passing an examination administered by ANCC. The exam analyzes the candidate’s knowledge in dealing with patients varied ailments and protocols of treatment. After passing the exam the candidate will earn the Psychiatric Mental health Nurse Practitioner Board certified Designation (PMHNP-BC). The final step is obtaining a State Nurse Practitioners License. The aspiring psychiatric nurse practitioner should have obtained a state nursing board license aside from his/her RN license. Psychiatric nurse practitioner should graduate from an accredited master’s degree program and holds a valid certificate. Learn more about How to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Read more about How to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner.

    Conclusion about Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Salary

    BLS reports that the job outlook for psychiatric Nurse practitioner is bright. The number psychiatric Nurse practitioner is expected to expand by 36% from 2010 to 2020.  Psychiatric nurse practitioner salary is one of the highest among NPs. The percentile of mental health counsellor is expected to grow by 36 percent from 2010 to 2020, much faster than average rate for all professions. This increase is foreseen as the general population grows and as insurance companies progressively grant for re-compensation of counsellors and psychiatric nurse practitioners and therapist as a less cost effective substitute to psychologists and general psychiatrists.

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