Pediatric nurse salary

  • A newly practicing pediatric nurse in the US receives a beginning yearly salary of around $31,311 but as he/she gains experience, he/she can anticipate a yearly income of up to $81,840. The national hourly rate for Pediatric Nurse is from between $15.53 to $35.81 with an average overtime pay of $6.93 to $54.59 per hour. A pediatric nurse may receive a maximum bonus of $4,926 per year.Keep reading for information about pediatric nurse salary (also know as paediatric nurse salary) by state and by country.

  • Pediatric Nurse Job Description

    A pediatric nurse can be licensed vocational nurse or a practical nurse or a registered nurse. A pediatric nurse provides treatment and care to the babies and children from o to 17 years old in hospitals, health care institutions and homes. They perform their duties as part of a group of health providers such as physicians, health care professionals and other nurses.  They keep watch on the children’s health conditions, execute trivial surgical procedures, prepares short and long term care, dispenses medications, utilize medical apparatus and counsel the patients and immediate family members for the constant care of the patients after their stay in the hospital/health facility. Pediatric nurses also provide proper assistance to the children who are not able to speak for themselves. Part of their task is to discuss with the guardians or parents of the children about the needed medications, treatment protocol and long term care for their sick child. Pediatric nurses work for long hours and are alert at all times looking for ways to improve the medical conditions of their patients.

    How much does a Pediatric Nurse make

    Average Pediatric Nurse Salary

    According to Payscale, the average median wage of Pediatric Nurse in the United States is from between $31,311 to $81,840 per year while the hourly average earning is from between $31,311 – $81,840.

    Pediatric Nurse Salary in the USA

    In the United States, a Pediatric Nurse collects an annual starting pay of $30,252. He/she can expect an increase in his/her yearly salary as he/she gains more years of experience.  As a matter of fact a Pediatric nurse with 5 to 9 years of experience can receive an average yearly pay of $47,778 to $84,956.

    The hourly rate for a Pediatric Nurse is according to number of years of experience. A Pediatric Nurse with less than a year of experience receives an average hourly pay from between $7.32 – $29.80. A Pediatric Nurse with 1 to 4 years experience receives an average hourly rate from between $14.00 – $30.52. A Pediatric Nurse with 5 to 9 years of experience collect an hourly pay of $16.14 – $35.21, with 10 to 19 years from between $23.10 – $40.58 while a Pediatric Nurse with 20 years of experience collects an average hourly wage from between $15.71 to $40.44.

    Payscale identifies the average salary of Pediatric Nurses per annum based on number of work experience. Those with less than one year of work experience receive an average salary of $30,252 to $81,389. Pediatric Nurses with 1 to 4 years of experience earn from between $19,361 to $90,604 per year while those with 5 to 9 years of work experience collect an average of $47,778 to $84,956 per annum.  In Florida alone, a pediatric nurse receives an annual pay of $50,000 to $80,000.

    pediatric nurse salary in US, Australia and UK
    pediatric nurse salary

    Pediatric Nurse Salary in the UK

    In the United Kingdom, the average annual salary of a Pediatric Nurse is from between £21,641 to £29,163The mean average annual income of a Pediatric Nurse is £23,003. The average yearly bonus for Pediatric nurses working in a UK hospital is £500.

    Pediatric Nurse Salary in Canada

    A pediatric Nurse’s salary in Canada is basically the same with the salary of other registered nurses. They receive an annual average pay of $41,437 to $80,103. The mean average yearly salary is C$55,626.

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    Pediatric Nurse Salary in Australia

    Pediatric Nurses in Australia earn an average annual income of AU$23,736 to AU$75,221. The average median yearly earning for Pediatric Nurses in Australia is AUS$50,000. The average annual bonus is from between AU$972 to AU$3,052.  A pediatric nurse with 5 to 9 years of experience in Australia receive an annual take home pay of AU$35,375 to AU$67,490. In Perth, a Pediatric nurse can expect an annual salary of AU$24,612 to AU$60,805. The 2 highest paying states in Australia are: Western Australia where Pediatric Nurses receive an annual pay of AU$24,612 to AU$60,805 and Queensland where they can collect an average annual salary from between AU$35,375 – AU$67,490.

    How to Become a Pediatric Nurse

    To become a Pediatric Nurse, the first step is becoming a registered Nurse (RN). You also need to pass the NCLEX-RN examination. There is no formal set of program for pediatric specializations but there are specialized trainings available such as neonatal or intensive care internships. A licensed registered nurse with 1,800 or more hours of medical training is eligible to become a pediatric nurse. A pediatric can become a certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse after further trainings and residencies.

    Conclusion about Pediatric Nurse salary

    Based on Payscale record, the average salary of a Pediatric Nurse per annum in the US is from between $31,311 to $81,840. The median average annual income for Pediatric Nurses is $52,833. The national hourly rate data for a pediatric nurse ranges from between $15.53 – $35.81 with an average overtime pay of $6.93 to $54.59 and bonus based on nationalized annual data of up to $4,926.

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