Oncology nurse practitioner salary

  • Oncology nurse practitioner’s salary is around $77,000 in the United States. An oncology nurse practitioner is a medical professional with an expertise in cancer treatment with a master’s or a doctorate degree. Being highly educated, advanced, and experienced pays off in terms of their relatively high median salary when compared to registered nurses. As nurse practitioners, they may also use other titles including Nurse Practitioner Certified, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, or Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner. Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not monitor the income specifically for oncology nurses, the higher levels are considered to be fitting for these nurses. As of May 2011, registered nurses were paid between $80,390 and $96,630. Oncology nurses are bound to have earned around the $96,000 mark because of their area of specialization. The BLS also projected a 26% increase in the demand for nurse practitioners for 2010 to 2020, which is a sign for more employment opportunities for advanced nurses. Keep reading for more information about oncology nurse practitioner salary and career requirements.

  • Oncology nurse practitioner job description

    An oncology nurse practitioner provides consultation, diagnoses, treats, and does follow-up care for cancer patients. However, they need to do all these under the supervision of an oncologist. The nurse practitioners are also tasked with giving the patients the medical care they need as well as counseling the patients and their families and giving them emotional support. It is important that they are able to explain to the patients all the available treatment options and what will happen during the entire process. Since they need to attend to the emotional patients and families, knowing the latest techniques for support groups is necessary. Knowing the latest developments in the cancer treatment industry is also a must for an oncology nurse practitioner.

    How much does an oncology nurse practitioner make?

    Average oncology nurse practitioner salary

    The oncology nurse practitioner’s salary may start at around $73,000 and go up to as much as $84,000. This is higher than the average salary of an oncology nurse.

    Oncology nurse practitioner salary in the USA

    An oncology nurse practitioner with a BSN degree plus experience can earn around $63,187 to $76,541. But an MSN degree can change things around with the salary increasing, making it between $70,730 and $83,340. An AANP degree can significantly change things as well, turning the oncology nurse practitioner’s salary into about $72,150 to $89,839. Compare these number with oncology nurse salary.

    The more experience an oncology nurse practitioner has, the better the salary is, as with most jobs’ cases. Nurse practitioner with one to four years of experience earns an average of $75,800, while it’s $83,520 for those with five to nine years in this line of work. The average oncology nurse practitioner’s salary for professionals with 10 to 19 years of experience is around $97,600, which increases to $100,000 for those with more than 20 years in the business.

    The healthcare setting and area of specialty also affect the oncology nurse practitioner’s salary. One who is assigned in acute care brings home around $92,000. This increases to around $95,000 for someone who is assigned in surgery.

    Oncology nurse practitioner salary by state / city in the USA

    Using the salary data for nurse practitioners in the US from the BLS as of May 2012, the highest paying state is Alaska with $112,090. Hawaii ranked second with its annual pay of $104,690. It’s a close competition from here on with Oregon’s average salary being $103,280; Massachusetts, $102,340; and New Jersey, $101,030. However, the oncology nurse practitioner’s salary may be a bit higher than these salaries because of the job’s specialty in oncology.

    Pediatric oncology nurse practitioner salary

    The average pediatric oncology nurse practitioner’s salary is around $92,650. The starting pay is around $76,300. The longer they remain in this field, the higher their annual pay goes. At some time, it may reach around $109,000 per year.

    On an hourly basis, the typical pay ranges from $33 to $50. The starting wage is around $24 to $41. The top earners often make between $39 and $58 per hour.

    Oncology nurse practitioner salary in Canada

    All nurse practitioners in Canada earn between C$49,998 and C$113,593. The basic annual pay starts from C$48,487 to C$105,422. Bonuses may be as high as C$4,913 from generous employers. The oncology nurse practitioner salary is expected to be higher because of their area of specialty.

    Oncology nurse practitioner salary in Australia

    Nurse practitioner in Australia gets around AU$58,882 to AU$115,063, according to PayScale. NPs who specialize in oncology usually earn in the higher spectrum of this salary range.

    Based on Indeed’s salary report, the average salary for nurse practitioners, including the oncology nurse practitioner’s salary, is around $96,000.

    Oncology nurse practitioner salary in the UK

    According to the NHS Careers site, registered nurses in general earn a minimum starting salary of £21,388. But an advanced nurse salary in Band 7, including that of an oncology nurse practitioner salary, is between £30,764 and £40,558.

    PayScale’s reports cited that nurse practitioner in the UK earns between £14,876 and £40,589 with the bonus reaching up to £295.90. The total annual pay ranges between £14,082 and £45,657.

    Oncology nurse practitioner salary in South Africa

    The salary for an advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP), covering that of the oncology nurse practitioner’s salary, in South Africa ranges between R131,115 and R352,347. This is based on PayScale reports, which also showed that the median pay is R239,391. These advanced nurses are actually paid a basic salary of R129,190 to R357,450. Bonuses range from zero to R20,721.

    More experienced advanced nurses with 10 to 19 years make between R200,378 and R257,393 per year. Those who are based in Johannesburg earn from R210,995 to R415,000 per year.

    Oncology nurse practitioner salary in India

    Registered nurses in India make a median salary of Rs139,067. Their basic salary ranges between Rs62,644 and Rs408,514. Some may not receive any bonus, while others may get as much as Rs49,225. Profit sharing ranges from zero to Rs21,000. That’s why PayScale showed their total pay to range between Rs69,319 and Rs435,276.

    However, the oncology nurse practitioner’s salary is likely higher than that of a registered nurse’s because of their area of specialty. Oncology NP’s are also considered advanced nurses because of their master’s or doctorate degree.

    Oncology nurse practitioner salary in New Zealand

    The registered nurses in New Zealand with one to five years of experience earn between NZ$47,000 and NZ$64,000. It increases to a salary of between NZ$67,000 and NZ$110,000 for senior nurses. Given the specialty of oncology nurse practitioners, they earn more than these registered nurses.

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    How to become an oncology nurse practitioner

    To become an oncology nurse practitioner, one has to have a bachelor’s degree, although it may not necessarily be in nursing. Even those with a bachelor’s degree in a different area and an associate’s degree in nursing may be required to take prerequisite classes before being admitted to the master’s program. An active registered nursing license is also a must. Some of the classes in the program may include clinical pharmacology, genomics of cancer, health issues and policy, cancer care and symptom management, and epidemiology and pathophysiology, among others.

    For those who want to get a post-master’s certificate, applicants should have a master’s degree and be ready to provide patient care. Aside from an active RN license, applicants should have finished a human physiology class within the last five years, have basic computer skills, and at least a year of nursing work experience, for some schools.

    The American Nurses Credentialing Center provides an advanced nurse practitioner certification. The Oncology Nursing Society offers another, an advanced oncology certified nurse practitioner designation. Another source of certification would be the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation.

    Conclusion about oncology nurse practitioner salary

    Nurse practitioner, according to the BLS, earns an average of $91,450. However, this may be relatively lower than the oncology nurse practitioner salary mainly because of the higher education and more responsibilities that a specialist nurse practitioner has.

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