Nurse practitioner salary

  • Nurse practitioner’s salary  (shortly known as NP salary) is the United States is ranging from $81,310 to $103,310 per year. A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse who has already attained a master’s or a doctoral. The scope of the responsibilities of a nurse practitioner is wider than that of a registered nurse. Nurse practitioner can prescribe medication, order and interpret the patient’s diagnostic tests, diagnose, and even treat diseases. They can even practice without being supervised by a doctor. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projected a 26% growth for registered nurses in general. However, there is an expected increase in the demand for nurse practitioners probably due to the shortage of doctors in rural areas. According to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, the average nurse practitioner’s salary in the US in 2011 is was $91,310, while their total income is about $98,760. Keep reading for more interesting facts about nurse practitioner salary and also NP’s educational requirements.

  • Nurse practitioner job description

    A nurse practitioner (shortly known as NP) attends to the various needs of the patient, such as their diagnosis, treatment, and consultation. An NP may be assigned in an outpatient or inpatient environment, but can perform their duties independently as a member of a treatment team. Nurse practitioner is also tasked to educate patients regarding preventative care and the necessary treatment. In some cases, they may perform physicals, order diagnostic tests, interpret them, and provide primary healthcare to the patients. There are also situations wherein a nurse practitioner’s salary also pays for their responsibility of prescribing medications.

    How much does a Nurse practitioner make ?

    Average nurse practitioner salary

    The average wage for a nurse practitioner is around $43.97, according to the BLS. The organization also cited the average nurse practitioner’s salary to be about $91,450.

    Average nurse practitioner salary in the United states
    average nurse practitioner salary

    Nurse practitioner salary in the USA

    The nurse practitioner salary in the US ranges between $67,416 and $110,485. According to PayScale, the salary of nurse practitioner with less than a year’s experience is from $57,252 to $97,978, while one with a year to four years of experience is paid a salary ranging between $61,809 and $97,609. An expert nurse practitioner with over 20 years experience gets a salary of around $78,380 to $116,455.

    Based on the industry a nurse practitioner is working for, the salary varies. The salary of a nurse practitioner working in the health care industry is between $65,256 and $104,305, while those in hospitals get paid between $52,084 and $107,105. Nurse practitioners working in acute care hospitals earn a bit more with their salary ranging between $72,894 and $108,132.

    Based on the type of employer, the nurse practitioner’s salary in a hospital ranges between $63,199 and $108,333. Those working in state and local government earn between $55,000 and $111,711 annually. Nurse practitioners employed by federal government make between $67,686 and $130,893 per year.

    Nurse practitioner salary by state in the USA

    The BLS has cited Alaska as the highest paying state in the US for nurse practitioners. The nurse practitioner’s salary on the average is around $112,090. This yearly pay is followed in ranking by Hawaii, at around $104,690; Oregon, at about $103,280; Massachusetts, at $102,340; and New Jersey, at $101,030.

    The metropolitan areas with the highest nurse practitioner salary include San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA, with a nurse practitioner salary of around $125,450; Texas, with $124,680; Stockton, CA with $121,200; Deltona-Daytona Beach-Ormond Beach, FL with $120,800; and Anchorage, AK with $116,780.

    nurse practitioner salary by city and state of USA
    nurse practitioner salary by state

    Pediatric nurse practitioner salary

    In the US, the pediatric nurse practitioner salary ranges between $64,534 and $105,395. The median salary for this profession, according to PayScale figures, is $81,342. Without the bonus of up to $5,749 and profit sharing of around $5.14 to $19,727, the salary for nurse practitioner is usually from $61,366 to $96,687. Read more about pediatric nurse practitioner salary.

    Family nurse practitioner salary

    The family nurse practitioner salary in the US, based on PayScale, ranges from $67,114 to $107,348. Those who are just starting receive a yearly pay within the range of $60,958 and $88,709, while those with more than 20 years of experience in the field earn around $72,188 to $111,548. Read article devoted to family nurse practitioner salary.

    Neonatal nurse practitioner salary

    Based on a 2010 ADVANCE survey, the neonatal nurse practitioner’s salary is higher than that of a neonatal registered nurse. In fact, this profession gets paid an average of $93,925 per year. However, this was even lower than the pay per annum for practice nurses in 2009, which was $95,280. Check more information about neonatal nurse practitioner salary.

    Acute care nurse practitioner salary

    PayScale reported the acute care nurse practitioner salary in the US to range between $72,154 and $114,228, while the median salary is $88,613. Their total pay is already inclusive of the basic nurse practitioner’s salary being $70,333 and $104,565 and a bonus of as much as $7,726 from some generous employers.Keep reading about ARNP salary

    Psychiatric nurse practitioner salary

    In the US, the psychiatric nurse practitioner salary is from $69,724 to $123,043. PayScale reported a median salary of $91,418. However, the basic pay per annum for this type of nurse practitioners is about $67,333 to $125,526. The total pay only increases with the addition of a bonus of up to $5,023 and profit sharing of up to $9,863. Read more about psychiatric nurse practitioner salary.

    nurse practitioner salary in USA,Canada, Australia and UK
    nurse practitioner salary

    Nurse practitioner salary in Canada

    In Canada, the nurse practitioner salary ranges from C$47,010 to C$111,408. This is composed of a basic salary of C$42,500 to C$103,153 and a bonus of up to C$24,658 for some fortunate nurse practitioners. The annual salary for nurse practitioner with one to four years’ of experience ranges between C$45,769 and C$88,563, while the pay per annum for a nurse practitioner with five to nine years of experience is from C$68,986 to C$93,483.

    Nurse practitioner salary in Australia

    The salary of nurse practitioner in Australia, on the average, ranges between AU$58,018 and AU$111,103. PayScale has reported their basic yearly pay to be AU$71,469 to AU$100,803 with a bonus of AU$1,277 to AU$11,000. Nurse practitioners who work in the health care industry earn around AU$61,500 to AU$104,762 per year.

    According to Victorian Government Health Information, a full time nurse practitioner makes more than AU$90,000, inclusive of leave loading and a qualification allowance. However, this nurse practitioner’s salary does not include penalties, shift allowances, and other incentives.

    Nurse practitioner salary in the UK

    In the UK, nurse practitioner salary range is between £13,268 and £45,983. Their median salary is £32,523. However, the basic nurse practitioner salary is only from £13,281 to £40,651 without the bonus that may reach up to £302.01. Those who are working in London make around £12,597 to £81,429 annually, with a median salary of £24,489.

    Based on experience, an entry-level nurse practitioner earns a salary that ranges between £12,557 and £41,015. Nurse practitioners who have more experience make £17,398 to £42,929 per year.

    Nurse practitioner salary in South Africa

    A nurse practitioner or an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) makes an average salary ranging between R132,000 and R311,592 in South Africa, with a median salary of R232,745. However, the basic nurse practitioner’s salary is in the range of R111,285 to R314,213 while the bonus may be as high as R20,623. Nurse practitioners who have been in the practice for 10 to 19 years usually get paid around R156,000 to R276,500 per year. Those who are assigned in the Intensive Care Unit get around R156,000 to R240,000 annually.

    Nurse practitioner in New Zealand

    Since nurse practitioners are registered nurses but with advanced degrees, their salary might be comparable. In New Zealand, new graduate but registered nurses get paid around NZ$47,000 per year. Those who have been working in the field for three to five years can make about NZ$64,000 a year. Senior nurses who are handling more responsibilities receive a nurse practitioner salary ranging between NZ$67,000 and NZ$110,000.

    Nurse practitioner salary in India

    Due to the advanced degrees obtained by a nurse practitioner compared to that of a registered nurse, the compensation for the former may be a bit higher than that of the latter. Using the salary of registered nurses as basis for comparison, the nurse practitioner salary may be slightly higher than the usual salary range for RNs, which is Rs70,086 to Rs461,386. Their median salary is around Rs140,353. The basic salary of registered nurses ranges between Rs77,957 and Rs465,066, while the bonus is up to Rs48,177 and the profit shares is up to Rs21,365.

    How to become a Nurse practitioner

    To become a nurse practitioner, one needs to have a master’s, post-master’s, or a doctoral degree in nursing. These programs usually include pharmacology, clinical work and courses related to health assessment and promotion, diagnosis, and even disease prevention. Students may select a specialty area to get a certification in that area. Some areas of specialty are acute care, pediatrics, adult care, women’s health, geriatrics, critical care, and more. Before being admitted to graduate nursing programs, one needs to have a bachelor’s degree in nursing, RN license, and minimum score on the Miller Analogies Test or Graduate Record Examination. Clinical experience is also necessary. Nurse practitioners are licensed by the Board of Nursing in the state where they want to practice. Specialty certifications are provided by certifying boards such as the American Nurses Credentialing Center or the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

    Conclusion about nurse practitioner salary

    A nurse practitioner’s salary, on the average, is around $92,708. However, this would increase to about $97,552 including incentives. The highest paying specialties are emergency room, neonatal units, retail clinics, gerontology, and mental health units.As you can see there are many factors that has influence on nurse practitioner salary, but it makes nurse practitioner also one of the best paying jobs in nursing.

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