Nurse anesthetist salary

  • Nurse Anesthetist’s average salary per year in the US is $154,390. The mean hourly wage for Nurse Anesthetist is $74.22. Nurse anesthetists employed in office of physicians receive annual mean wage of $149,660. Nurse Anesthetists practicing in Offices of Dentists collect an annual mean wage of $189,330. Those who are employed in General Medical and Surgical Hospitals receive a yearly mean wage of $163,220 while those employed in Outpatient Care Centres collect an annual median salary of $163,290. Read more about nurse anesthetist salary in USA, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom.

  • Nurse Anesthetist Job Description

    A nurse anesthetist arranges the recommended prescriptions to the patients and dispenses spinal, intravenous, local and other sedatives as stipulated by the assigned physicians. Nurse anesthetist oversees the various types of anesthetics as recommended by the anesthesiologist to stimulate partial or total loss of consciousness or sensation of the patients throughout the surgical procedures, delivery or other medical procedures that are in need of sedation. Among his/her duties are fitting masks to the face of the patients, arranging the needed equipments such as oxygen and controlling its gas/oxygen output according to the necessary level. Nurse anesthetist maintains a record of the patient’s skin colour, eye pupils and closely watches the vital signs of the patients as display in the equipments. In cases of emergency situations such as surgical shock, nurse anesthetist instigates remedial measures and immediately notifies the assigned physician of the patient’s condition throughout the anesthetic stage.

    How much does a Nurse Anesthetist make?

    Average Nurse Anesthetist Salary

    According to BLS, Anesthetic Nurse’s median salary in the United States is around $154,390 per annum while the hourly average earning is $74.22.

    Nurse Anesthetist salary in the USA

    Based on BLS data, the median yearly salary for the 75% of nurse anesthetists in the US in 2012 is around $176,060 per annum. 50% of them received around $ $148,160, 25% received $128,620 and the 10% of Nurse Anesthetists received $105,810 per annum.

    nurse anesthetist salary in Canada, UK and USA
    nurse anesthetist salary

    Nurse Anesthetist salary by state

    Among the best paying States for nurse anesthetists in the United States based on average mean salary per annum include: Pennsylvania, $172,810, Texas, $166,380, Wyoming, $215,720, Nevada, $208,700, District of Columbia, $185,800, Connecticut, $181,650 and Oregon, $176,470.

    Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Salary

    In the United States, a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist receives an annual starting pay from between $65,867 to $149,463 with a median average salary per year of $138,321. The yearly salary for new nurse anesthetics increases as nurse anesthetist gains experience.  A Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetic with 4 to 9 years of experience expects to receive an average yearly pay from between $96,437 to $182,581.

    The hourly rate for Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist varies based on number of years of experience. Certified registered nurse anesthetist with less than a year of experience receive an average hourly pay $60, those with 1 to 4 years experience, $67.38, 5 to 9 years,$78.89, 10 to 19 years, 78,85 while those with 20 years of experience receives an hourly pay of $79.66.

    Based on number of years of experience, Payscale noted that Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist with less than a year of experience receive an annual salary of $65,867 to $149,463, those with 1 to 4 years of experience collect $67,735 to $156,109 per annum, those with 5 to 9 years of experience receive $96,437 to $182,581 per year, those with 10 to 19 years of experience take home from between $92,738 to $187,006 and those with 20 years or more of experience enjoy an average salary of $117,446 to $208,282 per annum.

    Nurse Anesthetist salary in the UK

    The average salary of a Nurse Anesthetic in the United Kingdom is from between £60,988 – £101,961per year.  The median average yearly income of a nurse anesthetic in the UK is £87,440. The average yearly bonus for Anesthetic nurses in the United Kingdom is £5,530 per annum.

    Nurse Anesthetist salary in Canada

    A Nurse anesthetic’s salary in Canada is around C$160,000.

    Read about more  different nursing salaries and professions.

    Nurse Anesthetist salary in Australia

    The median average earning for nurse anesthetist in Australia is AUS$165,090 per annum while the average yearly bonus is AU$9,094.

    How to Become an Anesthetist Nurse

    To become an anesthetist Nurse, you need to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.  This is the groundwork to begin your career as an anesthetist nurse. You need to pass the Nursing Licensure examination administered by your state and become a registered nurse as the pre-requisite to becoming an anesthetist Nurse. Eventually you can become an anesthetist nurse by passing additional licensing exams. This is in combination with related work experience. You can also become an Anesthetist nurse through online studies. It is possible to finish your bachelor’s degree in nursing through online study. The advantage of online studies is that you can work on a part-time basis and earn while completing it. You can have enough time to get ready for your licensing examinations.  You can also study supplementary courses online, watch videos related to your course and prepare yourself to becoming an anesthetist nurse. You can browse the net for several accredited institutions that offer courses in nursing and anesthetic trainings and examinations. An Anesthetist Nurse can become a Certified Anesthetist Nurse by acquiring other licensing examinations only after gaining 1 to 3 years of nursing experience.

    Conclusion on Nurse Anesthetist Salary

    BLS noted that the average national salary of a Nurse anesthetist in the US is from between $105,810 to $176,060. The median average yearly income (nurse anesthetist salary) for Nurse Aaesthetists is $148,160. The 10th percentile of Nurse anesthetists receive an hourly pay of $50.87, the 25th percentile collect an hourly average pay of $61.84, the 50th percentile, $71.23 while the 75th percentile of Nurse anesthetists receive an hourly pay of $84.64.

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