Nurse aide salary

  • Nurse aide’s salary is ranging between $17,183 and $34,107 in USA. A new nurse aide can receive a yearly minimum pay of around $17,000 and minimum hourly pay of $8.01. As a nurse aide gains experience the yearly and hourly rate increases. A Nurse Aide can receive around $35,000 yearly salary and $15.00 pay per hour. Keep reading for more information about nurse aide salary.

  • What does a nurse aide do

    A nursing aide provides supportive attention to the ill, immobilized and patients with infirmities in health facilities. A nursing aide is also referred to as a direct care worker. Nursing aide’s services and job descriptions depend on their specific area of specializations.  Nursing aide’s jobs comprise of dressing up patients, assisting them to perform life’s ordinary simple routines for the healthy but hard for the sick people to carry out such as eating, taking a bath and cleaning up.  They also typically deliver notes, run errands, answer calls, changing bed and bed covers and cleaning the rooms. They also assist the registered nurses in taking patient’s body temperature and all vital signs. Nurse aide assists in dispensing prescribed medications and offers needed assistance to the medical/nursing staff. They move and prepare medical equipments and supplies and see to it that the equipments are functioning properly and are fit for use. They assist in patient’s observation and report their observations to the nurses or medical staff. Their job gets them in close contact with the patients and their families and so they are able to converse with them and offer them necessary help whenever possible.

    How much does a nurse aide make ?

    Average nurse aide salary

    The median average salary for Nurse Aide working in the USA is $21,664 per year while the hourly rate for Nurse Aide is starting from  $ $7.49 to $ $15.00.

    Nurse aide salary in USA

    The 10th percentile of all nurse aides in the US receives a average salary of around  $17,000, the median percentile takes home around $21,000 per year, the 75th percentile collects around $28,000 while the 90th percentile enjoy a  average pay of around $34,000.

    The hourly pay for Nurse Aide depends on the number of years of experience. Nurse Aide with less than a year of experience get to collect an average hourly pay from  $7.49 – $17.75, those with 1 to 4 years of experience receives an hourly pay of $7.89 – $12.21. A Nurse Aide with 5 to 9 years of experience collects an hourly wage  between $7.74 – $16.54 while a Nurse Aide with 10 to 19 years receive  between $8.80 – $17.11 per hour and a nurse aide with 20 or more years of work experience enjoy an hourly take home pay of $9.00 – $15.00 The average overtime pay of Nurse Aide is  between $7.80 – $20.07. Nurse Aide also receives an average yearly bonus of up to $506.00.

    nurse aide salary in US,UK and CAN
    nurse aide salary

    Nurse aide salary in UK

    In the United Kingdom, nurse aide’s salary is ranging from £10,854 to £26,356. The 25th percentile collects around £14,000, the median wage is around £14,000, the 75th percentile collects around £19,000 and the 75th percentile takes home around £26,000 per annum.

    Nurse aide salary in Canada

    Nurse Aide working in Canada takes home an average salary from  C$20,359 to C$46,046 per annum. The median salary is C$35,935.

    Nurse aide salary in Australia

    In Australia, Nurse Aide’s average yearly salary is from  AU$34,712 – AU$50,085 while the median average is around A$42,000.

    Certified nurse aide salary

    A Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) receives slightly higher salary than regular nurse Aide.  In the US, Certified Nurse Aide receives an annual salary from  $18,193 – $31,199 while the median salary is around $23,000 per annum. The 10th percentile of CNAs collects around $18,000. The 50th percentile takes home around £23,000, the 75th percentile collects around £27,000 and the 90th percentile takes home around £31,000 per annum. Certified nurse aide salary is above average compared to regular nurse aide salary. Check out more different nursing salaries information and facts.

    How to become a nurse aide

    To become a nurse aide, a high school or an equivalent diploma is needed.  There are nursing aide courses offered in High School, nursing facilities, vocational schools and some community colleges. An aspiring nurse aide takes the following subjects: infection control, nutrition, body mechanics, anatomy and physiology, communication skills and resident rights. To land a job in a hospital or any health facilities, a nurse aide must have gained some experience aside from his/her formal education. There are states that require completion of appropriate formal studies for specialty aides although majority of nurse aides become skilled at their jobs while working under the guidance of a nursing or medical staff. A completed 75 hours of training is required by the federal government for a nurse aide to be certified. Passing the certification examinations as per your state requirement is also required to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).

    Conclusion about nurse aide salary

    Payscale noted that the Nurse Aide’s average salary in the United States is  between $17,183 – $34,107  (nurse aide salary report not by BLS) with median salary of  $22,000.  In the UK, Nurse Aide collects a yearly pay  between £10,854 and £26,356 with average salary of around £14,000 per annum. In Canada, they collect a salary  between C$20,359 and C$46,046 with  average salary is around C$36,000 per annum and in Australia, Nurse Aides receive an average salary  between AU$34,712 and AU$50,085 with median of around AU$42.000 per annum. Nurse aide salary is higher year by year.

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