Licensed practical nurse (LPN) Salary

  • LPN’s salary (licensed practical nurse salary) range is from $36,000 to $44,380 in the United States. A licensed practical nurse (LPN)works closely with a physician or a registered nurse, and is one of the most valuable and sought-after workers in the medical and health industry. It is also an introductory step to becoming a registered nurse or an RN. An LPN primarily provides basic patient care such as taking the medical history of the patient, taking his vital signs, dispensing medicine, and entering the patient’s information into the database system. Many of them work in nursing homes. Data for 2010 from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the average  LPN salary for 2010 was $40,380.

  • Licensed practical nurse (LPN) job description

    LPN work as assistants of physicians and registered nurses in providing patient care. Many of them work in nursing homes and nursing care facilities, while a good number of LPN also works in a physician’s office. Their work can range fom basic to specialized health care. Their basic duties include taking and recording the medical history of the patient, taking his vital signs, cleaning wounds and injured areas, and handing out prescribed medicine.

    Those working in nursing homes for the elderly have even more specific duties such as preparing their meals, assisting them in their daily activities and everyday needs like bathing, checking their reaction to medicines administered, and providing emotional support. LPN working in physician offices, on the other hand, have easier, less demanding work compared to the former. Their duties may range from scheduling appointments, keeping the records of the patients, and billing the patients.

    How much does a LPN make a year ?

    Average LPN salary

    The US BLS 2012 data show that the average LPN’s salary was at $42,400, while the hourly pay was at $20.39. The top 10 percent received more than $57,360 while the bottom 10 percent earned not more than $30,970.

    LPN salary in the USA

    PayScale figures also show that for 2013, the hourly rate for LPN is from $13.67 to $23.28. Add in tips, overtime, bonuses, commissions and profits that can total to more than $5,000 in a year, the LNP’s salary can be as low as $29,527 to as high as $50,699. The median annual pay was pegged at $37,532, slightly lower than the 2010 US BLS data.

    As with most professions, years in the industry is a primary factor for differences in salary. LPN with more than 20 years can earn as high as $58,733, followed by those with 10 to 19 years who can receive as high as $4,812. Those with around one to four years in the industry can receive an LPN’s salary of $23,983 – $49, 128.

    LPN salary around the world
    LPN salary

    LPN salary by state

    One of the states with the highest paying annual LPN salaries is New York where LPNs can earn around $28,805 to $56,198. Other states with competitive salaries are Florida, North Carolina and Virginia where the maximum LPN’s salary in a year can range between $50,000 to $53,000.

    In terms of hourly rate,  the maximum hourly rate of an LPN in New York is $24.51. The next highest maximum hourly rate is found in Pennsylvania at $23.92. Other states with comparatively high hourly rates are Florida and Virginia where the maximum hourly rate is around $22.

    LPN salary in Canada

    The LPN’s salary in Canada, according to PayScale, is from C$37,293 to C$64,568. The basic hourly pay ranges between C19.26 and C$30.38. The median LPN salary is C$49,911. Those with more years of experience can receive higher pay. The minimum LPN’s salary of someone with more than 20 years of experience is pegged at C$45,000 and can increase to as high as C$50,000. Those with 10 years or more start at C$30,410 and can increase to as high as C$51,419. Less experienced LPNs receive an annual salary ranging from C$35,000 to C$42,000.

    The highest LPN salary rates is in Ontario with LPNs receiving as high as C$67,544 in a year. Other high paying states are Nova Scotia and Alberta with the maximum yearly rates pegged at C$52,460 and C$51,064, respectively. British Columbia pays a maximum of C$49,478.

    LPN salary in Australia

    PayScale reports show that for 2013, the hourly rate of LPNs in Australia ranges between AUS$9.27 to AUS$30.61. With bonuses and overtime amouting to around AUS$2,067 in a year, the total annual LPN salary in the country is from AUS$26,650 to as high as AUS$65,460. The median LPN’s salary is AUS$49,721.

    There is relatively small difference in the hourly rates received by LPNs based on their work experience. The highest hourly rate paid to one with 20 years of experience is AUS$28, while an LPN with less than five years in the industry can be paid as high as AUS$29 per hour. The minimum hourly rate is, of course, higher for a more experienced LPN who can receive around AUS19 in a hour, compared to the AUS$15 minimum hourly pay for a less experienced LPN.

    LPN salary in the UK

    In the United Kingdom, the average LPN salary is £38,000 in a year. It was higher in 2008 when the average annual LPN salary was £42,000. The median salary of LPN is £36,000. Data also suggests that the average hourly LPN pay is pegged at £19. Those who are more experienced receive around £44.000 in a year. A younger and less experienced LPN receive salary of around £28,000.

    Furthermore, London pays one of the highest LPN’s salary at £41,420. Other cities and provinces in the UK with high LPN salary are the South East at £39,140, the Midlands at £35,340, and Northern Ireland at £34,200.

    Licensed practical nurse salary in South Africa

    A licensed practical nurse in South Africa can receive an annual pay starting from R19,200 to as high as R253,659 in a year. According to PayScale data, the median LPN’s salary in South Africa for 2013 is R37,439. The LPN salary may also vary depending on the work experience and health care facility where the nurse is employed.

    How to become a LPN

    Despite being an introductory step towards becoming a registered nurse, a LPN should still undergo formal training in nursing and secure a license to practice. Anyone interested should enroll in a LPN training program, which usually lasts for a year. The training covers the basics of nursing, biology, pharmacology and patient care. It also requires hands-on experience so most LPN under training undergo clinical rotations and internships at hospitals and clinics. A certification is issued upon completion of the training.

    Applicants can now take the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCLEX-PN) exam in order to obtain their license. The license is usually good for a certain period of years and must then be renewed.

    Another path open to LPN is to become a registered nurse. They can take bridge programs that grant them an associate or a bachelor’s degree in nursing. In some bridge programs, the work experience of the LPN is substituted for a number of class credits.  One would need to obtain again a certification and license as a registered nurse. Other LPNs with more experience occupy supervisor positions like department or section heads especially in long-term care facilities like nursing homes for the elderly.

    Conclusion about LPN salary

    LPN salary is lower than that of a registered nurse, but it is comparatively high in a medical and healthcare industry. For 2013, the LPN’s salary in the US can start from $29,000 and can reach as high as S50,000. The hourly pay of LPN is from $13 to $23.

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