Legal nurse consultant salary

Legal Nurse Consultant’s salary from between $53,355 – $211,352 per annum. A new Legal Nurse Consultant’s salary increases overtime as legal nurse consultant gains more experience.   A Legal Nurse Consultant with less than 1 year of experience collects an average yearly pay from between $50,048 to $81,094 while a Legal Nurse Consultant practicing for 1 to 5 years of experience receives an average salary from between $48,874 – $117,446 per annum. Average Legal Nurse Consultant salary is $77.772. Keep reading for more information.

Legal Nurse Consultant Job Description

A Legal nurse consultant interprets medical records of the attorney-clients. Legal nurse consultant writes brief to comprehensive reports and reviews a case for merit and gets hold of authoritative witnesses.  Legal nurse consultant educates the attorney-client and defines applicable standards of care.  Legal nurse consultant conducts literature research related to the case legal nurse consultant holds and interprets medical records, medical diagnosis and terms and procedures of treatments. Prepares for deposition and preparations for a trial and examines reviews and makes deposition summaries. A legal nurse consultant must be devoted and determined and is ready to spend innumerable hours of research for medical records related with medical malpractice. A legal nurse consultant organizes the preparation of experts and witnesses, synchronizes and presents him/herself during independent medical exams and should be present during trial, reviews, depositions mediations and arbitrations.

How much does a Legal Nurse Consultant make ?

Average Legal Nurse Consultant salary

In the United States, the average wage of Legal Nurse Consultant is from between $53,355 – $211,352 per annum. The median wage for all Legal Nurse Consultants is $77,772.

Legal Nurse Consultant salary in the USA

A new Legal Nurse Consultant in the United States receives a starting pay of $50,048 per year. This increases overtime as the legal nurse consultant acquires more year of experience.  A legal nurse consultant with 1 to 4 years of work experience collects yearly average salary from between $50,048 – $81,094. A Legal Nurse Consultant with 5 to 9 years of experience receives a yearly average from between $48,874 to $117,446 while a Legal Nurse Consultant with 10 to 19 years of work experience receives a yearly average salary from between $54,286 to $97,444. A Legal Nurse Consultant who possesses 20 years or more of experience receives an average salary from between $51,064 – $132,126 per annum.

Legal Nurse Consultant’s hourly rate depends on the number of experience as well. Those with less than a year of experience receive an hourly pay from between $40.00 to $105.00. Those with 1 to 4 years of experience collect an average hourly rate from between $20.27 to $147.95, those with 5 to 9 years of experience take home an average hourly pay ranging from between $31.42 to $151.52 and those with 20 or more years of experience enjoy an hourly pay rate from between $14.55 to $195.74.

legal nurse consultant salary in US and Canada

legal nurse consultant salary

Legal Nurse Consultant salary by state

The hourly rate also differs from state to state. A Legal Nurse Consultant in Georgia receives an average salary of $55,866 to $70,709 per annum, a Legal Nurse Consultant in Texas collects an average yearly salary from between $75,000 to $98,264 and a Legal Nurse Consultant in New York receives an average salary from between $69,181 to $87,175 per year.

Legal Nurse Consultant salary in the UK

In the United Kingdom, the average annual salary of a Legal Nurse Consultant is £43,133. The yearly wage for Legal Nurse Consultants varies from region to region. In the South East, the yearly wage is £44,427, in Scotland, £36,664, in Wales, £36,232, in the Midlands, 40,114, In the Yorkshire and North East, £34,507, in the east of England, £35,801 and in Northern Ireland, £38,820. The average yearly salary in the Northwest is £37958, in London, £47015 and in the South West, £37,526.

Legal Nurse Consultant salary in Canada

In Canada, A Legal Nurse Consultant collects a median salary of C$72,900 per annum. In Ontario, a Legal Nurse Consultant enjoys 3 weeks of leave with pay.

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Legal Nurse Consultant salary in Australia

The Legal Nurse Consultant’s average yearly salary in Australia ranges from between AU$40,500 to AU$90,000. The median salary for all Legal Nurse Consultants is $74,000.

How to become a legal nurse consultant

An aspiring legal nurse consultant should earn a nursing degree from an accredited nursing school and must have an RN license. After several years of gaining experience as a registered nurse, they may go back to the nursing school to acquire an advanced degree. Generally, an aspiring legal nurse consultant must acquire a certification from American Legal Nurse Consultant Certification Board (LNCCB) after passing the LNCC exam.  The criteria for being eligible of taking LNCC exam include holding a current RN license, 5 years of work experience as a registered Nurse and legal nurse consulting work experience of 2,000 hours for 3 years. The LNCC certification is renewable after 5 years.

Conclusion on Legal Nurse Consultant Salary

According to Payscale, the Legal Nurse Consultant’s average salary in the United States is from between $53,355 – $211,352 in 2013. The median average annual income for Legal Nurse Consultant is $77,772. The national hourly rate data for Legal Nurse Consultant ranges from between $20.27 to $195.74 with average yearly bonus of $50.00 to $1,350.00. Among their benefits and perk include  Paid Holidays / Vacation, $1,750, Free Drinks/Coke/Juice/Water, $1,750, Paid Sick Leave, $4,000, Flex-Time / Flexible Schedule, $1,750, Life Insurance/Disability, $2,500and Optional Telecommute / Work from Home, $1,000.

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  1. connie sawyer says:

    I’ve been a trauma er registered nurse for 13 years. As I get older I was either considering going into teaching or obtaining my clnc. I am leaning towards my clnc as I think the challenge would be interesting and best suit my interests. Any info you could pass on to be would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.

  2. karen wyszatyckyj says:

    I’m looking for a career change of sorts – and am very interested in combining my nursing experience ( i am a qualified and practising RN) within the field of Law. I think Legal nursing would be an intersting challenge for me – but presently am finding it difficult to locate in the UK, an accredited course for Legal Nurse Consultancy. Looking on-line, many courses to qualify seem to be based in the states. Either I am looking in the wrong places, or the only alternative would be to start of with a certificate or diploma in Law & Practice??….
    If you are able to offer me any advice as to where I can go from here – i would be very grateful
    …yours thankfully….Karen W

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