Family Nurse Practitioner salary

  • Family Nurse practitioner’s salary (FNP salary) ranges between $53,355 to $211,352 per annum. A new Family Nurse practitioner’s salary increases overtime as  FNP gains more experience.  A family nurse practitioner with less than 1 year of experience collects an average yearly pay from between $50,048 to $81,094 while a family nurse practitioner practicing for 1 to 5 years of experience receives an average salary from between $48,874 – $117,446 per annum. The median yearly rate for family nurse practitioner is $77.772. Keep reading for more information about family nurse practitioner salary.

  • What Does a Family Nurse Practitioner Do

    Among the many jobs of a family nurse practitioner is to efficiently effectively ascertain, assess, and address prevention of sicknesses and promote good health practice to the populace at the same time managing superior patient care. Family nurse practitioner exerts effort in a self reliant and mutual relationship with the medical staff members to facilitate discussion, partnership and referrals. Family nurse practitioner is in-charge for the diagnosis and medication of serious and long standing issues in health care. A family nurse practitioner provides instruction to patients and families concerning prevention of diseases, medical issues and utilization of medical prescriptions for treatment and remedy. Family nurse practitioner maintains intelligible, precise and classified medical documents. Family nurse practitioner records all medical assessments, diagnosis, protocol of treatment, results, instructions, recommendation. Family nurse practitioner sees to it that the recordings and documentation processes are coherent with the national Committee for quality assurance and state regulatory board standards. Family nurse practitioner investigates new innovative knowledge acquired from up to date literature, workshops and conferences,  and other sources of knowledge and incorporates these new knowledge into his/her clinical practice.

    How much does a Family Nurse Practitioner make ?

    Average family nurse practitioner salary

    A family nurse practitioner in the United States receives an average annual income from between $66,476 to $106,889 yearly. The median wage for all family nurse practitioners is $83,853 per hour.

    Family nurse practitioner salary in USA

    A newly practicing family nurse practitioner in the United States receives a starting pay of $63,504 per annum. This amount builds up overtime as family nurse practitioner obtains more year of experience.

    Family nurse practitioner with less than a year of work experience receives an average salary from between $60,070 to $88,800 per year.  Those with 1 to 4 years of work experience collects an average from between $63,140 to $95,974 those with 5 to 9 years of practice receive a yearly average pay from between $63,122 to $99,215. Family Nurse Practitioner with 10 to 19 years of practice receives an average salary from between $66,509 to $107,167 per annum. The top earning family nurse practitioners are those with 20 or more years of practice. They enjoy an average of $71,579 to $108,005 salary per year.

    Family nurse practitioner’s hourly rate depend on the years of practice. Those with less than a year of experience enjoy an hourly rate from between $28.87 to $50.26. Those with 1 to 4 years of practice collect an average hourly rate from between $30.45 – $53.61, those with 5 to 9 years of practice collect an average hourly pay ranging from between $34.75 to $55.35, those with 10 to 19 years of experience take home an hourly pay from between $35.97 to $58.12 and those with 20 or more years of practice enjoy an average hourly pay of $35.98 to $60.40.

    family nurse practitioner salary in US, Australia and UK
    family nurse practitioner salary

    Family nurse practitioner salary by state

    The highest paying states in the US include Tennessee where family nurse practitioner receives an average yearly pay of $58,746 to $91,615, New York, $60,477 to $117,659, North Carolina, $64,497 to $93,328, Ohio, $64,890 to $94,628, California, $68,314 to $110,742 and Texas, $69,733 to $101,582.

    Family Nurse Practitioner’s Median Bonus by Benefit/Perk are Malpractice / Liability Insurance worth $997, Paid Holidays / Vacation, $984, Paid Sick Leave, $712, Education/Training/Tuition/Certification Reimbursement, $1,008 and Life Insurance/Disability of $983 per annum.

    Family nurse practitioner in UK

    The average annual salary of a Family Nurse Practitioner in the UK is from between £6,128 to £71,250. The median yearly wage for all Family Nurse Practitioner is £40,533.The average hourly rate is from between £17.26 to £29.48 with yearly bonus of up to £2,000.

    Read about more  about nurse practitioner salary around the world

    Family nurse practitioner in Canada

    In Canada, a family nurse practitioner collects an average salary from between C$70,904 to C$109,004 per annum. The median yearly average for all Family Nurse Practitioners is C$91,420.

    Family nurse practitioner in Australia

    Family Nurse practitioner’s salary in Australia ranges from between AU$49,226 to AU$120,000. The median salary for all Family Nurse Practitioners is AU$72,800.

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    How to become a family nurse practitioner

    The same with all nurse’s type, a family nurse practitioner must obtain an RN or BSN degree. They must have worked in an accredited health care facility. Aspiring family Nurse practitioner endeavours to go back to college and finish his/her Master’s degree in nursing to be an APN or Advanced Practice Nurse. The major qualification to become a family nurse practitioner is to obtain a Master of Science in Nursing. Family nurse practitioner must also be certified by the state’s Board of Nursing. An aspiring family nurse practitioner must also acquire certification from American Academy of Nurse practitioners (AANP) and the American Nurse Credentialing Centre (ANCC).

    Conclusion on family nurse practitioner salary

    As Payscale noted, the Family Nurse Practitioner’s average yearly wage in the United States is from between $53,355 to $211,352. The median yearly pay for all Family Nurse Practitioners is $83,658. This fact makes family nurse practitioner salary one of the highest among other NPs. The national hourly rate for Family Nurse Practitioners is from between $28.87 to $ $60.40 with a top bonus of around $500.00.

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