BSN Nurse Salary

A new BSN Nurse’s salary  is around $52,397 but it increases overtime as he/she gains more experience.   A BSN Nurse with less than 1-4 years of experience collects an average yearly pay of $60,496 while a BSN Nurse practicing for 5 to 9 years receives an average salary of $63,006 per year.  As a matter of fact, a BSN Nurse can receive up to around $75,000 per year. Keep reading for more information about BSN nurse salary.

BSN nurse job description

A BSN nurse performs a wide variety of responsibilities. So if you are aspiring to be one, you need to get to know the physical and emotional demands it would require from you. In fact it is one of the most difficult and physically and emotionally demanding jobs however it is also one of the most lucrative and rewarding. BSN nurse does not only treat sick and injured patients. They also provide counselling and support the patients and their loved ones during times of confinement. Nursing work also entails plenty of paper work as they help the physicians in diagnosing, recording of patients and their health development and dispensing medications to their patients.

How much does a BSN Nurse make ?

Average BSN nurse salary

In the United States, a BSN Nurse receives an average salary from between $52,397- $72,458 per annum. The average national hourly rate for BSN nurse is from  $22.85 to $32.91. The median yearly rate for BSN Nurses is $620.427.

BSN nurse salary in USA

In the US, the BSN Nurse’s salary depends on number of years of experience. A BSN Nurse practicing for less than a year receives a national average yearly salary of $50,733. A BSN Nurse practicing for 1-4 years receives a national average yearly salary of $60,371, a BSN Nurse practicing for 5-9 years collects a national average yearly salary of $66,415, a BSN Nurse practicing for 10-19 years collects a national average yearly salary of $71,967 and a BSN Nurse practicing for 20 years or more takes a national average yearly salary of $77,034.

These are BSN Nurse’s Median Hourly Rates by Years Experience. Those practicing for less than a year receive an hourly pay of $22.85, those with 1-4 years of experience collect $24.81 per hour, those with 5-9 years take home $27.75 per hour, those practicing for 10-19 years receive $31.70 per hour and those with 20 years or more of experience receive $32.91 an hour.

BSN nurse salary in US and Canada

BSN nurse salary

BSN nurse salary by state

These are the hourly rates for BSN nurse in the USA by state. A BSN Nurse in Texas receives an average hourly pay of $28.94. A BSN Nurse in California takes home an hourly rate $37.53. A BSN Nurse in Florida  collects an hourly pay of $26.73 while a BSN nurse in Illinois receives an hourly wage of $28.26. A BSN nurse working in Pennsylvania makes $27.38, a BSN nurse practicing in Georgia takes home $26.16 an hour and a BSN nurse working in Ohio receives $26.30 per hour.

BSN nurse salary in UK

BSN Nurse in the UK receives an average yearly pay from between £18,216 – £29,400. In London, BSN nurse makse £26,200 while in Manchester they receive £30,000 per year. The median rate is £22,527 per annum.

BSN Nurse’s yearly salary in the UK varies by number of years in practice. Those practicing for 1-4 years receive an average of £22,527 per year. Those with 5-9 years of experience collect £22,200 per annum. Those practicing for 10-19 years collect £29,400 and those with 20 years or more of experience receive £18,216 per annum.

BSN nurse salary in Canada

In Canada, the yearly average for all BSN Nurses is from between C$39,555- C$79,000. The median average pay is C$45,576 per annum.

The yearly rate for BSN nurse in Canada is as follows: those with 1-4 years of experience collect national annual salary of C$53,062 per year; those with 5-9 years of experience take home a national annual salary of C$79,000per year, those with 10-19 years of experience collect a national annual salary of C$39,555 per year while those who are practicing for 20 years or more make C$77,120 per annum. In Ontario, BSN nurse makes C$60,787, those in British Columbia collect C$50,000 and those practicing in Alberta receive C$50,500 per annum.

BSN nurse salary in Australia

BSN nurse in Australia makes a yearly average pay from between AU$43,500- AU$78,695. The median annual rate is AU$61,097.50. The hourly rate for all BSN nurses is from between AU$21.40 – AU$37.34.

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How to become a BSN nurse

To become a BSN nurse, there are 2 common routes. First is to earn 2-3 years Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) while the other option is to obtain a 4 year Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN). The next thing to accomplish is to pass an exam administered by your state’s licensing board. Bachelor of Science in nursing degree is also now offered online. If you want, you can be a BSN through online programs.

Conclusion about  BSN nurse salary

As noted by payscale, the average pay per annum of BSN Nurse in the United States is from $50,733 to  $77,034 with the median average of around $62,427.  In the UK, BSN Nurses collect a yearly pay from  £18,216 to £29,400 with the median income of £22,527 per annum. In Canada,  a BSN nurse collects a salary  between C$39,555 and C$79,000. with the median income around C$45,576 per annum and in Australia, BSN nurse receives an annual pay from between AU$43,500- AU$78,695 with the average BSN nurse salary around AU$61,097.50.

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