nursing salaries in different countries and states

Nursing salaries

  • Nursing salaries are one of the top salaries for all occupations. In fact BLS affirms that the job outlook for Nursing Profession is expected to grow by 26% for the year 2010 to 2020. This unprecedented growth is fuelled by further advancement in technology, increasing prominence of preventive care, the health care demands of the ageing population of baby boomers and the increasing population of elderly primarily in the United States and European countries where population control is being observed. In the United States alone, the salary of all kinds of nurses ranges from between $47,000 to $189,330. As a nurse upgrades his/her education and gain more knowledge and experience the higher salary nurse can receive.

  • Why become a Nurse ?

    The first and foremost reason to becoming a nurse is that it is the most stable of all professions at the moment. In an age where most businesses are going through financial difficulties leading to reduction and retrenchment of employees, health care remains as one of the most stable of all industries. Nursing job is one of the most secure professions and it provides more demographic freedom as nursing jobs are readily available almost anywhere in the world.

    Another reason is the financial rewards that a nursing profession offers. Although money is not the only motive for choosing a career but it is nevertheless one of the driving forces behind any career choice. It is one of life’s realities: the job that offers the higher amount of compensation is the job that most of us pursue as it helps us in attaining a pleasurable and satisfying lifestyle. This is the reason why salary is the most important factor in deciding for a career path to take. The salary and the overall compensation package of a nurse is among the highly ranked among all professions making nursing as one of the most sought after professions nowadays.

    Nursing profession does not only offer higher salary cap than most of other professions. It is also one that provides a great amount of opportunities for advancement and career development. Unlike other professions where one can reach a dead-lock in terms of advancement, a registered nurse can seek further training and earn additional certifications or choose a specialization for higher income and enhanced responsibilities. This helps nurses to be protected against boredom and burn-out while enjoying higher privileges and fresh and thrilling challenges along the way.

    Last but not the least, another noteworthy motivation to become a nurse is the gratifying characteristic of the nursing work itself. While other professions provide equal or even higher compensation, nothing can compare to the reward of helping people and to being used as instrument to alleviate the pain and distress wrought by physical infirmities. It gives nurses the sense of importance and purpose in life that cannot be provided by most of other professions. On a daily average, a nurse may influence more than a dozen individuals while performing their duties. There is no more rewarding experience than arriving home to your loved ones everyday aware that you have made a difference in somebody’s life.

    How to become a Nurse

    The best path to becoming a Nurse is to study a four year degree in a state or government accredited college or university and earn the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. Today it is easy as never before to graduate and receive  nursing degree online.  After obtaining BSN degree, a nurse can then practice in a health facility unit of his/her choice. Nurse may choose to practice in intensive care units (ICU), operating rooms (OR), emergency rooms (ER) whether in health clinics, hospitals and doctor’s offices. The practicum after obtaining BSN makes them the nurse leading candidate for the job. The practicum is also the pre-requisite not only for the type of nursing work a nurse may wish to engage in but also for  specialization, additional certification and further  education in the future. To become a certified nurse, one must pass the examinations administered by the American Nurses Credentialing Centre (ANCC).

    Nursing Scholarships

    Most Universities and Colleges in the US offer Scholarships for aspiring nurses. There are three common types of scholarships: The scholarship established and funded by the College of Nursing of the college/university itself, the scholarships established and funded by individuals or agencies from the outside when these individuals make the criteria and recommendation for admission, and scholarships established by individuals or agencies from the outside but the criteria and the admission is based upon the recommendation by the committee of the College of Nursing. You may search for available scholarships in your area by inquiring personally from your college/university of choice or by browsing their websites for information on their criteria for admission.

    Average Nursing Salaries

    The  salary of  nurse (registered nurse) in the United States is ranging between $41,439 – $80,130. The median average of all nurses in the UK receives a yearly pay of $55,662. The Average hourly rate of  nurse in the US is from between $18.14 – $42.91. In the United Kingdom, the average yearly pay of  nurse is from between £18,467 – £34,180 with the median average collecting £24,444 per annum.  The average hourly pay of  nurse working in the UK is from between £10.04 – £22.30 per hour.  In Canada, nurses received an average pay from between C$40,811 – C$85,315 with the median receiving an average of C$63,117 per annum.  The average hourly rate in Canada is from between C$23.32 – C$41.04. In Australia, nurse take home an average salary from between AU$41,346 – AU$78,259 while the median of all nurses receive about AU$58,746. The average hourly pay in Australia is from between AU$22.27 –AU$37.19.

    nursing salaries in different countries and states
    Nursing salaries

    Have you ever wondered how much does a nurse make ? Or how much does a nurse practitioner make ? Our nursing salary comparison based on actual data will give you the answer.

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