Veterinary salary

  • Veterinarian’s salary is around $40,000 in the United States, but this will increase drastically as he stays longer in the job. Indeed, a veterinary working for more than 1 year can expect around $46,567per year. Keep reading for more information about veterinary salary and education requirements.

  • Veterinary job description

    A veterinarian administers vaccinations and collects samples for pathogens testing or diseases. He provides immediate treatments and care that include screening, medications and advice for changes in behavior. He examines animals to identify and figure out health status, illnesses or injuries. He counsels pet owners concerning treatment and diagnosis and performs animal euthanasia when necessary.

    How much does a veterinarian earn ?

    Average veterinary salary

    Veterinary salary ranges from $49,462 – $114,293. Veterinarian receives top yearly bonus of around $30,000 and top profit sharing of around $8,000. The pay per hour ranges from $14.48 – $78.39.

    Veterinary salary in USA

    10% of veterinarians in US earn around $49,000; 25% of veterinarians make around $61,000; the median makes around $75,000; 75% of veterinarians collect around $92,000; and 90% of veterinarians receive around $110,000.

    Veterinary salary according to experience is as follows: those working for less than a year can earn from $39,678 – $73,974; those working for 1 – 4 years can earn from $46,567 – $89,192. Veterinarian serving for 5 – 9 years can take home from $50,361 – $108,834; those working for 10 – 19 years can collect from $51,919 – $114,880 and those serving for 20 years or more can receive from $50,096 – $129,616.

    Veterinary hourly wage based on experience is as follows: those practicing for less than a year can make from $24.79 – $40.34; those working for 1 – 4 years can earn from $17.00 – $71.04; those employed for 5 – 9 years can take from $14.48 – $68.51. Veterinarians serving for 10 – 19 years can get from $30.64 – $78.39 and who work for 20 years or more can take home from $33.94 – $61.83.

    The hourly rate for veterinarian by US states is as follows: veterinarian employed in Pennsylvania can make from $30.91 – $67.87; those in Michigan can earn from $15.26 – $41.71; those in Connecticut can take home from $19.65 – $76.30; those California can earn from $32.50 – $87.50; those practicing in New York can receive from $40.00 – $67.41; veterinarian in Virginia can get from $25.43 – $63.19 and veterinarian in Georgia can collect from $29.48 – $49.58.

    veterinary salary in US, Australia and UK
    veterinary salary

    Veterinary salary by state

    Veterinary salary in various US states is as follows: Veterinary in Florida can expect from $48,177 – $102,498; those in Texas can make from $50,191 – $117,122; those in Washington can get from $44,698 – $98,633; those in Florida can receive from $48,177 – $102,498; those in New York can earn from $42,500 – $104,093; those in Illinois can expect from $40,547 – $107,659 and those in Virginia can collect from $51,430 – $99,683.

    Veterinary salaries by US cities are as follows: veterinarians employed in New York, New York can take home from $39,641 – $128,029; those in Houston, Texas can make from $54,600 – $150,000; those in Charlotte, North Carolina can receive from $35,745 – $88,321; those in Chicago, Illinois can make from $60,402 – $112,409; those working in San Diego, California can collect from $48,322 – $143,813; veterinarians in Dallas, Texas can get from $47,500 – $117,447 and those in Los Angeles, California can receive from $30,639 – $107,659.

    Veterinary assistant salary 

    Vet assistant salary starts usually around  $16,000 and can be up to  $33,000 (for example in New York or Boston), average vet assistant salary in canada is around  $24,000  and  $40,000 in Australia. Check more information about veterinarian salary or veterinary assistant salary around the world.

    Veterinary technician salary

    Veterinary tech makes around $18,840 per year with hourly rate around 10 USD in the United States. Higher salaries receives vet techs in Canada or Australia. Read more abut veterinary technician salary.

    Veterinary salary in UK

    Veterinary salary on average in UK is £37,455. Veterinarian in South West can earn around £32,900; those in South East can make around £35,667; those in Yorkshire and North East can take around £32,500; those in Midlands can collect around £46,000; those in Scotland can receive around £33,500; those in North West can make around £30,250; those in Northern Ireland can earn around £30,500; those in London can take home around £45,044 and those in East of England can receive around £26,715.

    Veterinary salary in Canada

    Veterinary salary in Canada ranges from C$48,740 – C$105,699 with yearly bonus of around C$10,056 and commission of around C$39,000. 10% of veterinarians in Canada make around C$49,000; the median can collect around C$59,000; 75% of veterinarians collect around C$82,000 and 90% of veterinarians make around C$100,000.

    Veterinary salary in Australia

    Veterinary in Australia ranges AU$46,856 – AU$93,918 with annual bonus of around AU$5,142. 10% of veterinarians get AU$47,000; the median collects around AU$47,000; 75% of veterinarians take home around AU$80,000 and 90% of veterinarians make around AU$94,000. The hourly rate of veterinarians ranges from AU$19.73 – AU$48.00. Those working for 1 – 4 years can earn from AU$41,838 – AU$77,322 while those working for 5 – 9 years can make from AU$50,874 – AU$85,976.

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    How to become a veterinarian

    To become a veterinarian, the aspirant should acquire a Bachelor’s degree and then finish a four-year program in veterinary medicine. After gaining D.V.M. or Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, he can start to practice at a farm, zoo or small animal clinic. He must also pass the licensure examination for veterinary medicine.

    Conclusion about veterinary salary

    Veterinary salary in US based on Payscale report ranges from $49,462 – $114,293 with the median earning around $75,000. The top paying US state is Texas where veterinarian can make from $50,191 – $117,122. Veterinary salary In United Kingdom ranges from £26,715 – £46,000. Veterinary wage in Canada ranges from C$48,740 – C$105,699 and veterinary wage in Australia ranges from AU$46,856 – AU$93,918.

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