Radiography salary

  • Radiographer’s salary is around $50,000 in the United States. Radiography is all about examining the human body’s internal structures with the use of X-rays and other high-intensity rays. The rays left traces that will usually be reflected on a radiographic film. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is an expected 28% increase in the demand for radiologic technicians and technologists whose work involve the use of radiography. This job outlook is for the period of 2010 to 2020. Most of them work in hospitals, although there could be more opportunities in imaging centers and doctors’ offices in the years to come. This demand in radiography-related work is mainly due to the fact that the US population is aging. The BLS reported that the average radiographer’s salary in 2011 was $56,760. Keep reading for more information about radiography salary and career requirements.

  • Radiography job description

    The radiography profession includes radiology technologists, technicians, and sonographers. They use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), x-rays, and ultrasound. Their main job is to examine, diagnose, and treat patients’ diseases and injuries. They are usually appointed as members of a surgical or medical team that conduct initial patient assessment and testing to come up with evidentiary and diagnostic data for the doctors.

    The duties of a radiology technologist or technician start with preparing and positioning the patients to ensure that accurate images will be captured by the equipment that they are going to use. They may also tasked with assisting a radiologist to completing administrative tasks, such as organizing patient records and plotting work schedules. Radiologist technicians may choose to specialize in MRI, computed tomography, or mammography.

    Sonographer’s duties also include assisting physicians in analyzing internal organs with the help of noninvasive sound waves. They may choose to specialize in echocardiography, vascular technology, or women’s health. Their usual employers are medical clinics, hospitals, and private practice.

    How much does a radiographer earn ?

    Average radiography salary

    Based on the BLS’ report, the average radiography’s salary was around $56,760, with the average wage being $27.29 in 2011. The top 10% earned around $77,760 per year, while the lowest 10% only received $37,360.

    Radiography salary in the USA

    PayScale showed that the average radiography’s salary is between $33,180 and $62,661. Their median salary was reported to be around $44,124.

    The radiographer’s experience is one of the biggest factors that determine their annual pay. The average radiography’s salary for one with less than four years in the business is between $24,328 and $73,113. It is around $36,492 to $98,633 for someone with five to nine years of experience.

    Their certification is another salary determinant. Radiographer with an American Registry of Radiologic Technologists earns around $37,500 to $72,617.

    Comparing the radiography’s salary in terms of gender, females are paid a little more than their male counterparts. Female radiographer receives between $33,825 and $74,497. Males, on the other hand, get around $35,234 to 73,404.

    radiography salary in US and Canada
    radiography salary

    Radiography salary by state/city in the USA

    According to PayScale, radiographer in Texas is paid more at around $47,160 to $61,500 per year. This is so much higher than the salary in Florida, which is between $39,663 and $51,250.

    In 2011, Massachusetts topped the list as the highest paying state for those employed in the radiography industry. California ranked second with a radiography salary averaging $68,650. The highest paying employers were located in Boston, Massachusetts as they paid around $91,480 per year.

    Radiography technician salary

    In the US, the radiography technician’s salary was reported to be around $33,460 to $60,295. Those who are just starting with less than two years of experience make around $19,727 to $64,564 per year, while those with over 20 years in the business receive between $46,607 and $50,879 per year.

    Diagnostic radiography salary

    The average diagnostic radiography’s salary is around $38,000. It is a bit higher than the $35,000 annual pay for a radiologic tech but lower than that of an MRI technologist.

    Radiography salary in Canada

    Radiographer working in Canada makes around C$35,054 to C$74,497 per year. The median radiography’s salary was reported to be C$55,650. Those employed in hospitals make more than those in private clinics with a salary between C$54,119 and C$67,500. Radiographer is paid the highest in Edmonton, Alberta with an hourly pay of C$37.25, while the lowest paying employers are found in Montreal, who only pay C$23.

    Radiography salary in Australia

    According to PayScale, the radiography’s salary ranges from AU$44,380 to AU$90,659. Their hourly rate is between AU$24.97 and AU$43.12, with an overtime pay of around AU$37.02 to AU$81.70 and a bonus of up to AU$4,949.

    Comparing the radiography salary by experience, radiographers with less than one year of experience make around AU$39,394 to AU$61,025. This is a huge contrast to the salary of radiographers who already have five to nine years’ experience as they earn AU$24,328 to AU$108,496.

    Radiography salary in the UK

    A radiographer in the UK earns a median radiography’s salary of £25,534. Their salary is between £20,320 and £38,786 with a bonus possibly reaching up to £5,106. This brings the total radiography salary to a minimum pay of £20,473 and a maximum pay of around £40,016.

    Radiography salary in South Africa

    Radiographer in South Africa takes home between R144,992 and R325,284, with the median pay being R209,207 per year.

    Those who have just started with their career and have less than four years of experience make around R122,249 to R253,690. It is so much higher for radiographers with over ten years of experience as they take home a radiography’s salary of around R161,8433 to R365,933 per year.

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    How to become a radiographer

    To establish a career in radiography, one has to start in high school with more focus on science and math. Even entry-level positions have to be filled only holders of certificates or associate degrees. Most radiography programs offer courses in anatomy, physiology, and safe practices in using radiological imaging.

    There are different licenses for those who want to join in the radiography profession. Radiographers can also choose areas of specialization. States also ask their applicants to go through experience and testing experiment. Certifications are provided by various credentialing organizations, such as the American Registrys of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers or the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

    Conclusion about radiography salary

    Based on the BLS reports, the average radiography salary in 2012 was around $54,620. A massive increase in the demand for radiographers in the country is due to its fast aging population. 

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