Radiation oncology salary

  • Radiation oncologist’s salary is around $250,000 in the United States. Radiation oncology is a field in medicine that specializes in helping treat and managing cancer. Radiation oncologists are medical professionals that apply ionizing radiation to attack the cancer cells and stop their reproductive process. It is also their job to ensure that there will be minimal damage to the healthy tissues surrounding the cancerous ones. Radiation oncologists are among the well-paid professionals in the field of medicine. According to a Modern Healthcare Magazine article published in 2011, the typical radiation oncology salary was around $266,800, although the Medical Group Management Association reported a different figure, $519,677. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a 24% expected increase in the demand for physicians in general in the US. Since there are only a few radiation oncologists in the country, there are positive expectations about the employment opportunities for these medical specialists as well. Keep reading for more information about radiation oncology salary and career requirements.

  • Radiation oncology job description

    A radiation oncologist works with a diagnostic radiologist or any other health care professional in confirming the cancer diagnosis. It is their job to create the best treatment plan that can help destroy the cancer cells without damaging the healthy tissues. To accurately locate the tumors and minimize the side effects of the cancer treatment, radiation oncologist relies on 3D images. The typical treatments used include radiation therapy, stereotactic radiosurgery, or chemotherapy. In radiation oncology, the medical professional will check the condition of the patient, come up with treatment plans, and specify the right amount of radiation and drugs to be administered to the patient. Regular checkups with the patients are also a must for these medical professionals to ensure that the patients are doing fine.

    How much does a radiation oncologist earn ?

    Average radiation oncology salary

    The average radiation oncology salary in the US is around $265,000, with the average wage being $58.5.

    Radiation oncology salary in the USA

    PayScale reported the typical salary for radiation oncologist to be around $197,079 to $503,353. Their median pay is $309,941. The basic radiation oncologist’s salary ranges from $199,694 to $493,163 with a bonus that amounts to $101,367.

    Radiation oncologists who are new to this line of work earn between $106,500 and $360,000. But long-time specialists take home a radiation oncology’s salary of $393,054 to $558,961, which is a huge difference from the annual pay of the entry-level positions.

    According to the Washington University School of Medicine in Missouri, the average radiation oncology’s salary was $327,700, although this was reported to be based on the salary for radiology physicians. The Association of American Medical Colleges though cited the annual pay of the specialists to be around $242,900 to $518,991.

    Radiation oncology salary by state / city in the USA

    The top paying states for radiology oncologist in the US, based on the salary data for physicians from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, include Mississippi, $236,470; Minnesota, $235,730; and Maine, $235,620. The top five list is rounded by the inclusion of South Dakota where the average radiation oncology’s salary is $235,230 and New Hampshire, $224,940.

    Radiation oncology technician salary

    A radiation oncology salary for technician, also called as a radiation therapist, earns around $80,410, according to the BLS data as of May 2012, or $38.66 per hour. The top paying industry for them is the specialty hospitals, which pays around $87,540 per annum, followed by the employment services, $86,090. Even colleges, universities, and professional schools made it to the top five list of the top paying industries for radiation therapists.

    Radiation oncology salary in Canada

    The average radiation oncology’s salary for specialists working in Canada is between C$294,785 and C$353,232. They are paid around C$38 to C$40 per hour and a bit more for overtime at around C$43 to C$45.

    For purposes of comparison, oncologist in Canada earns between C$40,695 and C$196,527 per year. PayScale’s report showed that their median radiation oncology’s salary is around C$124,799.

    Radiation oncology salary in Australia

    Getting into the radiation oncology career in Canada means earning between AU$150,000 and AU$450,250 per year. Their median radiation oncology’s salary is about AU$203,990. The hourly pay is around AU$23.

    Radiation oncology salary in the UK

    Based on the salary data for oncologist in the UK, the typical radiation oncology salary can be estimated to be around £22,468 and £117,451. Bonuses may be as big as £12,164 from some generous employers. This in turn increases the total annual pay for radiation oncologist into a salary that ranges from £22,468 to £122,945.

    Radiation oncology salary in South Africa

    Using the salary data for radiologists in PayScale reports, it can be estimated that the radiation oncology’s salary is also around the same level. It ranges from R358,000 to R1,550,000, with the median pay being R560,000.

    How to become a radiation oncologist

    To become a radiation oncologist, one needs to have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college. This is a requirement for anyone who wishes to enter medical school. The undergraduate curriculum includes biology, chemistry, and physics. Those who want to specialize in oncology must finish a four-year graduate study and become an M.D. or a D.O.

    Postgraduate training starts for radiation oncologists with a one-year general residency in a specialty or combined specialties. The typical options are pediatrics, internal medicine, gynecology, surgery, and obstetrics. The preliminary year of residency will only be acknowledged depending on the approval of the American Board of Radiology. An ABR certification would be obtained after participating in a four-year specialty residency program that serves as passes to the board exams.

    Conclusion about radiation oncology salary

    The median radiation oncologist’s salary is $329,784, with most of the people earning around $255,706 to $408,520. Beginners may start earning around $241,000, although this may rise to as big as $787,000 for some experienced and expert oncologist. 

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