Phlebotomy salary

  • Phlebotomy salary is one  the highest about other high paid salaries in medical sector. Phlebotomy is the procedure where a person extracts blood from another individual through a surgical puncture to the vein. The blood sample is then examined, aiding physicians to come up with the right diagnosis of the ailment of the patient. The nursing profession including other medical jobs get training in phlebotomy. Medical students may start off their training in medical facilities by practicing phlebotomy. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says that the average phlebotomy salary in the US is $30,910 annually or an equivalent rate of $14.86 an hour. Keep reading for more information about phlebotomy salary and career.

  • Phlebotomy job description

    A profession in phlebotomy is concentrated in drawing blood samples from a patient. This is done through as surgical puncture on the skin. Part of the job requires you to explain the procedure to the patient. Some patients may become agitated with this procedure because the idea of seeing blood could be dreadful to some. A phlebotomist is then expected to assure the patient through the entire process. After blood sample is extracted, the phlebotomist will be labelling these to prevent mix ups. It is vital that these are not interchanged with another person’s name or is free from contaminants because these could result to the doctor’s failure to deliver the correct medical treatment to the patient.  Procedures may vary depending on the needs of the patient. You will be working for different sets of patients with different age brackets such as babies, adults or the aged and they may need to be handled differently.

    How much does a phlebotomist earn ?

    Average phlebotomy salary

    According to BLS the mean phlebotomy salary in 2012 is $30,910 per annum or $14.86 per hour. The lower 10% earned wages of $21,340 annually or $10.26 an hour while the 90th percentile had an average salary rate of $42,600 a year or an equivalent of $20.48 per hour.

    Phlebotomy salary in USA

    The average phlebotomy salary in BLS is $30,910 per annum in 2012. PayScale’s data on the other hand is lesser with the rate of $27,661. The website reported wages ranging from $20,585 to $38,215, inclusive of bonuses of $494.56 and profit sharing of $245.66 to $1,017. Hourly wages are from $9.86 to $17.75 while overtime is being paid with the rate of $0.00 to $25.62. With regard to experience, phlebotomist salary increases with tenure as shown in this data: less than a year of experience will give you wages of $20,000 to $31,500 annually or $8.58 to $14.82 per hour; 1 to 4 years will allow you to earn from $19,000 to $46,000 annually or $9.63 to $15.52 an hour; 5 to 9 years of experience will give you compensation rates of $15,205 to $39,453 a year or $10.54 to $18.54 an hour; 10 to 19 years on the job will increase your rates to $24,677 for up to $40,695 yearly or $11.30 to $18.54 per hour; and 20 years tendered on the job will give you wages of $23,856 to $39,138 per year or $11.47 to $20.44 an hour.

    Starting phlebotomy salary for females may be lower but they scored the higher maximum rate compare to the males. The former earned wages ranging from $19,263 to $42,000 while the latter had salaries of $25,210 to $39,138. Benefits or perks may include the likes of 401(k), life or disability insurance, and paid holidays or sick leave.

    phlebotomy salary in the United States, USA
    phlebotomy salary

    Phlebotomy salary by state

    The top paying states according to BLS are the following with their corresponding average wages: Alaska at $38,750; California at $38,430; Delaware at $37,030; Rhode Island at $36,430; and New York at $36,240. PayScale’s data on the other hand showed these scales: Florida at $23,422 to $38,884; Texas at $24,677 to $49,132; Massachusetts at $20,500 to $40,000; and California at $22,800 to $39,494.

    Phlebotomy salary in Canada

    Phlebotomy salary in Canada are within the rates of CA$22,189 to CA$47,370 annually or equivalent rates of CA$10.48 to CA$22.73 per hour , inclusive of bonuses of C$505. The average wage according to PayScale is CA$17 per hour. WowJobs on the other hand says that mean salary is at CA$50,811 per year. Medical laboratory technicians that include the trade of phlebotomy are expected to earn with the rates of CA$40,000 to CA$45,000 says Living in Canada. The highest average wage was recorded in Montreal with the rate of CA$23 an hour while the lowest comes from Winnipeg with the phlebotomy salary rate of CA$17.30.

    Phlebotomy salary in UK

    In UK, the starting phlebotomy salary could possibly increase to more than twice its original amount with PayScale saying that salary rates are from £9,371 to £20,916. These rates may already be inclusive of bonuses amounting to as much as £296.96. Regular hours are being paid with the rates of £6.62 to £10.08 while overtime pay is from £0.00 to £8.78 which is surprisingly much lower compared to other jobs where these are usually higher.

    Phlebotomy salary in Australia

    Australia phlebotomy salary in PayScale ranged from AU$35,778 to AU$49,005 annually or AU$17.59 to AU$22.97 per hour including bonuses of AU$750. The mean wage in this country is AU$42,327. Overtime pay is from AU$16.21 to AU$48.94. If you compare the rates of those who are just new to the profession to those who have been doing this longer, there are no overly significant differences in salaries. Wages according to experience are as follows: less than 1 year at AU$15.10 to AU$23.89 per hour; 1 to 4 years at AU$17.07 to AU$22.69; 5 to 9 years at AU$18.40 to AU$24.24; and 10 to 19 years at AU$19.85 to AU$22.69. Practicing in a different location may give you slightly different wages. Phlebotomy salary according to geographical location will give you these hourly rates: Victoria at AU$17.75 to AU$23.04; Queensland at AU$16.65 to AU$22.56; Western Australia at AU$17.06 to AU$24.47; and New South Wales at AU$18.79 to AU$20.23.

    Phlebotomy salary in South Africa

    If you are in South Africa and you wish to become a phlebotomist, expect to receive salaries ranging from R32,885 to R128,682. These rates could still further increase to the values of R41,106 to R153,882 since phlebotomy salary could be supplemented with other cash benefits like bonuses of R4,883 to R93,701. The mean salary in this area is R116,923 as calculated by PayScale.

    Phlebotomy salary in New Zealand

    HealthCareers says that there are two ways by which you could become a phlebotomist in New Zealand. The first path is by working for 2 years in an approved laboratory and then passing the Qualified Medical Laboratory Technician (QMLT) exams. The second way to do this is getting a bachelor’s degree majoring in anatomy and then acquiring training in a medical laboratory. Phlebotomy salary in New Zealand is NZ$41,000 to NZ$52,000 annually according to CareersNZ. Salary rates may be higher depending on level of skill. Trainees have starting wages ranging from $31,000 to$43,000 a year. Qualified phlebotomists have starting wages of NZ$40,000 and will eventually increase to as much as NZ$52,000.

    Phlebotomy salary in India

    While PayScale may not have enough exclusive data on phlebotomy salary in India, it does offer a picture on what medical laboratory technicians receive, a trade that may include the likes of phlebotomists. The mean income is Rs 145,905, computed from the basic salaries that ranged from Rs 83,245 to Rs 301,606. Total pay could be within that rates of Rs 83,562 to Rs 306,762 if you add bonuses of Rs 485.81 to Rs 20,273 and profit sharing of Rs 2.50 to Rs 2,250.

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    Phlebotomy Education, Training and Certification

    You could launch a phlebotomy career without earning a degree. You can enter this type of trade through hands-on training. The recommended educational path will depend on what you want to do as a phlebotomist in the future. Questions like will you want to become head of the department or will you want to work first hand with the patients should be answered before choosing to enter into any type of educational program. A certificate program in phlebotomy is the easiest way to gain entry to this job. These courses offer exclusive training in phlebotomy which are a mixture of lectures and practical training. An associate’s degree may on the other hand may allow you better scope when it comes to opportunities with the chances of becoming a medical assistant or a laboratory technician in the future. Supervisor positions are often given to individuals who hold a bachelor’s degree. Certification may not be required but some states impose general rules that should be followed before you can be allowed practice. For example, Louisiana and California mandates phlebotomists to have at least have spent 40 hours in class and rendered 40 hours of practical training. Professional licensing is offered by National Phlebotomy Association and the American Society for Clinical Pathology. While these are not required, obtaining certification a great way to showcase your competency. Read more about how to become a phlebotomist.

    Conclusion about phlebotomy salary

    If you have the knack of easing the worries of people, are an unafraid of seeing blood on a daily basis and have steady hands, then you may want to consider a career in phlebotomy. Training could be accomplished in a short span of time but supervisory roles may require you to get a bachelor’s degree. The average phlebotomy salary recorded in BLS is $30,910 annually or an equivalent rate of $14.86 per hour.Phlebotomy salary is one the highest for non-md professionals.

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