Pediatric oncology salary

  • Pediatric oncologist’s salary is around $200,000 in the United States. Oncology is a branch of science specifically concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. This word literally means mass or bulk, pertaining to the presence of tumor inside the body. Someone who specializes in oncology is called an oncologist. Oncologist can choose to specialize in a certain field. For example, an oncologist may be adept with the use of chemotherapy treatment while others may have undertaken furthers studies that concerns the use of radiation therapy. Someone who has a specialization in pediatric oncology on the other hand is a physician, expected to treat younger patients such as infants and adolescents who have been diagnosed with cancer. Keep reading for more information about pediatric oncology salary and career requirements.

  • Pediatric oncology job description

    Pediatric oncologists are physicians who first gained specialization in pediatrics and later trained in the field of oncology and hematology. These individuals specialize in treating young patients who have cancer. Treatment of cancer in infants and children is unlike that of adults. Pediatric oncology usually diverts from the use of surgery and radiation. Its practice leans towards the use of medications and chemotherapy. Adults may suffer from various types of cancers but children are not known to be plagued with the same types of cancers. In fact, many pediatric oncologist treats hematologic disorders instead of just dealing with cancers. Some of the most common types of illnesses treated in the field of pediatric oncology are lymphoma, leukemia, genetic blood diseases, embryonic tumors, and hemophilia. It is possible to only render only your services, choosing to treat only exclusively for a particular type of disease. Some of the tasks you will be doing in pediatric oncology are examining the patient, coming up with a diagnosis, recommending a treatment, counselling with family on how to deal with the patient’s condition, and communicating with other physicians who may also be treating the patient.

    How much does a pediatric oncologist earn ?

    Average pediatric oncology salary

    The average pediatric oncology salary in the United States is $212,577 per year according to MD & DDS Resources, Inc.

    Pediatric oncology salary in USA

    In the United States, different websites have varied reports regarding pediatric oncology salary. SimplyHired says that these professionals are earning an average rate of $63,000 per annum as of January 2014. In, the average pediatric oncology salary seen in the website is $267,620 a year. The lower 10% are said to have earned wages less than $165,668 while the top earners are making the most of their job, able to earn more than the rate of $414,300. If these rates reflect what is truly being received in the market, then it is safe to say that a job in pediatric oncology could easily make you a millionaire if you have a great reputation.

    Indeed reported a mean income of $149,000 a year for pediatric oncology. In PayScale, physicians who are practicing in the field of oncology are earning a median rate of $256,506 annually. The respondents reported base salaries ranging from $100,603 to $402,127. These rates could further increase with the addition of other cash benefits like bonuses as high as  $49,596, allowing one a pediatric oncology salary of $102,359 to $421,766. A few years of experience could easily propel you to earn more as shown in this data where pediatric salary was tallied in accordance to seniority: less than a year at $50,335 to $301,279; 1 to 4 years at $97,444 to $350,493; 5 to 9 years at $97,444 to $350,493; 10 to 19 years at $116,350 to $373,883; and 20 years or more at $97,663 to $530,386. Fringe benefits may include 401(k), life insurance or disability, malpractice or liability insurance, paid holidays and sick leave, 403(b), and tuition reimbursements on education and training.

    pediatric oncology salary in USA
    pediatric oncology salary

    Salary by state

    Indeed listed these average pediatric oncology salary rates for some of the states in the US: California at $162,000; Texas at $144,000; Florida at $155,000; Illinois at $164,000; Pennsylvania at $154,000; Virginia at $150,000; Massachusetts at $194,000; New York at $181,000; New Jersey at $161,000; Tennessee at $153,000; Colorado at $146,000; Kentucky at $139,000; Missouri at $147,000; Georgia at $188,000; Arizona at $140,000; Ohio at $158,000; North Carolina at $162,000; Michigan at $150,000; Alaska at $129,000; and Utah at $130,000.

    Pediatric oncology salary in Canada

    PayScale claims that the median pediatric oncology salary in Canada could be CA$129,799. You could be earning within the rates of CA$40,695 to CA$196,527 although no further details were provided. WowJobs on the other hand reports an average salary of CA$70,891 per annum. According to the Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, doctors in Canada are earning in between the rates of CA$40,000 to CA$380,000 per annum. Some specialists such as those practicing in oncology could be making more, with the potential to earn as much as CA$500,000 annually.

    Pediatric oncology salary in UK

    MySalary says that oncologists in UK are earning an average salary of £58,125 annually. Gap Medics on the other hand says the physicians in general have a mean wage of £105,000 where the lowest earners are earning salaries less than the rate of £80,000 while the top earners are making more than £160,000 per annum. In PayScale, this reported a median oncologist salary of £40,268. The basic wages received ranged from £22,468 to £117,451. With the allowance of other cash benefits like bonuses of £12,164, the rates you could be receiving could fall within the values of £22,468 and £122,945.

    Pediatric oncology salary in Australia

    In PayScale, physicians who are working in the field of oncology reportedly earned wages ranging from AU$50,868 to AU$147,395, with median salary computed at AU$114,782 per annum. Because data in this specific field is somewhat limited, it may be a better idea to take a look at another data designated as physicians in the practice of pediatric. In this particular designation, salaries recorded ranged from AU$40,851 to AU$587,228, inclusive of bonuses of AU$9.16 to AU$4,913. CareerNav says that salary rates for pediatricians will mostly depend on level of experience with trainees starting to earn with the rate of AU$50,000 per annum while someone who has 8 to 20 years of experience able to make more than AU$200,000 in a year.

    Pediatric oncology salary in South Africa

    In South Africa, physicians in general practice have a median salary of R467,278 per annum according to PayScale. Starting wages are from R213,150 which could possibly increase to as much as R825,005 given an ample experience. Rates mentioned could already include other cash incentives like bonuses of R59,180. Practicing in a certain field of specialization will often allow you to earn even more. Pediatric oncology salary could be more than the rates mentioned earlier.

    Pediatric oncology salary in New Zealand

    CareersNZ may not have an exclusive data on pediatric oncologist in New Zealand but it does offer a bit of information on physician salary. This website claims that registrars who are working for the district health board have salaries ranging from NZ$70,000 to NZ$175,000 per year. Qualified physicians are earning somewhere in between the rates of NZ$150,000 and NZ$206,000. Those who are in private practice are earning more with some able to earn as much as NZ$600,000.

    Pediatric oncology salary in India

    Pediatricians in India have an average salary of Rs 959,999 per annum according to PayScale. This may already include those who are practicing pediatric oncology. The lowest salary reported is Rs 304,102 while the highest is Rs 2,367,182, inclusive of bonuses of Rs 397,317. The minimum salary increases as one gains more experience as shown in here: 1 to 4 years of experience will let you earn from Rs 247,301 to Rs 3,878,320; 5 to 9 years at Rs 251,677 to Rs 2,483,233; and 10 to 19 years at Rs 393,054 to Rs 1,189,905.

    How to become a pediatric oncologist

    Those who are interested in becoming a pediatric oncologist must first obtain a bachelor’s degree. Although medical schools are not requiring you to take up a particular course, it is recommended that you get one that will best prepare you in medical school. Examples of these are chemistry, biology and anatomy. It is possible to gain training in healthcare settings, giving you experience on how work will be like in the future. Medical school will require you to pass the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). It could be very difficult to get admitted at the top schools hence it is recommended that you apply in different schools. Pick a medical school that is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. During medical school, you will be expected to complete credit in subjects geared toward sciences such as chemistry and biology along with completing clinical rotations in health settings. After having completed the 4-year medical program, you need to take the USMLE (US Medical Licensing Examination) for M.D. program or the COMLEX-USA (Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination) for D.O. graduates before you can be allowed to practice medicine. After which, the next step is to enter into a residency program in pediatrics. This will take about 3 years to finish, where you will be participating in clinical rotations that may encompass the practice of oncology, cardiology, ambulatory care or hematology. In your last year of residency, you will now be allowed to partake in trainings specifically related to your intended field of specialization. Then, you will need to get board certified in general pediatrics through the ABP. After obtaining your certification in general pediatrics, you will then have to participate in a pediatric oncology fellowship, requiring you to at least participate for at least 3 more years in order to get qualified to this profession. Expect yet another type of board certification in the field of pediatric hematology-oncology after the fellowship program.

    Conclusion about pediatric oncology salary

    A career in pediatric oncology is reserved for individuals who have the patience to undergo years of study and training. While the time spent could be considered lengthy, pay rates given to pediatric oncologists are considered higher compared to general practitioners. For individuals who like to work with the young, this could give you access to this kind of environment while allowing you to receive desirable compensation packages at the same time. Pediatric oncology salary is above average.

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