Nursing salary

  • Nursing salary is around $70,000 in the United States. Nurses provide patient care, teach patients, their families and the public about different health conditions, and provide emotional support and relevant advice to the patients and their family. They are usually employed by hospitals, home health care services, physician’s offices, and nursing care facilities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2012, the average nursing’s salary was around $65,470, or around $31.48 per hour. Entry-level positions are available to nurses with an associate’s degree. The bureau also estimated a 19% growth in the demand for registered nurses from 2012 to 2022, mainly due to the increasing rates of chronic health conditions, the growing importance of preventive care, and the demand for healthcare services required by the baby boomer population. Keep reading for more information about nursing salary and career requirements.

  • Nursing job description

    The typical duties of a nurse include recording the medical histories and symptoms of the patients, giving them the necessary treatment and medicine, and setting up a patient care plan. They also monitor the patients and record their observations and consulting their patients’ cases with doctors and other relevant healthcare professional. Nurses are also responsible for operating and monitoring the medical equipment used by patients and performing diagnostic tests and interpreting their results. They also teach the patients and their family members about managing their condition or injuries, especially when it comes to treatment at home.

    How much does a nurse make ?

    Average nursing salary

    According to the BLS, the average nursing’s salary is around $68,910, making the average wage to be around $33.13.

    Nursing salary in the USA

    PayScale reported that the nursing’s salary in the US ranges between $38,600 and $77,980, the median salary being $55,203. On top of this, there may also be bonuses of up to $1,992, commissions amounting to $7,073, and profit sharing ranging from $96.03 to $4,021. Nurses also get paid between $20.15 and $37.05 per hour, with the overtime pay ranging from $16.14 to $55.90. According to the jobsite Indeed, the average nursing’s salary is higher at $67,000.

    The BLS surveys showed that registered nurses earned the highest nursing salary when working for the other transit and ground passenger transportation industry at $86,780. They also earn top salaries from the industries of federal executive branch (OES designation) at $79,190; insurance and employee benefit funds at $78,600; aerospace products and parts manufacturing at $74,200; and outpatient care centers at $74,100. But the industry with the highest concentration and the highest levels of employment would be that of the general medical and surgical hospitals, where they earn a nursing’s salary of $70,590 per year.

    Aside from the industry that employed them, the salary for nurses is also affected by their experience. Entry-level nursing positions would earn them an annual pay ranging between $35,172 and $69,090. Mid-career positions would get them a nursing’s salary ranging between $40,356 and $78,468. Experienced nurses would take home between $41,814 and $83,579, while those who are in their late-career years would receive between $42,622 and $89,401 per year.

    nursing salary  in US and Canada
    nursing salary

    Nursing salary by city/state in the US

    According to the BLS, California is the best state for registered nurses who want to earn the highest nursing salary, since the state’s employers paid them $96,890 in 2013. The other top paying states include Hawaii, with its annual nursing pay of $85,380; Massachusetts, $83,720; Alaska, $83,640; and Oregon, $80,440.

    In terms of the nursing’s salary by city, San Jose, California topped the list with a yearly pay of $122,990 for their nurses. Vallejo, California ranked second with its nursing salary of $119,310; Oakland, California, $113,520; and Sacramento, California, and San Francisco, $110,630.

    Nursing starting salary

    PayScale showed that the starting salary for nurses in the US ranges between $35,172 and $69,090. Aside from this, they may also get bonuses from their employers, amounting to $2,020; profit sharing that’s worth nothing less than $3,035; and commission of up to $7,177. Their hourly rate ranges between $19.37 and $31.92.

    Travel nursing salary

    The average nursing salary for a traveling nurse is around $75,000. This is based on a 48-hour work per year, with each hour averaging around $40. However, this can increase based on the location, overtime pay, and specialty of the traveling nurse. Aside from the salary, the employer will also pay for the housing and living arrangements of the nurse. If they need to travel to hospitals and health facilities, there are likely off-campus living quarters for the visiting or temporary nursing staff. Some employers even provide free housing, cash bonuses, medical, dental, and basic life insurance, tax-free travel reimbursement, retirement plans, discount programs, and relocation assistance.

    Practical nursing salary

    In the US, the practical nursing’s salary ranges between $24,963 and $51,498, according to PayScale. Their median salary is pegged to be around $37,774. Practical nurses are paid between $13.52 and $23.18 per hour.

    According to Glassdoor, the average practical nursing’s salary is around $40,000. But Indeed has a higher figure with a salary estimate of $52,000. showed that their median pay is around $42,875, with the top 10% earners making $50,746 or more and the bottom 10% making $35,985 or less.

    Forensic nursing salary

    The average nursing salary for a forensic nurse is around $60,000, according to PayScale showed that it is between $42,574 and $112,441, as of February 2014.

    BSN nursing salary

    Nurses with a BSN degree and working as registered nurses earn an average of $57,626 per year. Those who have assumed the role of a supervisor make $67,236, while those who became a nursing manager take home $78,021 per year. A nursing director earns around $78,649, according to PayScale.

    Nursing administration salary

    According to PayScale, a nurse administrator earns between $61,206 and $118,791. The site also showed that their median salary is $79,288. Their hourly rate ranges from $15.32 and $47.83, with the median wage being $31. Nurse administrators are paid between $39.31 and $50.87 per hour. Bonuses may be provided up to $19,315.

    Mental health nursing salary

    Mental health nurses earn between $38,927 and $80,114 per year, based on PayScale. Bonuses of up to $1,900 may also be provided. Their median pay is also cited to be around $53,327. Their wage, on the average, is around $21.60 to $38.05, while overtime pay ranges between $11.90 and $59.09.

    Registered nursing salary

    PayScale reports showed that the median registered nursing’s salary is around $55,203. However, their usual salary is in the region of $38,600 and $77,980. Their hourly rate ranges between $20.15 and $37.05.

    PhD in nursing salary

    Nurses with a PhD can hold different jobs, which is one of the factors that could determine the nursing salary. Those who work as an assistant professor in a higher education or postsecondary school earn between $68,000 and $101,500, those who work as a professor at the same educational level make between $49,455 and $118,000. Nurses with a PhD who hold the position as a vice president and Chief Nursing Officer earn a nursing’s salary ranging between $138,798 and $203,473, while those who work as a Chief Nursing Officer make between $104,994 and $185,000.

    Nursing aide salary

    A nursing aide in the US takes home an annual pay ranging between $14,146 and $38,783, with the median salary being $23,838. Their wage is usually between $8.53 and $14.30, according to PayScale.

    Nursing practitioner salary

    According to PayScale, a nurse practitioner earns between $61,399 and $101,554, with their median salary being $81,145. However, this can be augmented with the help of bonuses up to $9,915, profit sharing ranging between $201.34 and $9,814, and commission of up to $4,913. Their wage is typically between $30.68 and $55.99.

    Psychiatric nursing salary cited that the median psychiatric nursing salary is around $68,349. The top 10% earn $86,165 or more, while the bottom 10% earn $54,230 or less. But according to, the nursing’s salary is around $97,000.

    Nursing salary in Canada

    Registered nurses who are working in Canada earn between C$30,358 and C$78,032, according to PayScale. The site also reported their median salary to be around C$55,356. They are also paid between C$23.21 and C$40.63 per hour. For overtime work, they earn between C$4.01 and C$73.53 per hour. Nurses who just started make between C$29,320 and C$67,848, while those who are experienced for more than 20 years and in their late-career period earn between C$43,899 and C$82,301 per year.

    According to Living In Canada, the usual nursing’s salary ranges between C$70,000 and C$80,000. The site also showed that the highest wage is earned in Niagara Peninsula/Hamilton/Brantford, Ontario at $36.65, while the lowest is earned in Montreal, Quebec at $27.75.

    Nursing salary in Australia

    According to PayScale, nurses in Australia earn between AU$30,674 and AU$70,910. They make between AU$22.16 and AU$36.38. The site cited that their median salary is being AU$50,997. Their starting salary usually ranges between AU$30,064 and AU$63,354, but the more experienced ones make between AU$31,493 and AU$82,065.

    Nursing salary the UK

    A registered nurse in the UK takes home a nursing salary ranging from £17,212 to £30,655. About 50% of these nurses make around £22,977, according to PayScale. Their usual wage is between £9.64 and £17.15. Those who work overtime will be compensated by £3.02 to £29.09 per hour. Nurses who are just starting earn between £17,400 and £28,064, while experienced ones receive between £18,743 and £35,042 per year.

    Nursing salary in South Africa

    Nurses in South Africa earn between R72,510 and R238,141, according to PayScale. Their median pay is also shown to be around R155,556. These nurses are also paid R29.93 to R127.66 by the hour, with overtime work being paid around R10.81 to R166.02 per hour. Entry-level nurses take home between R65,077 and R199,817, while experienced nurses with over 20 years of experience make between R77,618 and R289,011 per year.

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    How to become a nurse ?

    To become a nurse, one can choose from three education paths – an associate’s degree in nursing, a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing, or a diploma bearing the completion of an approved nursing program. Whatever one chooses, nursing students have to take physiology, anatomy, chemistry, microbiology, psychology, nutrition, and other social and behavioral sciences. The associate’s degree and diploma programs will be completed in two to three years, while BSN programs will need four years.

    Those who have a bachelor’s degree can take on higher administrative positions, consulting, research and teaching jobs. However, these programs also include courses in communication, physical and social sciences, critical thinking, and leadership.

    All states in the US require registered nurses to have a nursing license. To get one, one must complete an approved nursing program and pass the NCLEX-RN, or National Council Licensure Examination.

    Conclusion about nursing salary

    The average nursing salary is $68,910, while the average wage is $33.13. According to the BLS, the top 10% of the population make $96,320 or more per year, while the bottom 10% make $45,630 or less per year. Nursing salary is above average.

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