Hematology oncology salary

  • Hematology oncologist’s salary is around $250,000 in the United States. A doctor who specializes in hematology oncology is someone who diagnoses, treats, and manages the blood diseases and cancers of the patients. They are trained in hematology, the study of blood, as well as oncology, the study of cancer. The employment outlook for those in the field of medicine, including hematologists-oncologists, is good. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projected a 24% growth in employment from 2010 to 2020. The demand for medical professionals working in specialty fields and those who are based in lower-income and rural regions is expected to grow rather quickly. As of 2012, the BLS reported that the average salary for physicians and surgeons, which include the hematology oncology salary, is around $184,820. Keep reading for more information about hematology oncology salary and career requirements.

  • Hematology oncology job description

    A hematologist oncologist works right at the intersection of both hematology and oncology. These doctors focus on examining, diagnosing, and studying diseases of the blood, vascular, bone marrow, and immune system. They focus on patients with cancer diseases such as Hodgkins and non-Hodgkins lymphoma, leukemia, hemophilia, iron-deficiency anemia, and sickle-cell disease. However, their focus on blood cancers means that they often turn away operable cases, such as prostate cancer. Hematologists-oncologists may also help patients who are dealing with solid tumors.

    How much does a hematology oncologist make?

    Average hematology oncology salary

    According to salary.com, the average hematology oncology’s salary is around $267,620.

    Hematology oncology salary in the USA

    The starting hematology oncology’s salary for those who are employed right out of residency is around $181,384. With a few years of experience, this can increase to a whole new salary range. The hematology oncology salary is between $171,293 and $408,963. Most of them bring in around $213,000 to $337,000 per year though. Reports in 2011 even showed that about 14% of hematologists oncologists are raking in over $500,000. This level of compensation can only be expected of these physicians with double specialties.

    In the period of 2011 to 2012, Profiles reported that the average hematology oncology salary for doctors who have an average of six years of experience is around $314,800. The website also showed that the median starting hematology oncology’s salary is $222,000.

    hematology oncology salary in USA and Canada
    hematology oncology salary

    Hematology oncology salary by state / city in the USA

    Based on the BLS report from 2012 for physicians in the US, including hematologists oncologists, the top paying state would be Mississippi with their annual pay of around $236,470. Minnesota trailed closely behind at $235,730. Maine and South Dakota were close competitors with their doctor’s salary of $235,620 and $235,230, respectively. New Hampshire rounded up the list of the top paying states with a salary of $224,940. Read more about oncologist salary in USA,CANADA or Australia

    Pediatric hematology oncology salary

    According to the American Medical Group Association, the median pediatric hematology oncology’s salary is around $212,577. This is a bit lower than the salary of non-pediatric specialists in both areas because they are paid around $320,000 per year.

    Profiles reported that the average pediatric hematology oncology’s salary is around $210,000 after being around for six years.

    Hematology oncology salary in Canada

    Salary.com reported that the median hematology oncology’s salary in Canada is around C$283,677. The specialists in the 10th percentile earn around C$175,629. The 25th percentile makes C$227,121. The 75th percentile reported an average hematology oncology’s salary of C$365,062. The 90th percentile receives a hematology oncology salary of C$439,158.

    Hematology oncology salary in Australia

    The average hematology oncology’s salary is around AU$200,004, based on their estimated monthly pay of AU$16,667. This is similar to the average annual pay of physicians. However, it is so much higher than those of the professionals working in health and medical industry, who earn a monthly pay of AU$6,400. The hematology oncology salary is significantly higher than the average salary for all the jobs in the country, which is around AU$86,136.

    Hematology oncology salary in the UK

    According to NHS Careers, junior hospital trainees have a basic starting salary of £22,636, which increases to around £28,076 in year 2. The salary for doctors in specialist training, including the hematology oncology’s salary for the specialists in training, is around £30,002. The specialty doctor and associate specialist salary, which includes the hematology oncology’s salary, ranges between £37,176 and £69,325.

    Hematology oncology salary in South Africa

    Based on PayScale reports, a doctor in general practice has a salary ranging between R213,150 and R825,027. Their median salary is around R471,683. However, the salary for specialists, including the hematology oncology’s salary, is expected to be so much higher than this. That is taking in consideration the fact the hematologists oncologists have two areas of specialty.

    How to become a hematology oncologist

    To become a hematologist oncologist, one has to complete several years of training. After getting a bachelor’s degree in college, where they may have to take courses such as biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics, they have to attend medical school. This often requires four years. The first two years are spent in the classroom completing courses such as physiology, anatomy, pathology, and microbiology. The next two years will be focused on clinical work, where aspiring specialists have to deal with real patients and apply what they have learned from school. After medical school, they should complete a residency program. This may take three years to finish. Those who want to take care of adults have to complete an internal medicine residency program, while those who intend to take care of kids have to finish a program in pediatrics. The final step in the process is to finish a fellowship in hematology-oncology, which takes around two years. After passing the exams, the specialists will then be able to practice.

    Conclusion about hematology oncology salary

    The lowest reported hematology oncology salary is around $181,348, while the highest is around $685,000. This is so much higher than the average salary of doctors, which is around $184,820, as reported by the BLS.

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