Health administration salary

  • Health administrator’s salary is around $90,000 in the United States. Health administration professionals are responsible in the planning, directing and coordinating the activities of a medical or health facility. Job tasks may vary depending on the organization they are working for. These are mainly classified into two groups. They either fall under the specialist or generalist group. Specialists are those who work for a specific kind of department centered in rendering a specialized service while generalists on the other hand are responsible for the entire operations of the said facility. Forbes cited this as one of the most desirable master’s degree, mentioning that the average salary for those in mid-career is $87,800 per annum. Keep reading for more information about health administration salary and career requirements.

  • Health administration job description

    A health administration job is just like a management job, only that its practice is centered in managing a business related to health. An example of this is a health service business or a hospital. It is set apart by health care providers in a way that instead of providing care to patients to help them become healthier, health administrators are more concerned on how the services of the business will be rendered to customers. There are two general types of health administrators and these are the specialist and the generalist groups. The former is in charge of a particular unit of the facility while the latter is in charge of the facility as a whole. While the scope of practice may differ for various institutions, their responsibilities and duties are almost the same. Some of their tasks may include managing the facility’s inventory, taking responsibility over finances, supervising the work of employees, public relations, and taking care of patients’ records among others. The industry of healthcare is governed by certain rules of conduct. It is the duty of the health administrator that the facility and its employees are operating in accordance to these. These may cover bills of patients and contracts of employees.

    How much does a health administrator make?

    Average health administration salary

    Health administration salary for health administrators in May 2013 in Indeed is $90,000. PayScale on the other hand says that this is $62,924 as of January 2014.

    Health administration salary in USA

    In the US, PayScale says that the average health administration salary is $62,924. It looks like it pays to stay in this job for longer, with the website having revealed that pay rates only increase with tenure. Here are the offered rates in accordance to experience: less than a year will let you earn wages of $29,277 to $76,717 per annum or $8.14 to $54.25 an hour; 1 to 4 years on this job will give you compensation rates of $30,861 to $85,007 a year or $12.52 to $35 per hour; if you have been in the industry for 5 to 9 years, health administration salary is $48,293 to $108,866 annually or $10.90 to $22.78 per hour; 10 to 19 years of experience will let you earn from $45,174 to $110,535 per annum or $17.94 to $28.42 per hour; and with 20 years under your belt, you get to have administration salary rates ranging from $51,382 to $154,180.

    It may be a good idea to get yourself some skills or field of specialization. Here are some of these including the rates you could expect to receive: operations management at $41,304 to $120,406; budget management at $35,235 to $111,249; human resources at $30,559 to $124,682; financial analysis at $67,500 to $156,000; and Microsoft office at $53,383 to $62,062. As you can see in here, skill in finance will come in handy for the job.

    Fringe benefits may also include the likes of 401(k), paid sick and holidays, cell phones, life insurance or disability, education and training reimbursements, and flexible working hours.

    health administration salary in USA
    health administration salary

    Health administration salary by state

    According to Allhealthcare, the top 10 paying states for health administrators are: California, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Washington at more than $70.01 per hour; Oregon at $68.34; and Vermont at $66.91. Those that paid the lowest on the other hand are as follows: Idaho at $43.47; Louisiana at $44.05; Iowa at $44.50; Kansas at $45.95; Arkansas at $46.26; Oklahoma at $47.64; Montana at $47.80; Mississippi at $48.21; Ohio at $49.84; and Wyoming at $49.93. In PayScale, respondents coming from different states disclosed to have earned within these health administration salary rates: Texas at $35,886 to $105,250; Florida at $31,276 to $97,871; California at $34,000 to $119,921; Georgia at $30,410 to $113,427; Ohio at $31,531 to $87,586; Virginia at $25,760 to $148,015; and Illinois at $49,493 to $110,468.

    Health administration salary in Canada

    The average health administration salary in Canada is CA$86,645 according to WowJobs where salaries are said to be anywhere from CA$35,000 to CA$105,000. In PayScale, the calculated median health administration salary is CA$52,449. Entry-level rates starts at CA$31,742 while the top earners are able to make as much as CA$98,264. Living in Canada cited that in the industry of health care and social assistance, which may include health administrators, is paying with the average rate of CA$810 per week. The 2003 Alberta Wage and Salary Survey that most managers working for the health group had salary ranging from CA$23,200 to CA$110,500 were the average wage computed is CA$51,000.

    Health administration salary in UK

    PayScale says that the median health administration salary in UK is £17,049. Sometimes, organizations may use the term health manager in lieu for this job although some would disagree that these two are different. According to Prospects, the starting salary for NHS employees is £22,444 excluding allowance. Aside from this, they may be given additional benefits in the form of study leave and NHS pension plan. The website did mention that you could expect to receive more if you will be working for the private sector. Junior positions could be paid in between the rates of £27,000 and £37,000 while senior level positions are typically paid from £77,850 to £98,453. If you want better salary, then going for private institutions will be your best bet if you are in UK.

    Health administration salary in Australia

    As of December 2013, MyCareer claims that the average pay rate for jobs in medical and healthcare is AU$84,676 per annum in Australia. This was further tallied in subsectors. Under the sector of administration, the mean salary recorded by the website is AU$58,724 where the minimum health administration salary earned is said to be at AU$35,000 on a yearly basis while the highest salary is AU$105,000. In Salary Survey, while the website did not mention any exact data on health administration salary, it did say the average salary in administration, secretarial and reception jobs is AU$4,088 per month. Administrative officers are earning a mean wage of AU$5,833 while office managers have an average rate of AU$6,111.

    Health administration salary in South Africa

    In South Africa, there is not enough data gathered by some of the popular websites when it comes to health administration salary. However, job postings in Career Jet offers a starting salary of R12,000 to R13,000 a month for this. If these are the monthly income being offered, then annual rates would be from R144,000 to R156,000. In comparison, PayScale says that the median salary of human resources administrators is R129,390 with salaries ranging from R69,602 to R226,550 while office administrators have an average rate of $100,579 and are being paid with the rates of R49,427 to R191,860. Judging from these rates, working as a health administrator will give you better wages compared to the rates being earned by office and human resources administrators.

    Health administration salary in New Zealand

    In New Zealand, health service managers, also known as health administrators, are usually required to have postgraduate tertiary education in health management in order to gain entry to this job. Several factors may be taken into account such as knowledge in accounting, information technology, human resources and education. Entry-level positions will most likely pay with health administration salary rates of NZ$60,000 to NZ$70,000 per year. After gaining an experience of four to five years, rates will now be within the values of NZ$100,000 to NZ$120,000. Those who have 10 to 15 years of experience coupled with postgraduate qualification are earning wages as much as NZ$200,000 and the most experienced are able to earn as high as NZ$400,000 per annum.

    Read morea about administrative careers in healthcare.

    Health administration salary in India

    A master’s in business administration with concentration on business and healthcare will give you higher salaries with more tenure. Those who have less than a year of experience reported an average wage of Rs 390,000 while those who have 1 to 4 years have a mean salary of Rs 448,000 according to PayScale. This may not be exclusive to health administrators though. In a different data, the median salary for a hospital administrator is Rs 367,942. Basic wages for this particular trade is from Rs 174,399 to Rs 1,458,675. One may be able to take home wages within the rates of Rs 176,400 and Rs 1,465,248 if given cash benefits like bonuses of Rs 503 to Rs 99,498, profit sharing of Rs 500 to Rs 150,000, and commissions of Rs 1,000 to Rs 20,000.

    Master’s in health administration salary

    With a master’s in health administration, you are given higher chances of working in a health care facility or become a health administrator. This will pave way management roles in different settings like hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, home health care institutions, and outpatient center cares. You will be given various job opportunities like health services manager, hospital administrator, operations manager, department or division director, and even as a chief executive officer. The Medical Management Group Association said that in 2010, health administrators working in a facility with less than six doctors have a median pay of $86,000. Those who work in a facility with 7 to 25 doctors have an average wage of $115,000. The best pay goes to those who work in institutions with 26 or more doctors, having the mean rate of $150,000 a year.

    Health service administration salary

    BLS says that medical and health services managers are earning an average income of $98,460 per annum or an equivalent rate of $47.34 an hour. The lowest earners have wages less than $53,940 yearly or $25.93 hourly rates. Those on the top have salaries more than $150,560 a year or $72.39 an hour. According to this website, the top paying state together with their average rates are as follows: New York at $114,550; California at $113,810; Connecticut at $111,680; Rhode Island at $110,930; and New Jersey at $110,340. Indeed on the other hand says that the average health service administration salary is $64,000. Comparing the rates mentioned in BLS, these are the results in Indeed: New York at $78,000; California at $69,000; Connecticut at $72,000; Rhode Island at $60,000; and New Jersey at $70,000.

    Public health administration salary

    The salary expectations for public health administrator may already be included in the BLS data mentioned earlier in health administration salary, under the category of medical and health services managers. Indeed, however, does have a separate data on public health administrators, saying that their average rate in the US is $58,000. The mean salary recorded in this website for some of the states in US are the following: California at $63,000; New York at $71,000; Texas at $56,000; Michigan at $59,000; Florida at $55,000; New Jersey at $66,000; Mississippi at $63,000; and Massachusetts at $69,000.

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    How to become a health administrator

    The minimum requirement for entry-level positions in health administration is a bachelor’s degree. This will allow you to work in smaller departments or health facilities. It is recommended that you take a bachelor’s degree in health care administration for these. However, some were able to gain entry by taking up related courses in administration like information technology, human resources and accounting and finance. If you want to advance your career, a higher educational degree may be required. A master’s in certain fields like public health, business, or health care administration may allow you to work in positions that have more responsibilities. Experience in health care is a plus. While certification is not required for all health administrators, you may still want to acquire one to display your competency. Certification is offered by the American College of Healthcare Administrators. For nursing home administrators, it is necessary that you get licensed by your state and pass the exams administered by the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards.

    Conclusion about health administration salary

    A health administration job will most likely be given to someone who has taken up a master’s degree in health administration. Since the job entails managing an entire facility or department, you ought to have strong leadership and organizational skills. Applicants who may have other fields of specialization such as finance and human resources may be given preference by employees. A master’s degree in health administration can open up other many job opportunities for you in healthcare industries such as CEO or operations manager. In the US, you may be able to earn as much as $29,000 a year for entry-level positions. Health administration salary is above average.

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