Cosmetology salary

  • Cosmetologist’s salary is around $25,000 in the United States. Cosmetologists, along with hairdressers and barbers, provide beauty and hairstyling services. They help clients attain pleasing looks by attending to their hair, skin, and nails. They are usually employed in private salons, day spas, or department stores. Cosmetologist may specialize in cosmetics or massage. Many of those who work in this field are cosmetology school graduates and are licensed to perform hair coloring and styling. Among the benefits of being a cosmetologist are their flexibility because they can choose to work independently, their ability to forge good relationships with clients, their ability to keep track of the latest fashion trends, and their opportunities to travel and have fun while attending cosmetology seminars. A cosmetologist may choose to become a hairstylist, a barber, a shampooer, a makeup artist, an esthetician, or a hair color technician. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the average barbers, hairdressers, and cosmetology’s salary is around $22,270 in 2012. The bureau projected a growth in the demand for cosmetologists from 2012 to 2022 to be around 13% which is as fast as the average. Keep reading for more information about cosmetology salary and career requirements.

  • Cosmetology job description

    Many cosmetologists usually work with hair. They shampoo, cut, style, condition, color, straighten, or wave it. Their work often includes dealing with dyes, bleaches, and other chemical solutions as well as clippers, scissors, straightening irons, curlers, and dryers. Others use and care for hairpieces and wigs.

    Cosmetologists who tend for the clients’ nails and skin provide massages, facial, and scalp treatments. That’s why they often work using lotions and creams. They also remove unwanted facial hair and shape eyebrows. Manicurists trim and remove cuticles. They also use nail files to shape the nails and finally, apply nail polish.

    Some cosmetologists clean the work area and tools. The cosmetology’s salary may also pay for doing administrative tasks, such as making appointments, answering the phone, ordering supplies, managing workers, or keeping records. They may also sell grooming or beauty products.

    How much does a cosmetologist earn?

    Average cosmetology salary

    Based on the Occupational Employment Statistics report from the BLS in 2012, the average cosmetology salary is around $26,970. Their wage is around $12.88.

    Cosmetology salary in the USA

    Indeed reported that the average cosmetology’s salary in the US is around $38,000. A wax associate earns around $52,000, while a wax specialist makes $37,000. A beauty instructor earns an average of $26,000. showed that the average salary for hairdressers, or cosmetologists, is $24,302. The 90th percentile earn around $34,882, while the 10th percentile make $16,424 per year.

    PayScale, on the other hand, reported that the median cosmetology’s salary is around $24,234. Their salary ranges between $15,487 and $44,586. Their wage is around $7.42 to $17, with hourly tips ranging from $0.61 to $5.86 and overtime rate reaching up to $19.58.

    Cosmetologists who are starting out in the field earn between $18,798 and $30,252. In contrast, the cosmetology salary for the experienced ones with over 20 years in the business is around $12,365 to $50,336. The annual pay for a cosmetologist with one to four years of experience is between $12,469 and $41,940, while the salary for those with five to nine years is between $14,507 and $50,684.

    The type of employer also affects the cosmetology’s salary. A cosmetology professional who is self-employed earns between $14,962 and $49,420, while one who works for a company makes between $14,010 and $45,302. A cosmetologist employed by a franchise earns around $14,563 to $30,968.

    The BLS reported that the top paying industry for cosmetologist is the motion picture and video industry, which pays an average of $65,160 per year. The performing arts companies pay a cosmetology’s salary of $56,950, while the other professional, scientific, and technical services industry pays around $41,950. A cosmetologist working in the death care services earns an average of $38,200, while one employed in the health and personal care stores makes $33,780 per year.

    cosmetology salary by city and state
    cosmetology salary

    Cosmetology salary by state / city in the USA

    Among the states in the US, the District of Columbia pays a cosmetology professional the highest with a salary of $47,520. Hawaii ranked second with an average annual pay of $35,690. Washington pays a cosmetology salary of $34,360. Connecticut and Vermont pay them around $29,930 and $29,590 per year, respectively.

    When comparing the cosmetology salary among metropolitan areas, cosmetologiss working in the Brockton-Bridgewater-Easton, MA-NECTA division receives the highest, around $37,980. Those who are based in the Seattle-Bellevue-Everett, WA division earn $37,850, while those who are working in Fairbanks, AK area make around $37,820. Cosmetologists employed in the San Francisco-San Mateo-Redwood City, CA area and Honolulu, HI area take home an average cosmetology’s salary of $37,460 and $37,120, respectively.

    Cosmetology teacher salary

    According to Indeed, the average annual pay for a cosmetology teacher is around $51,000.

    PayScale survey showed that a cosmetology instructor earns between $23,558 and $45,360. Their median pay is found to be around $33,164. Their hourly rate ranges from $11.02 to $20.46. The overtime pay may reach up to $32.62, while bonuses may amount to $1,004.

    The cosmetology’s salary for those with less than four years of experience in the industry is between $18,121 and $42,574. But those with over 20 years in this field take home around $25,532 to $55,578 per year.

    Cosmetology salary in Canada

    The median salary for a cosmetology technician in Canada is C$32,459, based on PayScale reports. Their annual pay ranges from C$25,626 to C$60,000.

    WowJobs reported that a cosmetology technician earns around C$44,315.

    According to Living-in-Canada, hairstylists, barbers, and cosmetologists earn between C$20,000 and C$30,000. The highest wage for these beauty technicians is in the Calgary/Banff/Jasper/Rocky Mountain House area, around C$15.82, while the lowest wage is earned in Montreal, Quebec, around C$10.

    Cosmetology salary in Australia

    Living-in-Australia reported that the average hairdresser’s salary, which include the cosmetology’s salary, is around AU$32,000. This is based on the mid-2012 survey that showed the average weekly earnings of hairdressers being AU$609.

    A first year hairdresser apprentice in Sydney earns between AU$15,000 and AU$20,000, while a senior hairdresser in the same city makes between AU$50,000 to AU$55,000. A senior hairdresser based in Melbourne receives around AU$20 to AU$30 per hour. One who is working in Brisbane earns an average of AU$60,000.

    PayScale’s reports showed that the typical cosmetology salary in Australia ranges between AU$33,020 and AU$47,320.

    Cosmetology salary in the UK

    The average hourly rate of a hairdresser, considered as a similar occupation as that of a cosmetology technician, is around £6.60. Their wage is usually between £5.12 and £8.27. Hourly tips range from £0.03 to £1.81, while overtime rate may reach up to £8.24. Bonuses may be granted up to £1,934 by some employees. Commissions may also be provided up to £2,583.

    Cosmetology salary in South Africa

    A cosmetology technician, or a beautician, makes between R19,037 and R486,789 per year, with the median pay being R92,650.

    The cosmetology salary for those with less than four years of experience in the country earn around R34,996 to R122,084, while those with five to nine years make R90,000 to R294,000 per year.

    How to become a cosmetologist

    To become a cosmetologist, one has to finish cosmetology school or become an accredited barber. Some applicants have to complete an apprenticeship to get their license, although they are required to pass an exam regarding their knowledge and skills in cosmetology.

    Training programs usually take nine to 12 months. Students are taught how to style and cut hair, provide chemical texture services, apply scalp and hair color treatments, apply acrylic nails, give manicures and pedicures, and provide eyebrow shaping, massages, and facials.

    A certificate program is also available. Its courses usually cover hairstyling, haircutting, scalp treatments, facials, and manicuring. There are also programs in specialties such as esthetics and nail technology.

    An associate’s degree program may take two years and can be a stepping stone towards an Associate of Applied Science or Associate of Science degree. Aside from cosmetology lessons, the program also discusses topics about management, marketing, and business.

    Conclusion about cosmetology salary

    The median cosmetology salary in 2012 was around $26,790. The bottom 10% among the cosmetologists earn around $16,850, while the top-earning 10% make around $42,360 per year.

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