Anesthesiology salary

  • Anesthesiologist’s salary is around $200,000 in the United States.Anesthesiology is the branch of medicine that is centered in providing anesthetics to patients. Anesthetics are drugs that numb the patient, causing them to lose sensation so that they temporarily are unable to feel pain during a medical procedure. This job requires a degree in medicine and residency in the field of anesthesiology. Knowledge in anesthesiology can open doors of opportunities for you in different settings. Some of these are medical clinics, surgical centers, pain management clinics, hospitals, labor and delivery units and dental offices. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says that the average anesthesiology salary in 2012 is $232,830 per annum or an equivalent rate of $111.94 per hour. Anesthesiology salary expectations are very high even for entry-level positions. Keep reading for more information about anesthesiology salary and career requirements.

  • Anesthesiology job description

    An anesthesiologist is responsible in administering numbing agents, called anesthetics, to patients. Just like the medical procedure that will be undertaken by the patient, the procedure of getting a shot of anesthetics has its risks. Before the surgery or the medical procedure, the anesthesiologist may need to explain possible repercussions in taking the said drug. Other tasks may include observing the patient during a surgery, respond in accordance to the reaction of the patient with the drugs, help in child birthing operations, follow through pain management after operation, help patient with acute and chronic pain, and assist psychiatric patients undergoing electrical shock therapy. For every case, the anesthesiologist will determine what type of anesthetic will best be used. Local anesthetics are recommended if only a small portion of the body needs to be numbed. During child birthing, regional anesthetic may be required where a larger portion of the body is affected with pain. General anesthetic is required for more delicate procedures where the patient needs to be rendered unconscious.

    How much does an anesthesiologist earn ?

    Average anesthesiology salary

    The average anesthesiology salary is $232,830 a year or $111.94 an hour in 2012 according to BLS. The lower 10% earned wages less than $135,110 per annum or $64.96 per hour, much higher than entry-level rates for other jobs nonetheless.

    Anesthesiology salary in USA

    Anesthesiology salary in the US is higher in some industries. BLS says that the top paying industries for this occupation are as follows together with their average rates: offices of physicians at $241,910; specialty (except for psychiatric and substance abuse) hospitals at $229,400; outpatient care centers at $225,360; offices of other health care practitioners at $204,500; and general medical surgical hospitals at $196,700.

    In, the website reported that the median anesthesiology salary in US is $346,223. It also mentioned that the lowest 10% were earning wages less than $258,654 while those in the 90th percentile have wages more than $429,429. As you can see, rates are very high even for those considered to have the lowest wages in this type of job.

    In PayScale, the reported median anesthesiology salary in US is $286,383. Basic wages start at $101,685 or could be as high as $380,969. These rates could still increase to the rates of $101,685 to $380,969, taking into consideration that other cash benefits like bonuses as high as $50,990 and profit sharing that could be valued at $49,667 are added. Anesthesiology salary dramatically increases with experience as shown in this data: Less than a year will give you wages of $58,466 to $324,080; 1 to 4 years will let you earn $65,659 to $354,243 yearly or $7.71 to 171.27 an hour; 5 to 9 years will give you compensation rates of $149,592 to $375,953 per annum or $34 to $151 per hour; 10 to 19 years of experience will let you bring home salaries of $140,000 to $398,265 a year or $127.17 to $201.68 per hour; and those with 20 years of experience are earning anesthesiology salary rates of $129,357 to $418,892 per year or $137 to $303.39 an hour. PayScale also said that aside from basic anesthesiology salary and cash benefits, this job could give you additional benefits in the form of 401(k), paid holidays of vacation, life insurance of disability, and malpractice or liability insurance.

    anesthesiology salary in US, UK, Canada
    anesthesiology salary

    Anesthesiology salary by state

    BLS says that the best states to work in as an anesthesiologist if remuneration is the basis are Wyoming, Tennessee, Oregon, Oklahoma, and North Carolina. Since BLS did not mention the average wages in these areas, you can take a look at the data offered by Indeed. This website reports that the average anesthesiology salary for all of US is $131,000. The states mentioned by BLS on the other hand have these rates in Indeed: Wyoming at $112,000; Tennessee at $122,000; Oregon at $124,000; Oklahoma at $120,000; and North Carolina at $129,000. Anesthesiology salary rates recorded in PayScale on the other hand are as follows: Texas at $82,434 to $354,238; California at $98,986 to $389,514; New York at $60,118 to $356,237; Florida at $125,000 to $356,078; Ohio at $122,167 to $411,844; Pennsylvania at $96,958 to $355,495; and Illinois at $98,986 to $320,556. Compare these data of anesthesiologist salary with anesthesiology assistant salary in the USA.

    Anesthesiology salary in Canada

    According to PayScale, the median anesthesiology salary in Canada is CA$201,724. Salaries received ranged from CA$46,067 to CA$496,647, rates of which are already inclusive of other cash benefits like bonuses of CA$4,488 to CA$50,868. Original basic wages ranged from CA$152,605 to CA$252,103. Rates in Ontario may have higher starting wages with PayScale saying that anesthesiology salary in this area is from CA$175,000 to CA$325,000. In comparison, the average anesthesiology salary in Ontario says Indeed is CA$118,537, converted from the US dollar currency used by the website. Health Salary Canada says that the average anesthesiology salary in this country is CA$78.33 per hour or CA$137,010 annually. The lowest earners have wages less than the rates of CA$54.36 an hour or an equivalent rate of CA$95,094 a year. The top earners are making more than CA$97.91 per hour or CA$171,258 per annum. This website also mentioned that if you want to have higher salaries, you may want to consider working in Calgary, Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver and Winnipeg.

    Anesthesiology salary in UK

    MySalary estimated the mean anesthesiology salary in UK to be £73,853 per annum. National Careers Service says that salary rates for anesthesiologist will depend upon level of experience just like in most trades. Starting wages for hospital trainees would be £22,636. This could possibly increase to as much as £28,076 once one enters into second year of foundation training. Training in a field of specialization will allow you to earn a starting anesthesiology salary of £30,002. A trainee doctor could even earn more if he or she renders more than the usual 40 hours of work in a week. Once you are already considered a specialty doctor, expect to earn between the rates of 37,176 and £69,325. If you were considered for a consultant position, you earn even better wages with anesthesiology salary ranging from £75,249 to £101,451. PayScale revealed that anesthesiologist could be earning more than the wages mentioned earlier. This calculated median anesthesiology salary rate to be £77,371. Basic salaries ranged from £38,783 to £206,084 while total pay rates are from £39,753 to £207,293, with bonuses valued at £48,936 included.

    Anesthesiology salary in Australia

    Open Universities Australia is saying that the average anesthesiology salary in this country is AU$158,600 per annum. For senior anesthesiologists, the expected average income is AU$200,000. The average starting salary is said to be at AU$125,000. According to this website, most are employed in Queensland. This is followed by New South Wales and Victoria respectively. More males are working as an anesthesiologist in Australia, accounting for 66.8% of the population. In PayScale, the recorded median anesthesiologist salary for Australia is AU$187,999. Basic wages are from AU$135,000 to AU$202,261. With the addition of bonuses valued at AU$3,500 to AU$32,500 to these rates, you just might be able to earn within the rates of AU$31,208 and AU$249,033.

    Anesthesiology salary in South Africa

    In South Africa, field of specialization in anesthetics will allow you to earn better wages than other doctors. Salary Explorer says that general medical practitioners have an average compensation rate of R48,500 per month. Physician in pathology have a mean rate of R53,000 a month. For all types of physicians, the median pay rate was said to be at R58,306. Physicians working with a specialization in anesthesiology reported to have an average income of R88,528 a month, more than 30% than what is received by other physicians. PayScale shows that the median anesthesiology salary in South Africa is R624,862. Basic salaries declared are from R535,813 to R872,058. With the addition of bonuses from R0.00 to R115,000, one can bring home total wages valued at R518,063 to R1,380,856.

    Anesthesiology salary in New Zealand

    Although the website was not able to gather enough data on anesthesiology salary in New Zealand, PayScale was still able to come up with an estimate on the median wage received in this job which is NZ$200,000. CareersNZ says the possibility of finding a job as one is very high with more job openings compared to the number of anesthesiologists in the country. Starting pay rates are very minimal compared to what is received by the top earners. Registrars who are working for a district health board could expect to earn salaries ranging from NZ$70,000 to NZ$175,000. Qualified anesthesiologist earns between the rates of NZ$150,000 to NZ$206,000. Working for the private sector may allow you to earn higher wages with some reportedly earning as high as NZ$600,000.

    Anesthesiology salary in India

    Anesthesiologist in India has a median pay rate of Rs 1,080,000. The website’s survey revealed that basic anesthesiology salary in this country ranged from Rs 477,430 to Rs 1,847,462. Total pay rates on the other hand are from Rs 479,261 to Rs 1,859,937, rates already inclusive of bonuses of Rs 0.00 – Rs 100,671 and profit sharing of Rs 9,826 to Rs 102,789. 1 to 4 years of experience will allow you to earn between the rates of Rs 471,299 and Rs 1,470,652 while having been in this job for 5 to 9 years could possibly earn you wages of Rs 570,000 to Rs 2,250,000. Higher rates may be offered in some geographical locations. For example, anesthesiology salary in Delhi is from Rs 610,419 to Rs 1,212,167. Karnataka pays with the rates of Rs 493,389 to Rs 1,297,078 while if you were in Maharashtra, rates could be somewhere from Rs 415,000 to Rs 1,050,000.

    Anesthesiology assistant salary

    An anesthesiology assistant is someone who provides anesthetics to patients but procedure done will always be under the wing of an anesthesiologist. Other duties may include testing necessary equipment that will be used in administering anesthetics, monitoring patient’s condition during a surgical procedure and preparing the patient for the procedure. A 4-year bachelor’s degree comparable to pre-medical courses, a master’s degree and practical training are common requirements for this job. The average salary for this trade according to PayScale is $99,624. Survey respondents reported wages ranging from $49,627 to $141,914, inclusive of bonuses of $4,966. The only perk mentioned in this website for anesthesiology assistants is 401(k).

    Anesthesiology nurse salary

    Anesthesiology nurses are health professionals who are registered nurses, but stretched their education further to include a master’s degree in their resume. In order to become an anesthesiology nurse, you must first pass a national examination that will give you the designation of a Certified Registered Nurses Anesthetist. Certification can only be maintained through continuing education. Unlike anesthesiology assistants, anesthesiology nurses can administer anesthetics on their own without the permission or supervision of an anesthesiologist. In PayScale, the median pay rate mentioned for this job is $141,971. Salaries could be in between the rates of $89,631 and $194,111, rates may already include bonuses of $10,329 and profit sharing of $23.49 to $25,449. Less than a year of experience will let you take home wages of $96,095 to $154,954 and top pay is given to those who have 20 years or more of tenure, having wages ranging from $116,653 to $200,186.

    Dental anesthesiology salary

    As the name implies, dental anesthesiology is the practice of providing anesthetics to dental patients. This job needs one to at least have completed dental medicine followed by residency that includes the practice of anesthesiology. BLS says that dentists earned an average salary of $16,780 per annum or $79.22 per hour in 2012. It does not say though something about the rates being received by those who practice anesthesiology. SimplyHired says that the mean pay rate for this particular trade in the US is $196,000 per year.

    Anesthesiology pain management salary

    Pain management is a branch of medicine concerned with helping patients better manage pain. Practitioners in this field come from a diverse background. Pain physician may include the likes of anesthesiologists, psychiatrists and neurologists. says that pain physicians have an average wage of $303,175. The lowest 10% have wages less than $200,614 while the top 10% are able to earn more than the rate of $473,954. Allied Physicians claims that pain management anesthesiologist who have 1 to 2 years of experience earn salaries close to the rate of $315,000. More than 3 years of tenure will let you earn a salary of $370,000 while top earners are able to make as much as $651,000.

    Cardiothoracic anesthesiology salary

    Cardiothoracic anesthesiologists are concerned with the preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative well-being of patients undergoing cardiothoracic procedures such as open heart and lung surgery. According to, the average cardiothoracic anesthesiology salary in US is $228,650 per annum. The average rates earned are $182,920 to $274,380 annually. Starting wages are somewhere between the rates of $150,640 to $225,960 while the top earners are receiving salaries ranging from $215,200 to $322,800.

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    How to become an anesthesiologist

    To become an anesthesiologist, you need to at least spend a minimum of 12 years in postsecondary education. The first step is to get qualified in a medicine school. For this, there is no particular requirement imposed by most schools but if you want to have an edge in medicine, you should take a course relate to natural sciences. Later on, you will find that subjects in physics, biology, anatomy and chemistry are helpful in medicine school. Before you can be qualified as an anesthesiologist, you must first be able to graduate from a Doctor of Medicine (MD) program. Expect the first two years to be spent learning about natural sciences. Although minimal, you will be given some leeway in working with some of the patients, with teachers allowing you to conduct examinations and interviews. Work will become more intense in the last two years of medical school. You will be gaining more ample training in here, with you participating in clinical rotations under the supervision of physicians or residents. For anesthesiologists, resident training after medical school will take about 4 years to complete. After completing residency in anesthesiology, some opt to enter into fellowships that lets one study a particular subset of anesthesiology subspecialty such as cardiac, obstetric and pediatric care. After graduating from medical school, you can already take the US Medical Licensing Examination to be allowed practice of medicine in the country. For those who specialized in anesthesiology, you can get certified through the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA) where the organization will require you to take a written and oral examination. Those who entered into fellowships can obtain additional certification from this same organization for subspecialties in anesthesiology.

    Conclusion about anesthesiology salary

    A job as an anesthesiologist will let you earn more than what a general practitioner earns. A six-figure income comes easy even for starters. While it may take you a while before you can be fully qualified, your time spent in school and residency will all be worth it with different sectors paying withy very competitive rates. Anesthesiology salary in US could be over $100 an hour.

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