Radiologist assistant salary

  • Radiologist assistant’s salary is around $57,000 in the United States. Radiology assistants do their work under the supervision of a licensed radiologist. They usually work in a doctor’s office, hospital, or imaging center. Their work mainly involves taking care of the patients. This new occupation was created to help bridge the gap between the duties of a radiologist and those of a radiologic technologist. Radiologist assistant usually works with a team of radiologists, emergency room doctors, nurses, and primary care physicians. Their job, however, can be physically demanding. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) categorized radiologist assistants under radiologic technologists. According to the bureau’s Occupational Outlook Handbook, the average radiologic technologist’s salary, including the radiologist assistant’s salary, was $55,910 in 2012. The occupation is also projected to grow by 21% from 2012 to 2022, due to the aging American population that might deal with more medical conditions. Keep reading for more information about radiologist assistant salary and career requirements.

  • Radiologist assistant job description

    Radiologist assistants are mainly required to support radiologists in the day-to-day operations of the radiology unit in a hospital, clinic or imaging center. They are required to help the radiologists run, assess, and prepare patients for the diagnostic tests. It is also their duty to conduct examinations and follow the procedures implemented by the radiologist. Radiologist assistants also need to make initial observations about radiologic images and assess the quality of images. They work with the radiology team, which they need to help by facilitating the radiological services to allow the radiologist to focus and spend more time on reading, interpreting, and making reports about the images.

    How much does a radiologist assistant make ?

    Average radiologist assistant salary

    Based on the annual pay of radiologic technologists, the radiologist assistant’s salary is $56,760. Their average wage is reported to be around $27.29.

    Radiologist assistant salary in the US

    No specific reports were conducted about the radiologist assistant in the US. But based on PayScale’s salary report about radiologic technologists, the radiologist assistant’s salary will likely be in the range between $33,866 and $64,298. Their median pay was $45,785. Their wage ranges between $16.18 and $29.97, while overtime pay ranges between $21.18 and $4.31.

    PayScale also showed their starting salary to range from $31,892 to $58,160. As radiologic technologists and assistants gain more experience and move up to higher positions, they earn more. The radiologist assistant salary for mid-career positions ranges between $36,261 and $63,584, while the salary for experienced positions ranges between $38,343 and $71,177. The veteran ones usually take home between $40,238 and $76,658.

    According to the BLS, radiologic technologists and radiologist assistants earned the highest salary in the industry that the bureau grouped as colleges, universities, and professional schools at $66,320. The other top paying industries for these professionals include the employment services, where the annual pay was $63,410; the scientific research and development services, $62,870; the specialty (except psychiatric and substance abuse) hospitals, $62,580; and the management of companies and enterprises, $60,820.

    Radiologist assistant salary by city/state in the US

    The BLS’ report about radiologic technologists also contains a report about the top paying states for this occupation, including the radiologist assistant. The states with a high radiologic technologist and radiologist assistant salary include California, where the pay was $72,030 and Alaska, $68,920. The other top paying states include Massachusetts, District of Columbia, and Rhode Island, where they earned $68,890, $68,130, and $67,860 per year, respectively.

    The bureau’s survey also showed that the city of Vallejo, California paid the highest radiologist assistant’s salary of $91,400, based on the report about the salary of the relevant occupation of radiologic technologists posted by the US News & World Report. Oakland, California is another high paying city, where these assistants earned $89,530 per year.  The other cities with generous radiologist assistant salary include San Jose, California; San Francisco; and Hanford, California, where the pay was $85,550, $84,770, and $79,420 per year, respectively.

    Radiologist assistant salary in Canada

    PayScale’s report about how much radiology technologists are earning include the radiologist assistant’s salary. This means that these assistants earn between C$39,735 and C$79,553 per year in Canada. Their wage ranges from C$19.46 to C$39.74, with a median wage of C$29. showed that the radiologic technologist and radiologist assistant’s salary for the 50th percentile is around C$54,363. Those in the 10th percentile earn C$45,368; in the 25th percentile, C$49,654; in the 75th percentile, C$59,668; and in the 90th percentile, C64,498 per year. In addition to the base salary, they also receive additional benefits, such as bonuses worth C$55; social security benefits  worth C$4,163; disability worth C$490; 401K/403B worth C$1,959; healthcare benefits worth C$6,592; pension worth C$3,428; and time off worth C$6,698.

    Radiologist assistant salary in Australia

    The radiologist assistant’s salary in Australia, looking at the radiographer’s salary, ranges between AU$42,407 and AU$92,324. This is actually their total salary, which consists of a base salary ranging from AU$38,647 and AU$82,097 and a bonus that amounts to as much as AU$4,972. Their hourly rate ranges between AU$24.97 and AU$43.60. Those who render overtime work earn between AU$35.67 and AU$78.31 per hour.

    Radiologist assistant salary in the UK

    Imaging support workers, such as radiologist assistants, earn a salary ranging between £14,153 and £19,077 while holding an entry-level position. With experience, they can make as much as £21,798 in radiologist assistant’s salary.

    According to MySalary, the average radiologist assistant’s salary in the UK is around £13,650.

    Radiologist assistant salary in South Africa

    There are no specific data about the yearly pay of radiologist assistants working in South Africa. But PayScale showed that radiographers, a relevant occupation, earned a median pay of R200,859 per year. This means that the radiologist assistant’s salary is likely lower than that of a radiographer’s salary. The website showed radiographers earning between R141,896 and R308,44. The median salary is cited to be R200,859. Wages vary from R62.40 to R203.92, while overtime work is paid between R49.32 and R172.42 per hour.

    How to become a radiologist assistant

    To become a radiologist assistant, one needs an associate’s or certificate degree program in radiology technology. However, many employers look for a bachelor’s degree. Aspiring radiologist assistants should only complete a program approved by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT), which is required in getting a certification. All the programs approved by the ARRT consist of classroom instructions as well as hands-on practice. They may also require students to serve as an intern for a practicing radiologist. Typical course topics include patient care and assessment, radiation biology and safety, imaging procedures, anatomy and physiology, and imaging physics.

    Getting a professional certification provided by ARRT is an advantage. To become a Registered Radiologist Assistant (RRA), one needs to earn a bachelor’s degree and one year experience in the clinic and comply with the ARRT’s ethical standards. Aspiring radiologist assistants also need to pass the ARRT certification exam, which is a multiple choice exam about anatomy, patient management, radiation safety, and materials used radiological tests. To keep this certification current, continuing education units are required.

    Most of the states require a license. The most common licensing requirements include passing the ARRT exam and earning the necessary continuing education credits.

    There are online degree programs for radiologic studies, although they are not fully available online. They are hybrid programs instead that is composed of online instructions and actual internship or clinical practice.

    Conclusion about radiologist assistant salary

    Based on the BLS’ report about radiologic technologists, radiologist assistants earn more or less an average salary of $56,760. The top earning 10% make $78,440 per year, while the bottom 10% take home only $37,570 per year. Radiologist assistant salary is above average.

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