Medical administrative assistant salary

  • Medical administrative assistant’s salary ranges from $43,000 to $70,000. The hourly pay of medical administrative assistant ranges from $425 to $33.50.  Medical administrative assistant’s salary varies from state to state. But usually the most experienced medical administrative assistants receive the highest salary. Keep reading for more information about medical administrative assistant salary.

  • Medical administrative assistant job description

    Medical administrative assistant is very important for the maintenance of a healthcare facility. Some of the duties of medical administrative assistant are: keeping, maintaining, organizing and updating patients’ medical records and history, organizing and coordinating physician-patients appointments, authenticating insurance, furnishing and forwarding insurance claims to insurance companies, maintaining open and working communications between the physician and patients by preparing and answering correspondence, offering excellent and professional health services to patients.

    How much does a medical administrative assistant make ?

    Average medical administrative assistant salary

    Average medical administrative assistant’s  salary  is around $62,500. The median hourly pay is around $23.

    Medical  administrative assistant salary in USA

    Medical  administrative assistant’s pay per hour by city according to salary expert is as follows: those working in Dallas, Texas receive around $26.50; those who practice in Austin, Texas take home around $26.00; those employed in Los Angeles, California receive around $27.50; those who work in Chicago, Illinois enjoy around $26; those in Atlanta Georgia take home around $25, those in San Diego California receive around $25; those in Houston Texas collect around $26.50 and those who are employed in Manhattan,NYC take home an hourly pay of around $33.50.

    medical administrative assistant salary in USA, UK and Australia
    medical administrative assistant salary

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    Medical  administrative assistant salary by state

    Medical administrative assistant’s salary by state is as follows: those who practice in Texas take home around $53,500; those practicing in Tennessee collect around $43,000; those employed in Pennsylvania take home around $52,500; those who practice in Florida receive around $47,000; those working in Georgia collect around $50,000; those practicing in North Carolina take home around $46,800; those employed in Ohio receive around $49,500; those working in Illinois earn an annual income of around $52,500 and those working in Colorado earn a top annual income of around $56,700.

    Medical  administrative assistant’s salary by city is as follows: those who work in Dallas take home around $56,200; those practicing in Austin take home around $56,400; those practicing in Los Angeles earn around $58,400; those who work in Miami receive around $48,000; those practicing in Chicago receive around $56,000; those working in San Diego collect around $102,000; those practicing in Atlanta earn around $117,700; those employed in Los Angeles collect around $54,300; those who serve in Houston collect around 57,000 and those who serve in Manhattan enjoy the top pay of around $70,000.

    Medical administrative assistant’s bonus per annum by percentile rating is as follows: 15%receives around $2,369, 50% takes home around $3,469 and the 65% collects around $4,135.  The benefits of medical administrative assistant by percentile rating are as follows: about 15% enjoys around $5,541 per annum; the median percentile collects around $8,113 per year and the 65% of medical administrative assistants receive around $9,671 per annum.

    How to become a medical administrative assistant
    The aspiring medical administrative assistant should obtain a high school diploma as the minimum pre-requisites. Since understanding medical terminologies is required, aspirants must have some education in medical and administrative field. Medical administrative assistant may choose to acquire the Certified Medical administrative assistant certification to further his career. This certification can be obtained from the National Health career Association (NHA). There are also medical administrative programs offered by state accredited schools that an aspirant may enrol to further their education. These programs not only provide academic documents but aids students in preparing for their career.

    Conclusion about medical administrative assistant salary

    Medical administrative assistant’s salary in United States according to salary expert ranges from $43,000 to 70,000. The top paying place in the US based on annual pay is Manhattan where medical administrative assistant receives salary of  82,500 including bonuses and benefits.

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