Clinical medical assistant salary

  • Clinical medical assistant’s salary is starting around $27,000. This amount gradually increases as clinical medical assistant practices his profession and gains more experience. In fact a clinical medical assistant can collect an annual income of around $38,000. Keep reading for more information about clinical medical assistant salary, job description and educational requirements.

  • Clinical medical assistant job description

    Clinical medical assistant is a non-licensed, multi tasking healthcare practitioner who is knowledgeable equally in clinical and managerial processes. Some of Clinical medical assistant’s tasks include:  Measuring and preparing of the examination rooms, recording of vital signs, interviewing of patients, cleaning and sterilizing syringe and injection tools, performing injections and dispensing oral and topical medicines and executing patients health evaluation and testing. Clinical medical assistant may work on gaining accreditation to become certified. Once certified, this would mean more job opportunities and increase in remuneration.

    How much does a clinical medical assistant make ?

    Average clinical medical assistant salary

    Clinical medical assistant collects between 27,000 to $38,000 annually. The median pay per annum is around $31,000. Clinical medical assistant’s hourly pay ranges from $12.00 to $15.00.

    Clinical medical assistant salary in USA

    Clinical medical assistant’s hourly pay per city according to salary expert is as follows: those working in Dallas, Texas receive around $12.50; those who practice in Miami, Florida take home around $11.50; those employed in Los Angeles, California receive around $13.50; those who work in Las Vegas ,Nevada enjoy around $13.00 the same with hourly pay in Atlanta Georgia, san Diego California, Austin Texas, Chicago, Illinois and Houston, Texas and those who are employed in Manhattan , NYC take home an hourly pay of around $15.00.

    clinical medical assistant salary in USA
    clinical medical assistant salary

    Clinical medical assistant salary by state

    Clinical medical assistant’s annual income by state is as follows: one who practices in Texas takes home around $26,000; one practicing in Tennessee collects around $27,000; one employed in Florida receives around $27,500; one working in Georgia collects around $28,000; one practicing in North Carolina takes home around $27,300; one employed in Ohio receives around $25,000 and one working in Illinois earns an annual income of around $29,000.

    Clinical medical assistant’s pay per year by city is as follows: those who work in Dallas take home around $27,000; those practicing in Miami take home around $24,000; those practicing in Los Angeles earn around $28,000; those who have work contract in Las Vegas receive around $27,600; those practicing in Atlanta receive around $27,000; those working in San Diego collect around $28,000; those practicing in Austin earn an around $27,100; those employed in Chicago collect around $27,900; those who are serve in Houston collect around 26,800 and those who serve in Manhattan enjoy the top pay of around $33,000.

    Clinical medical assistant receives a yearly bonus based on percentile rating is as follows: 15% receives around $1,485; 50% takes home around $1,816 and the 70% collects around $2,365.

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    How to become a clinical medical assistant

    The clinical medical assistant candidates must have finished High School or GED or its equivalency. They must also finish 9 months to 1 year trainings or an associate degree program which usually takes 2 years to complete. The curriculum for clinical medical assistant focuses on medical office administration, health care management, treatment, therapy, medical law and regulations; and applicable professional ethics and standards. The training program to be attended must be accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (ABHES).

    Conclusion about clinical medical assistant salary

    Clinical medical assistant’s salary in USA ranges from $27,000 to $38,000. The top paying state in the USA based on annual pay is Georgia where clinical medical assistant receives salary of $29,000. Average clinical medical assistants salary is increasing year by year.

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