Average PA salary

  • Average PA’s salary is around $95,000 in the United States. PAs are also known as physician associates, medical assistants, Feldsher, or clinical officers depending on the country where they work. These are health professionals that provide extra support to a medical team, working under the direction of a physician or a doctor. Depending on area of practice, work may include but is not limited to conducting physical examinations, prescribing medication, suturing wounds, diagnose and treat diseases and interpret medical tests. While they usually work for a doctor, some PAs are allowed to provide first line of medical care especially in areas where there may be a scarcity of medical assistance. While this may be so, this is still under the assumption that the PA should prescribe medicines and provide treatment while conferring the case with a doctor or a qualified health professional. Keep reading for more information about average PA salary and career requirements.

  • Average PA salary in USA

    In the US, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that PAs are earning an average salary of $94,350 per annum which could be equivalent to the wage rate of $45.36 per hour. This too claimed that earnings could be in between the rates of $62,030 and $130,620 and that the highest salaries are earned in Rhode Island ($110,600), Nevada ($106,470), New Hampshire ($106,350), New Jersey ($106,330) and Washington ($106,190). Salary.com on the other hand says that the lowest salary could be less than $78,062 while those who are on top are making more than $110,032 where the average PA salary is estimated to be at $92,787. In comparison, results in Indeed showed an average salary of $66,000 a year. PayScale showed different results with the website’s data showing a median salary of $81,794 annually for PAs in the US.

    Working in a specific field could also make you have higher or lower salaries as indicated by the survey conducted by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) in 2012. The results showed that those who were working under urgent care have the highest salaries, recording an average PA salary of $132,727 per year. This was followed by dermatology PAs, earning a mean salary of $129,466. The least earned on other hand comes from those working for neurology and gastroenterology, earning average salaries of $90,131 and $91,258 respectively.

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    Average PA salary in Canada

    In Canada, physician assistants were providing medical assistance since the 1960s. This, however, is considered a fairly new concept in civilian practice. Ontario and Manitoba were the first ones to have provided formal training and were only able to produce graduates in 2010. According to WowJobs, the average PA salary in Canada is CA$58,371 per annum. Survey report in PayScale shows a median salary of CA$78,003 a year or an equivalent wage of CA$20 per hour. Basic pay ranges from CA$39,018 to CA$98,079 while adding cash benefits like bonuses of CA$9,787 would give you a total rate of CA$34,620 to CA$100,807 per annum.

    Average PA salary in Australia

    Just like in Canada, Australia just recently recognized PAs as a vital contribution to the medical team. If you will be practicing in Queensland, standard pay rate ranges from AU$95,294 to AU$105,255 per annum. There is still no viable rule regarding how much PAs should be paid in this country but some are suggesting that this should be equivalent to 50% of the salary of the physician they are working for or not more than what a registrar receives. To a certain health services union, they are recommending that salary should fall in between the rates of AU$97,800 to AU$113,700, exclusive of allowances that should be valued at AU$1,500 to AU $5,800 per annum. 

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