Anesthesiologist assistant salary

  • Anesthesiologist assistant’s salary (also known as anesthesiology assistant salary or AA salary) is around $89,000in the United States. This amount gradually increases as he practices his profession. In fact an anesthesiologist assistant can collect an annual income of around $138,500. Keep reading for more information about anesthesiologist assistant salary and educational requirements.

  • Anesthesiologist assistant job description

    Anesthesiologist assistant fills in a comparatively new and developing division of health care. As part of the anesthetic team, they offer valuable duties. Some of these duties include assisting the physicians before, during and after every surgical procedure. As such, they contribute largely to the success of the surgical operations. Under the guidance of a physician they perform physical examinations, inject and apply local or general anesthesia, take an eye to patients under anesthesia, insert instruments and devices to the patients, and controls the advanced life support systems. They also keep and maintain the patient’s medical records and perform rounds on patients after the operation.

    How much does an anesthesiologist assistant make?

    Average anesthesiologist assistant salary

    Anesthesiologist assistant collects between 89,000 to $129,000 annually. The median pay per annum is around $97,000. Anesthesiologist assistant’s hourly pay ranges from $43.00 to $63.00.

    Anesthesiologist assistant salary in USA

    Anesthesiologist assistant’s hourly pay per city according to salary expert is as follows: those working in Dallas, Texas receive around $51; those who practice in Bellingham, MA ,take home around $49.; those employed in Los Angeles, California receive around $63.50; those who work in San Francisco ,California, enjoy around $57.50. Those who work in Chicago, Illinois enjoy around $42; those in Atlanta Georgia take home around $53, those in San Diego, California receive around $59; those in Houston, Texas collect around $62 and those who are employed in  Manhattan, NYC take home an hourly pay of around $61.

    Anesthesiologist assistant’s annual income by state is as follows: those who practice in Texas take home around $124,000; those practicing in Tennessee collect around $117,000; those employed in Florida receive around $123,500; those working in Georgia collect around $117,000; those practicing in North Carolina take home around $27,300; those employed in Ohio receive around $118,000; those in Ohio receive around $117; those in Arizona collect around $130,000 and those working in Illinois earn an annual income of around $99,000.

    Anesthesiologist assistant’s pay per year by city is as follows: those who work in Dallas take home around $115,000; those practicing in Miami take home around $124,000; those practicing in Los Angeles earn around $129,000; those who have work contract in Las Vegas receive around $138,500; those practicing in Atlanta receive around $112,000; those working in San Diego collect around $122,000; those practicing in Austin earn around $127,400; those employed in Chicago collect around $89,000; those who are serve in Houston collect around $128,000 and those who serve in New York-Manhattan enjoy an annual income of around $126,000.

    anesthesiologist assistant salary in Canada, UK and USA
    anesthesiologist assistant salary

    Anesthesiologist assistant’s bonus per annum based on percentile is as follows: 15% receives around $1,485, 50% takes home around $1,816 and the 70% collects around $2,365. The benefits by percentile rating are as follows: 15% enjoys around 14,612 per annum; 50% collects around $17,887 per year and the 65% of anesthesiologist assistants receive around $26,331 per annum.

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    How to become an anesthesiologist assistant

    A bachelor’s degree is the pre-requisite to become an anesthesiology assistant. The aspirant should focus on the following subjects while in College: microbiology; chemistry and biology. After gaining bachelor’s degree the aspiring anesthesiology assistant should finish a master’s degree from an accredited school. The programs vary from two years to two and three months. After this, in order to practice, the aspiring anesthesiology assistant must acquire certificate and state license.    

    Conclusion about anesthesiologist assistant salary

    Anesthesiologist assistant’s salary in United States ranges from $89,000 to $138,500 per annum. The top paying city in the US by annual pay is Las Vegas where anesthesiologist assistant receives around $138,500.

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