Medical assistant salaries

  • Have you ever wondered how much does a medical assistant make ? Or how much does a dental assistant make a year ? This salary comparison is based on actual data that will give you accurate answer.

  • How much do medical assistants make

    The starting yearly pay for medical assistants working in USA is around $39,000 per year. Among the benefits of medical assistant include annual bonus of around $713 and annual profit sharing of $104.74 to $3,622

    Why do you need to become a medical assistant

    The employment growth for medical assistant is surging as more and more aging baby boomers need medical attention. BLS noted that from 2004 to 2013 there are nearly 4 million jobs created and majority of them are in the area of health care. The projected growth for health care is the fastest among other occupations, a very good reason to consider medical assistant as your future career.

    Another good reason to become a medical assistant is the relatively short span of studies. Many schools provide aspiring medical assistant sufficient education and on the job training in less than a year that would be enough for you to commence your career as medical assistant.

    Medical assistants receive many benefits. Aside from yearly bonus and profit sharing, they are also entitled to receive paid holiday and vacation, life and disability insurance, paid sick leave and free drinks and water. Medical assistants are provided with reimbursements for their education, training, tuition and certification.

    How to become a medical assistant

    You can study to become a medical assistant at a vocational school or community college for 2 years. Education for medical assistant is very flexible and abundant. Regardless of your current situation in life a school can be found to fit into your schedule. Vocational-technical schools, junior colleges and post secondary vocational schools offer postsecondary programs for aspiring medical assistants. Medical assistant courses usually take 1 year for a certificate or you may take 2 years for an associate degree. The subjects to be covered are clinical and diagnostic procedures, anatomy, medical terminology, typing, accounting, record keeping, and first aid, administration of medicines, insurance processing and physiology. Most medical assistant programs include internships in hospitals, physician’s offices and other health facilities.

    After finishing medical assistant course, certification is not required for a medical assistant to start to work but since employers favour to hire medical assistants with certification, you need to be certified. The top agency that provides certifications for medical assistant is the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) as well as the American Medical Technologists (AMT).

    Medical assistant tuitions and scholarships

    It requires a little bit of leg-work to find a medical assistant scholarship but it is worth the effort.  If you are already decided to become one, scholarship will enable you to reach your dream with a minimum amount of expenses. American Medical Technologists (AMT) is one example of organizations that award medical assistant scholarships.

    The largest source of financial assistance for college scholarships is the Federal Student Aid program. It provides billions of dollars in funding every year through grants, job earnings and loans. Visit their site at to know if you are qualified to become a scholar of FSA.  Another organization that offers college scholarship is the Federal Pell Grant (FPG). It offers scholarship grants to deserving students who have not yet earned a professional or bachelor’s degree. Stafford Loans is another option. It offers fixed rate loans for students who want to attend college. Lastly, there is the PLUS Loans which is designed to help a dependent undergraduate student who is already enrolled in an accredited school.

    Average salary of medical assistant

    In US, 10% of medical assistant gets to collect around $21,000 per annum. 25% of them receive around $25,000; the median collects an average of $28,000 while the 75% and 90% take home around $32,000 and $37,000 respectively. The hourly rate for medical assistants ranges from $9.94 to $17.27 with hourly tips of $1.44 and overtime hourly pay of $25.28. The highest paying states for medical assistants based on pay per annum are Texas, from $19,087 to $37,558, California, from $19,067 to $41,616, New York, from $20,473 to $45,242, Georgia, from $19,525 to $40,695, Florida, from $17,266 – $39,351, Ohio, from $19,727 to $36,524 and Maryland, $22,510 to $49,653 per annum. The top earning medical assistants are in the city of Texas in Dallas where medical assistants receive up to around $55,000 a year. 

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