Traveling nurse salary

  • Traveling nurse’s salary is around $80,000 in the United States. A traveling nurse usually gets paid more than a full time, permanent nurse. Not only will these nurses receive top compensation and benefits, but they will also get overtime pay depending on how many hours they put in. They also get health and medical benefits, travel places, and choose flexible hours. Assignments usually last for eight to 13 weeks, although assignments longer than this are usually paid less than the shorter ones. The average traveling nurse’s salary is around $75,000 for a 48-hour work year, with the wage being $40. Aside from this, the housing and living arrangements are also taken care of by the employer. However, maintaining relationships may be challenging for traveling nurses. Being perceived as short-term nurses, chief nurses may not be as considerate in giving them schedules, which could mean getting stuck with overnight, evening, or weekend shifts. Keep reading for more information about traveling nurse salary and career requirements.

  • What does a traveling nurse do 

    Traveling nurse has various duties to attend to. They perform physical assessments, administer drugs, take vitals, develop patient care plans, provide wound care, and work with licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants in patient care. Many of them also educate family members and caretakers on how to properly care for patients and assist in providing medical care. They may also perform follow-up procedures or administer physical therapy. Find out more about Traveling nurse requirements and job description.

    How much does a traveling nurse make?

    Average traveling nurse salary

    According to Indeed, the average traveling nurse’s salary in the US is $80,000. They earn around $30 per hour.

    Traveling nurse salary in the USA

    PayScale reported that the typical traveling nurse’s salary ranges between $40,099 and $81,763, with the median salary being $63,440. Their hourly rate is around $18.39 to $39.46, with the overtime pay being $27.37 to $54 and a bonus of up to $6,000 per year.

    Traveling nurse with one to four years of experience earns between $18.50 and $33.97 per hour, while those with five to nine years in the business make between $19.28 and $37.34 per hour. The traveling nurse’s salary for nurse with 20 years of experience is around $25.25 to $36.97 per hour.

    The traveling nurse’s salary also varies based on their employer type. Nurses who are employed by hospitals make around $18.57 to $39.03 per hour. Those who are considered contractual earn between $21 and $37.50.

    Traveling nurse salary by state / city in the USA

    Based on Indeed’s survey about the traveling nurse’s salary in various states in the US, it turned out that those who are working in the New York make around $95,000 per year. Traveling nurse who is employed in Mississippi earns around $94,000, while those in Virgin Islands make around $93,000 per year. This is followed by the $92,000 salary in Washington, D.C. and Massachusetts. The average traveling nurse’s salary in California is around $89,000, followed by the $86,000 salary in Connecticut. The traveling nurse salary by state is in Hawaii with their annual pay of $53,000.

    traveling nurse salary in UK and Canada
    traveling nurse salary

    Traveling nurse practitioner salary

    The average salary for a traveling nurse practitioner ranges between $76,160 and $114,240. Their starting salary is around $62,720 to $94,080. Their highest salary ranges between $89,600 and $134,400.

    The average wage for traveling nurse practitioners is around $34 to $51. Starting nurse practitioners make between $28 and $42, with the top wage ranging from $40 to $60. Check also salary of paramedic in USA.

    Traveling nurse salary in Canada

    Registered nurse in Canada earns around C$23.10 to C$40.62 per hour, with an overtime pay of C$4.80 to C$73.70 per hour. Bonuses of up to C$3,750 and profit sharing of between C$27.50 and C$5,057 per year may also be provided. However, the traveling nurse’s salary is usually higher than this salary for regular nurses because of the shortage in positions and the instability that comes with this job.

    New graduates working as traveling nurse makes around C$45 per hour complete with sick pay, per diem, vacation pay, and other benefits. The traveling nurse salary also varies from state to state, but the usual minimum wage is C$45 with the highest being C$55.

    Traveling nurse salary in Australia

    The typical salary for registered nurse in Australia, including traveling nurse, ranges between AU$43,762 and AU$77,766. Their wage is around AU$22.90 to AU$37.29 with the overtime pay possibly reaching around AU$63.36. PayScale also reported that the average traveling nurse’s wage, or those who are working for agencies, is around AU$35.11 to AU$48.48.

    Traveling nurse salary in the UK

    The registered nurses in the UK earn between £16,928 and £30,515. Entry-level nurses make between £17,150 and £28,224, while experienced nurses take home around £15,838 to £33,162. However, the traveling nurse’s salary is bound to be bigger than the salary of these regular nurses because of their short-term, less-than-stable employment.

    Traveling nurse salary in South Africa

    The usual registered nurse salary in South Africa is around R97,868 to R268,324, with a median salary of around R175,371. The traveling nurse salary is bound to be higher than this though. According to PayScale, the salary for nurses who are delegated to the “Other” hospital setting is around R86,365 to R237,175.

    How to become a traveling nurse

    To become a traveling nurse with an associate’s degree, one will need a high school diploma or GED to get into a nursing program. This two-year program is usually offered by community colleges, where students take nursing theories and clinical training for experience. Nurses with a bachelor’s degree can become a part of the administrative staff or any other nursing positions. After getting a BSN, nurses can choose to enroll in a master’s degree program after one year of work experience. A master’s degree in nursing can open opportunities such as senior-level positions. Traveling nurses with an MSN can fill contract senior-level positions. Nurses have to take the National Council Licensure Examination and apply for a state license. The license has to be renewed every two years, which means continuing education classes are necessary. A traveling nurse can apply for a multi-state or compact license to avoid applying for a license in every state they work in.

    Conclusion about traveling nurse salary

    The average traveling nurse salary is around $80,000. However, it may also come with free housing, free travel to US destinations, paid luggage, paid licensure, referral bonus, and signing bonus, depending on the employer. 

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