Therapist salary

  • Therapist’s salary is around $40,000 in the United States. A therapist provides the support and mental health help that patient needs. This is an ideal occupation for those who are willing to lend a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on for family and friends. Therapists must care for their patients as a part of their job. While some fields of therapy, such as those of psychology, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy are lucrative and have a good scope, some are not as profitable. But higher income is possible for therapists who choose to specialize in a certain field and for the experienced ones. Aside from the financial satisfaction obtained from this occupation, there is also the satisfaction from devoting their job to looking after the welfare of their patients. Keep reading for more information about therapist salary and career requirements for different therapy specialties.

  • Therapist job description

    All therapists work with patients, although some might be employed in private practice, while others are in hospitals, schools, prisons, and government agencies. They meet with patients, listen to them discuss their issues, try to provide solutions to their problems, and oversee cases. A bulk of their patients are people suffering from grief, addiction, and depression, which is why therapists must have excellent listening skills, empathy, and great communication skills.

    Therapists can’t prescribe medications like psychiatrists so they only focus on the emotional, cognitive, and behavioral solutions for the patients. They may also conduct a group therapy, such as for a group with eating disorders, addictions, prison inmates, families, or couples with marital problems. They also stage crisis interventions.

    How much does a therapist make ?

    Average therapist salary

    The BLS showed that marriage counselors, social workers, and massage therapist earned around $40,000. Psychologists made around $85,000, but psychiatrists are the biggest earners with a therapist’s salary of $174,000. Read more about average salaries of all therapists.

    Therapist salary in the USA

    There are various fields for a therapist in the US and each field has different compensation schemes. Physical therapiss earns a median therapist’s salary of $78,242, while therapist working in a nursing home makes a median pay of $84,019. Massage therapist takes home a median pay of $45,997. Certified occupational therapist makes around $54,349 as median pay. Recreational therapist earns a median salary of $48,430. Mental health therapist makes a median pay of $39,941, with their basic therapist’s salary ranges between $31,060 and $55,134. Psychiatrists have a median pay of $168,291, with their basic pay ranging from $87,271 to $226,870 per year. Psychologists have a median therapist’s salary of $64,232, while their basic salary ranges between $39,341 and $102,148.

    Depending on their experience, the therapist salary also varies. Therapiss with one to four years of experience makes around $40,000 per year. Mid-level therapist who has been on this job for 10 to 20 years earns around $45,000. Experienced therapist with over 20 years of experience takes home an average therapist’s salary of $63,000.

    therapist salary in UK, CAN and Australia
    therapist salary

    Therapist salary by city  /state in the USA

    Mental health counselors would have the best working conditions in Mankato, Minnesota, which is the highest paying state for such therapist. The city pays them an average therapist’s salary of $67,140, which is $27,060 higher than the average pay for all occupations. Bakersfield, California is also among the top paying state for these therapists with their salary of $66,720. Anchorage, Alaska also made it to the list with an average pay of $62,580 per year, as well as Detroit with its annual pay of $62,440 and Racine, Wisconsin with its salary of $60,820.

    Physical therapist is best paid in the state of Nevada, where they earned around $115,220 in 2013. Those working in Alaska also made $96,800, while those in California took home a therapist salary of $91,330. Therapists who are based in Texas and New Jersey are also among the highest paid, with a salary of $90,890 and $90,750, respectively.

    The therapist’s salary for professionals focusing on the mental and physical aspects of a patient is best depicted by these two occupations.

    Physical therapist salary

    According to the BLS, the average therapist’s salary for a physical therapist was around $82,180 in 2013. The top earners made $113,340 or more, while the lowest earners took home $56,280 or less. Physical therapist who is working in the industry of other schools and instruction is paid the highest, at around $92,500. 

    Respiratory therapist salary

    The BLS report showed that the therapist salary for respiratory therapists was $57,880 as of May 2013. The highest earners took home around $76,750 or more, while the lowest earners only made around $41,110 or less. The highest paying industry was the outpatient care centers, which paid them $69,860. Read more about respiratory therapist salary and wage.

    Occupational therapist salary

    The average occupational therapist’s salary is around $77,890, or around $37.45 per hour. The top 10% earned $109,380 or more, while the lowest 10% only made $51,310 or less. Occupational therapists are best paid in the industry for home health care services with a salary of $87,500.

    Radiation therapist salary

    The BLS showed that the average radiation therapist’s salary was around $81,740, or $39.30 per hour as of May 2013. The highest earners made around $114,900 or more, while the lowest earners took home $53,010 or less. The highest paying industry would be employment services, where therapists earned around $105,260.

    Art therapist salary

    According to PayScale, the art therapist’s salary is between $29,686 and $53,451, with the median pay being $40,351. Indeed showed that art therapists earn an average of $81,000, while SimplyHired reported that their salary is around $57,000. According to the BLS, recreational therapists made around $45,420 per year, or $21.88 per hour, in 2013.

    Music therapist salary

    The typical music therapist’s salary is between $24,894 and $54,023, according to PayScale. The site also reported that the median pay for this occupation is $38,865 per year. Bonuses as much as $1,980 may also be provided. Their wage often ranges between $14.53 and $42.89. Salary List reported that the highest music therapist salary is $93,600, while the lowest is around $20,800. The average pay is around $41,406 per year.

    Therapist salary in Canada

    The massage therapist’s salary in Canada ranges between C$24,822 and C$51,592, based on PayScale’s report. Their hourly rate is around C$12.21 to C$72.35. The mental therapist salary, on the other hand, is higher as it ranges between C$47,569 and C$84,494. The wage is around C$19.57 to C$44.05. Physical therapists earn between C$38,916 and C$98,774, with an hourly rate of C$19.73 to C$41.29. Art therapists make between C$22,727 and C$167,516. Their hourly pay ranges from C$11.33 to C$87.26.

    Therapist salary in Australia

    Massage therapists in Australia take home between AU$29,188 and AU$53,473. Occupational therapists earn between AU$41,739 and AU$71,388, with their median pay being AU$55,346. Physical therapists make a bit more with a therapist’s salary ranging from AU$49,435 to AU$80,000. Psychologists earn between AU$44,946 and AU$86,480, while psychiatrists take home a therapist’s salary ranging from AU$73,974 to AU$241,902. These are all based on the figures reported by PayScale from its surveys.

    Therapist salary in the UK

    Therapists working in the UK have a starting salary ranging between £19,000 and £26,000, but this may vary depending on where their location. The therapist salary is higher for the specialists. Those who have gained more experience may earn between £30,000 and £40,000, especially therapists with supervisory tasks. Those who want to be their own boss can start a private practice, wherein they might earn between £30 and £50 an hour.

    Therapist salary in South Africa

    According to Salary Explorer, an occupational therapist in South Africa earns R156,000 per year, which is lower than the average salary of all occupations in the country of around R325,488. A physiotherapist has almost the same earnings of R330,000 per year. A counselor makes an average of R237,984 per year.

    How to become a therapist

    To become a therapist, one needs to have a bachelor’s degree, except maybe for those who want to become a massage therapist. A college degree would get aspiring therapists to whatever field of therapy they want to specialize in. Once a field is chosen, getting a master’s or a PhD program would be the logical next step. Most programs include classroom work, fieldwork, research, and supervised psychotherapy. Clinical experience is also a must and this must be taken for at least two years. There are more rigorous requirements for those who pursue psychology and psychiatry. Licensing requirements vary across states. Licenses must be renewed every year, depending on the laws of the state.

    Conclusion about therapist salary

    There are different types of therapists, each receiving different salaries. The psychiatrists usually have the highest therapist’s salary, while massage therapists and social workers are among the lowest paid therapists.

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