RN salary

  • Registered nurse (RN) takes care of the patients, advise them about their health conditions, and serve as a pillar of support for the patients and their loved ones. Although some people might think of RN as similar to Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), these are actually two different occupations. While RN can work on their own, LPNs have to be supervised, usually by RN. The best state to work in as an RN is California because it topped the list of the top paying states in the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report. The bureau also projected a growth rate of 26% from 2010 to 2020, a rate way faster than the projected growth for all occupations in the country. The average RN salary is $69,110 per year. Keep reading for more information about RN salary in different states and countries, RN job description and RN educational requirements.

  • RN Job Description

    For an RN salary of around $69,000, RN is tasked to provide care for the patients. Their duties usually include taking the medical histories and recording them along with the patients’ symptoms and administering medicines to the patients. RNs are also included in the team of health care professionals who develop a plan for the care of the patients. To make sure that these patients’ conditions are improving, RN observes the patients and take note of these observations. An RN is also responsible for reporting to the doctor and fellow healthcare professionals. At times, RNs also operate the medical equipment, which RN often uses during patient observations. RN collaborates with the healthcare team members in studying the diagnostic tests of the patients. RN guides the patients and their families on how to cope with injuries or illnesses, especially what to do when the patients go home.

    How much does a RN make a year ?

    Average RN salary and wage

    According to the BLS’ Occupational Employment and Wages, the mean RN salary in the US is $32.66 per hour, or roughly $67,930 per year.

    RN salary in USA

    The RN salary in the US ranges from $41,439 to $80,130 per year. PayScale reported the median salary for this occupation to be around $55,662. Their hourly rate is $20.01 to $36.71 per hour, but some employers give tips of up to $10.21 and an overtime pay of $14.73 to $56.59 per hour. Those RNs fortunate enough to find themselves a generous employer may even get a bonus of up to $1,031 and profit shares of up to $3,989.

    Pay by experience increases over time. The starting RN salary is around $30,978 to $64,415. It climbs up to $36,760 to $69,475 for an RN with one to four years of experience; $39,880 to $78,192 for a nurse with five to nine years’ worth of work; and $42,641 to 84,371 per year for an RN with a decade to 19 years of experience. The veterans with more than two decades of experience usually take home an RN salary of around $42,820 to $89,704 per year.

    PayScale reported differing RN salary based on the skill of specialty of the nurses. An RN working in the ICU earns $39,798 to $81,774; a nurse specializing in case management make $39,601 to $79,197; and an RN in acute care receives $38,570 to $79,189 per annum. A nurse in a psychiatric ward makes $39,619 to $78,099; one in surgery makes $38,913 to $77,860; and an RN working in geriatrics make $38,380 to $77,059 per annum.

    In comparing the RN salary by gender, male nurses are paid more with $39,568 to $82,983. Female nurses, on the other hand, make around $38,822 to $77,987 per year.

    RN salary in USA
    RN salary

    RN salary by state

    The BLS report showed that the #1 state that paid the highest RN salary in the US in 2012 is California, with an average annual salary of $94,120, or an hourly wage of $45.25. The other four top paying states include Hawaii with $84,750, or $40.74 per hour; Massachusetts with $83,370, or around $40.08 per hour; Alaska with $80,970, or $38.93 per hour; and Oregon wrapped up the list with $78,530, or $37.75 per hour. Regular RN earns around $68,000 annually, but those who choose to become advanced practice nurses earn more. In fact, they are the highest earners in the RN nursing pay spectrum.

    RN salary in Canada

    In Canada, the RN salary starts from C$40,811 to C$85,315 per year. Nurses receive a median salary of C$63,117. Their hourly wage is around C$23.32 to C$41.04 plus they might get an overtime pay of C$1.70 to C$74.89 per hour. Profit shares may range from C$50.87 to C$1,017 while bonuses may amount to C$2,307.

    Comparing the RN salary based on experience, new nurses earn C$25,752 to C$66,385. Nurses who have one to four years of experience make C$23,838 to C$66,166, while longtime RN who has been in the field for more than 20 years make C$37,800 to C$81,427 per annum.

    Geographically speaking, the RN salary in British Columbia is the highest in Canada at C$23,463 to C$84,400. This is followed by the salary in Saskatchewan, which is C$55,000 to C$79,493 and Ontario, which ranges from C$29,372 to C$79,000 per year.

    RN salary in Australia

    The average RN salary for those working in Australia is AU$41,371 to AU$78,365 per year. RN has a median salary of AU$58,718. Nurses receive an hourly rate of AU$22.29 to AU$37.28 per hour, with an overtime pay of up to AU$64.17 per hour. Bonuses may reach AU$3,098 while profit sharing is usually around AU$4,932.

    The starting RN salary is AU$23,715 to AU$62,667, while long-time RN with over 20 years’ experience makes around AU$36,562 to AU$80,579 per annum.

    RN working in hospitals makes AU$25,749 to AU$70,555; those working with non-profit organizations earn AU$40,134 to AU$85,525; and nurses employed by a foundation get AU$26,594 to AU$77,345 per year. State governments pay RN around AU$35,302 to AU$71,290, while federal governments compensate them with AU$39,636 to AU$72,000 per year.

    The RN salary based on employment status varies, with permanent nurses being paid AU$29,949 to AU$71,451. Part time nurses make AU$27,404 to AU$68,62; temps earn AU$17,230 to AU$61,898; and temp to permanent nurses take home AU$17,295 to AU$60,493 per year.

    RN salary in UK

    In the UK, the RN salary is around £18,407 to £34,131, with the median salary being £24,444. The basic salary for nurses ranges from £17,416 to £30,777, with bonuses usually reaching £1,977 per year.

    RN who is just starting earn £14,146 to £21,170, while those with a bit of experience for one to four years make £18,272 to £26,355 per year. The longer an RN works, the higher the salary gets since those with over 20 years of experience take home £15,216 to £41,000 per year.

    The ranking of the RN salary by province is topped by London, with a nurse’s salary being £18,869 to £34,511 per year. Nurses in Nottinghamshire make £19,463 to £32,549; those in Manchester earn £20,465 to £26,450; and those in Hampshire are paid £13,593 to £29,799.

    RN salary in South Africa

    In South Africa, the RN salary ranges from R82,526 to R276,401 per year. The basic salary is R74,390 to R237,030 per year, although some employers add bonuses of around R936 to R19,204 and profits of R295.04 to R7,861.

    The starting salary for RN in the SA, according to PayScale, is around R75,000 to R108,000. This increases for a nurse with one to four years of experience, with the annual salary being R71,517 to R189,896; another increase for a five- to nine-year RN at R100,000 to R240,000; and a raise for a 10- to 19-year RN at R105,701 to R251,158. An RN salary for a professional with more than 20 years of experience is R60,820 to R292,796 per year.

    Comparing salaries based on degree, an RN with a bachelor’s degree earn more, at R48,656 to R295,898 per year. A nurse with a Diploma of Nursing gets R132,000 to R276,000, while one with an associate’s degree make R74,190 to R267,604 per annum.

    RN salary in New Zealand

    The average RN salary in New Zealand for new graduate nurses is about NZ$47,000 annually, according to CareerNZ. More experienced nurses who have spent three to five years in this field make around NZ$54,000 to NZ$64,000 per year. Senior nurses, on the other hand, receive NZ$67,000 to NZ$110,000.

    PayScale reported the RN salary to be around NZ$38,654 to NZ$72,566 per year. Nurses with one to four years of experience earn around NZ$16,800 to NZ$75,000; RN with five to nine years makes NZ$31,424 to NZ$197,265; and those with 10 to 19 years take home NZ$29,900 to NZ$71,677 per annum. Twenty-year nurses receive NZ$45,000 to NZ$87,485.

    RN salary in India

    The RN salary in India ranges from Rs71,801 to Rs676,108 per year. The nurses receive a basic salary of Rs77,477 to Rs503,371 per year, which is boosted with the addition of bonuses that may amount to Rs49,132 and profits of up to Rs21,365.

    RNswho is working in hospital makes Rs76,933 to Rs364,923, although those who are employed by a foundation or trust earn more with Rs80,183 to Rs610,419 per year. State governments pay RN around Rs216,000 to Rs465,066, while companies compensate them with Rs109,182 to Rs268,584 per annum. Read also about different nursing salaries.

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    How to become a RN 

    To become an RN, one may take either of these paths – a bachelor’s degree in nursing for four years, a diploma in nursing, or an associate’s degree in nursing, the last two usually lasting two to three years. All nursing programs subject students to a supervised clinical experience in pediatrics, maternity, surgery, or psychiatry. However, BSN programs have more training in the social and physical sciences, leadership, communication, and critical thinking. Licensed graduates of any of the three programs can apply as staff nurse.

    All the states in the US require licenses from each RN, which can be obtained by passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN).

    Certifications can be obtained by an RN. RN may specialize in gerontology, ambulatory care, pediatrics, and other areas.

    RN usually starts as staff nurses before they get promoted to higher positions after factoring in their experience, continuing education, and performance. Some RNs also pursue the position of being an advanced practice registered nurse (ARPN), where they’re even allowed to prescribe medications in most states.

    Conclusion about RN salary

    The BLS reported an average RN salary of almost $68,000 per year, or an hourly wage of roughly $32.66 per hour. The top 10% earn $94,720 while the lowest 10% only make around $45,040 per year.

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