Retail pharmacist salary

  • Retail pharmacist’s salary is around $115,000 in the United States. A retail pharmacist job will give you an average salary of $104,070 in the US according to PayScale. This will let you work in grocery stores, department stores or chain drug stores where you will be dispensing medicines. A license is required to practice as a retail pharmacist and for this, you need to at least have obtained a Pharm.D degree. Keep reading for more information about retail pharmacist salary and career requirements.

  • Retail pharmacist job description

    Retail pharmacists fill and dispense medicines for patients in accordance to the prescription of a doctor. They work in chain drug stores, grocery stores and in department stores. When asked, the retail pharmacist may provide information regarding the proper use of medicine being bought or could also give details on the pros and cons of their use. They may also provide patients with general information on health such as diet and exercise.

    How much does a retail pharmacist make ?

    Average retail pharmacist salary

    Pharmacist is earning an average salary of $116,500 per annum or an equivalent wage of $56.01 an hour in 2013 according to BLS. The lower 10% have salaries less than $89,000 while the 90th percentile recorded earnings more than the rate of $147,350. Employment is expected to grow by 14% from 2012 to 2020. Read more about pharmacist salary in general.

    Retail pharmacist salary in USA

    BLS says that pharmaciss in general has an average salary of $116,500 per year. Indeed claims that the average retail pharmacist salary in US is $40,000 a year. PayScale in comparison shows median salary of $104,070 where basic salaries are anywhere from $71,992 to $123,115. Additional cash perks may be allowed in the form of bonuses of $8,170, profit sharing of $504 to $8,844, and commissions of $1,017. Total pay could be in between the rates of $82,738 and $127,214.

    Salary of retail pharmacist by state

    These states are paying the highest salaries for pharmacist as shown in BLS: Alaska at $133,030; California at $129,560; Maine at $127,520; Vermont at $122,800; and Wisconsin at $122,130. In comparison, these are the average rates for retail pharmacist in Indeed: Alaska at $30,000; California at $43,000; Maine at $35,000; Vermont at $36,000; and Wisconsin at $36,000.

    Retail pharmacist salary in Canada

    In Canada, retail pharmacist is earning a median salary of CA$81,298 per year or a rate of CA$44 an hour says PayScale. Regular rates are CA$38.47 to CA$53.99 an hour while overtime pay is from CA$40.13 to CA$89.79. Retail pharmacist in this country is being offered basic salaries of CA$38,884 to CA$103,020. Cash perks like bonuses of CA$9,709 could increase pay rates to CA$71,589 for up to CA$114,912.

    Retail pharmacist salary in UK

    UK retail pharmacists recorded an average salary of £36,177 a year in PayScale where they disclosed to have earned basic salaries of £26,693 to £47,551. Total cash earned on the other hand ranged from £28,906 to £50,950 which could already include bonuses of £4,095 and profit sharing of £50.00 to £2,750.

    Retail pharmacist salary in Australia

    PayScale recorded a median retail pharmacist salary of AU$64,436 a year or an equivalent wage of AU$32.85 an hour for Australia. Regular hours are being paid from AU$24.47 to AU$40.15 and overtime rates are from AU$30.14 to AU$51.86. Basic salaries could be from AU$43,879 to AU$97,871. Total earnings on the other hand is from AU$48,094 to AU$87,203, inclusive of bonuses of AU$5,152.

    Retail pharmacist salary in South Africa

    In South Africa, retail pharmacists have basic salaries of R194,672 to R454,857 as shown in PayScale. The median rate is R308,548 a year. Bonuses valued at R1,218 to R30,836 could let you have a total income of R212,381 to R467,082.

    Retail pharmacist salary in New Zealand

    Pharmacists in New Zealand have a median salary of NZ$54,636 a year where basic salaries are from NZ$29,799 to NZ$91,215. Total cash received is from NZ$35,280 to NZ$92,845 that may include bonuses of NZ$7,218.

    Retail pharmacist salary in India

    Retail pharmacists in India are earning Rs 143,884 on the average says PayScale. Total earnings could be from Rs 61,356 to Rs 734,896 when other cash benefits like bonuses of Rs 991 to Rs 50,449 are included to basic pay.

    How to become a retail pharmacist

    In order to become a retail pharmacist, a Pharm.D degree is required. Entering into this program has its prerequisites such as two years of undergraduate coursework in subjects like social sciences, physiology and calculus. A Pharm. D degree is a combination of classroom and laboratory work. After completing the program, graduates are expected to pass a series of examinations in order to get licensed prior being allowed practice.

    Conclusion about retail pharmacist salary

    A retail pharmacist job will let you earn from $82,738 to $127,214 according to PayScale. Getting a Pharm.D degree and passing a licensure exam are the minimum requirements. This will gain you work in settings like pharmacy chains, groceries, and drug stores where medicines are being sold. Retail pharmacist salary is above average.

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