Radiographer salary

  • Radiographer’s salary varies from country to country and is also different from state to state,but we can say right from the beginning that highest salary receive radiographers working in Texas, United States. But when speak about Radiographer, do we speak about one general name for one occupation or are there more types of radiographers ? Radiographers come under many names. In some practices, they are called Radiologic Technologists, Diagnostic Radiographers, Diagnostic Medical Radiographers or simply, Radiographer. Radiographers are primarily engaged in the examination of patients using a variety of imaging and laser technologies like X-rays and ultrasounds.  The work of a radiographer is crucial in the diagnosis of illnesses and internal injuries. They are often called in prior to a major operation to determine the condition of the patient and the extent of procedure that needs to be done.  The most recent published data for a radiographer’s total salary in the US is pegged at $32,000  to $63,000 annually and may vary depending on position and work experience. As you can see radiographer’s salary is not low at all. keep reading for more information about how to become a radiographer and radiographer salary in different states and countries.

  • Radiographer job description

    There is a difference between the work of a radiographer and a radiation therapist. While both work in the field of radiology, the former is more engaged in the operation of the equipment and the generation of the produced image, while the latter is concerned with the application of radiation treatment and doses to the patient. Because their role is crucial in illness diagnosis, radiographer should be proficient and familiar in the operation of common imaging equipment and tests like the basic X-ray, ultrasound, CT or computed tomography, MRI or magnetic resonance imaging, and angiography. They are also expected to maintain and ensure that the equipment they use for these tests are in proper order.

    In most cases, radiographer works as part of a team. In a surgical procedure, for example, they perform the test so the doctor can determine the necessary procedure to be done. After the operation, they also maintain close contact with the patient for any post-surgery procedures needed.  It is important then that besides carrying out the tests and generating the images, radiographer also has an idea of basic patient care.

    How much does a radiographer make ?

    Average radiographer salary

    PayScale has identified the average salary of radiographer is around $43,000, while the hourly rate ranges from $14 to $28.  In the 2010 data of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage of a radiographer was at $54,340.

    Radiographer salary in USA

    PayScale reports that a radiographer’s salary ranges from $32,444 to $63,322m . On an hourly basis, they can earn as high as $28.31, and with overtime can earn as much as $45.44 per hour. The minimum, however, is at $14.87.

    Years of experience in the industry also greatly matter. Those with less than a year working experience can receive between $27,500 up to $44, 220. Those with a couple of years experience can expect a minimum of $30,521. Longer years of experience especially those with five to more than than 10 years can receive a minimum wage of up to $36,241. Similarly, those with less than a year of experience have a lower hourly rate from $10.29 to $23.39, while those with five years or more under their belt can receive an hourly rate as high as $34.25. Those with a basic associate degree can receive a maximum hourly rate of $25.94, while graduates of a bachelor’s degree can claim even higher pay, as high as $32.28.

    radiographer salary in Canada, UK and USA
    radiographer salary

    Radiographer salary by state

    The hourly rate also varies depending on city or state of practice. Hospitals and clinics in Chicago, Illinois, Detroit, Michigan, and Houston, Texas have a higher hourly rate, with Chicago having the most favorable rate among the three. Radiographer salary is highest there because hourly rate  in this area is set at  $25.55-$31.45.

    Radiographer salary in Canada

    Those working in Canada receive an annual salary that ranges from C$35,054 to C$74,497, with a median of C$55,650. Those working in hospitals, compared to private clinics, have a salary of C$54,119 to C$67,500, which is comparatively higher than other employer types. Latest figures also show that the highest hourly average rates are received by those working in Edmonton, Alberta, while the lowest rates are found in Montreal, Quebec.  Radiographer’s salary in Edmonton is C$37.25 per hour on the average, while Montreal rate is at C$23. Other areas with relatively high hourly wage are Ontario, and Nova Scotia.

    Radiographer salary in Australia

    Radiographer’s salary in Australia is set at a minimum of AUS$40,821 to a maximum of AUS$89,158 every year. One can get as high as AUS$42.23 each hour, and with overtime can be as high as AUS80.00. Beginners or those with less than a year experience in the industry can earn as high as AUS$53, 706 while those with a relative experience of more than five years can earn around AUS$27,000 to AUS$88,904 in a year. Perth and Melbourne have higher salary rates compared to other major Australian cities. Radiographer salary in Perth is ranging from AUS$59,000 to AUS$87,415 annually.

    Radiographer salary in UK

    According to PayScale, the radiographer’s salary in the United Kingdom is set from £19,600 to as high as £40,148 in a year, including bonuses. Those with less than five years experience can receive a minimum pay of £16,312 a year, while those with longer than five years experience can receive as high as £35, 745.

    In a major city like London, the pay can be as low as £22,382 to as high as £34,392. Years or experience as well as position in the industry also account for difference in the salary. There are senior and management level positions, as in the case of consultant radiographers and service managers, who can earn up to £67,134.

    Radiographer salary in South Africa

    National figures from PayScale show that radiographer salary in South Africa can range from R140,959 to R313, 048 in a year. Those with a year or less experience can receive a minimum of R118, 337; while those with five to nine years in the industry can claim as high as R290, 874. Cape Town pays the highest rate, with the salary going as high as R353, 234, followed by Durban with a maximum salary of R302, 017. The lowest radiographer’s salary in South Africa is in Port Elizabeth, with the salary ranging from R123, 812 to R187, 195 in a year.

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    Radiographer education, training and certification

    One needs to earn a degree in radiography to become a radiographer. In the US, the usual path is through an associate degree for proper orientation in the field of radiology, equipment handling and operation, basic patient care, and anatomy and physiology. Another option  is through formal training programs that can move up to a certificate’s, an associate’s or even a bachelor’s degree. The  radiographer’s training is a mix of coursework or classroom training and clinical or hospital experience. Ultimately, one needs to pass a certification to become a certified and licensed radiographer. The test is usually administered by a national body or council on health. Licensed radiographer is also expected to register or join a professional radiography association.

    On the other hand, some countries like UK and Australia have stricter requirements as most radiographer is expected to finish a three to four year degree on radiography. For those without formal educational training, entry into the profession may be through work experience as a radiographer assistant. Regular radiographer may later on be promoted as advanced practitioners especially if they obtain further training in specialized areas like trauma and emergency, nuclear medicine, or interventional radiography. There are also opportunities for senior and management positions.

    Conclusion about radiographer salary

    According to PayScale, the median annual salary of a radiographer is around $43,000. Furthermore, 2010 values from the US BLS show that the lowest 10 % earned less than 36,510 USD  per annum, while the highest 10% received salary of more than $76,850 yearly. Radiographer salary is higher than average nurse salary but also lower than physician salaries.

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