PT salary

  • PT’s salary (physical therapist) is around $80,000 in the United States. A PT, or physical therapist, helps ill or injured patients improve their movement and feel more relief over their pain. That’s why PTs are a critical part in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients who are suffering from injuries or chronic conditions. Many of them work in clinics and private offices, nursing homes, and hospitals. The average PT’s salary was $79,860 in 2012, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Their occupation is estimated to increase by 36% from 2012 to 2022, stemming from the aging baby boomers, who want to stay mobile even at an advanced age, and the increased risk of people suffering from diabetes, obesity, and other chronic conditions that cause mobility issues. Keep reading for more information about PT salary and career requirements.

  • PT job description

    According to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), a PT diagnoses and manages mobility problems and enhances the functionality and physical abilities of the patients. These therapists also restore, maintain, and promote optimal fitness and wellness among patients for a better quality of life. They prevent the symptoms and the worsening of the mobility problems and other disabilities of the patients. To do that, PTs use stretching maneuvers, exercises, equipment, and hands-on therapy. They also monitor the progress of the patients, changing the treatment plan as needed. To further move the treatment process along, they also teach the patients and their families about what to do.

    How much does a PT make ?

    Average PT salary

    On an average, a PT’s salary is $82,180, according to the BLS, or around $39.51 per hour.

    PT salary in the USA

    PayScale reports that the typical PT’s salary ranges between $50,544 and $81,670. Their median salary is about $63,889. Aside from the base salary, a PT may also receive a bonus amounting to $4,935, profits ranging from $100.33 to $6,234, and commission of up to $6,821. PT gets paid between $27.41 and $45.95 per hour and receive an overtime pay ranging from $28.78 to $63.09 per hour.

    The entry-level PT salary ranges between $49,833 and $75,067, but this increases to a range between $54,859 and $84,813 for the mid-career therapists. Experienced PT takes home between $57,114 and $91,205, while PT in his late-career make between $58,641 and $94,896.

    According to the BLS, the industry with the highest numbers of PTs and the highest levels of employment is that of the offices of other health practitioners, which pay them an average of $80,060. But the industry that pays the highest PT salary is that which is composed of other schools and instruction, which pays them $92,500 per year. The other top paying industries include home health care services, which pay them a PT’s salary of $91,190; nursing care facilities, $87,250; individual and family services, $86,070; and continuing care retirement communities and assisted living facilities for the elderly, $85,060 per year.

    PT salary
    PT salary

    PT salary by city/state in the USA

    The best state for a PT to work in is that of Nevada, where PT can earn an average of $115,220 per year. The other states that still pay a relatively high PT’s salary include Alaska, where PT can make $96,800; California, which pay $91,330; Texas, where the PT’s salary averages $90,890; and New Jersey, where PT is paid $90,750. These are based on data from the BLS.

    The highest paying city for PT would be Las Vegas, where the average PT salary is around $117,130. This is followed by Jacksonville, Florida, where they earn $106,970 per year. The other top paying cities include McAllen, Texas, where the average PT salary is $106,280; Roanoke, Virginia, where their annual pay is about $105,930; and Midland, Texas, where PT makes $102,270 per year.

    PT aide salary

    The average salary of PT aide is around $25,990, according to the BLS. They make $12.50 per hour. The industry which pays the highest salary for these aids is that of the psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals, which compensate them with $45,420. PT aides can also make the most money in Alaska, where their average salary could be $35,890; Vermont, $31,490; Hawaii, $31,160; Indiana, $31,150; and Colorado, $30,460.

    PT tech salary

    The typical annual pay for a PT tech ranges between $18,681 and $31,604, based on PayScale. They get paid between $8.95 and $15.23 per hour, with an overtime pay of up to $21.45 per hour. Bonuses of up to $309.13 may also be provided by some employers.

    PT starting salary

    The starting salary of a PT, based on the 2011 survey by the Advance for Physical Therapy and Rehab Medicine, was around $66,645. This annual pay is typical for PT with less than five years of experience. According to PayScale, the entry-level salary for PT ranges between $49.833 and $75,067.

    Travel PT salary

    A traveling PT made round $112,000 per year in 2011, according to Traveling PT often has short work periods, which means that they have more free time and lower annual earnings. Their salary varies based on their position, employer, and the location of the job. For instance, the traveling PT’s salary for someone working in Orlando, Florida was $75,442, those who work in Dallas, New York, and Houston made $71,733, while those who are based in Indianapolis only earned $57,797, according to in 2011.

    PT salary in Canada

    A PT, or physiotherapist, working in Canada earns between C$39,025 and C$80,897, according to PayScale. The site also shows that their median pay is around C$59,976. Some employers do provide bonuses, which may amount to C$5,059 and profits ranging from C$112.50 to C$8,500. Their typical wage starts at C$28.85 to C$44.28, while their overtime rate is between C$7.89 and C$60.82.

    The entry-level PT salary ranges between C$34,735 and C$77,708, while mid-career PTs make between C$43,779 and C$83,252. The more experienced therapists usually take home a PT’s salary between C$42,574 and C$82,898.

    According to, the highest hourly rates for PTs are earned in Toronto, Canada at around C$37.91, while the lowest wages are in Montreal, Quebec at C$27.50.

    PT salary in Australia

    Australia-based PTs often earn between AU$43,680 and AU$80,886, with the median pay being AU$59,518. Their hourly rate is usually around AU$24.08 to AU$61.59, while the overtime rate may reach up to AU$61.59.

    Entry-level PTs usually make a PT’s salary ranging from AU$42,130 to AU$76,451. As they move to a mid-career position, they could earn between AU$50,102 and AU$84,929. As they spend years on the job honing their skills, they could take home between AU$49,014 and AU$95,343.

    PTs who are working in Melbourne, Victoria make a PT’s salary of around AU$55,743, while those who are based in Brisbane, Queensland earn around AU$59,483. PTs in Perth, Western Australia and Sydney, New South Wales earn a PT’s salary of AU$59,235 and AU$63,055, respectively.

    PT salary in the UK

    PTs who are working in the NHS take home a starting PT’s salary ranging between £21,176 and £27,625. Those who become specialist PTs can earn between £25,528 and £34,189, while those who get promoted to advanced physiotherapists receive between £30,460 and £40,157.

    According to PayScale, the median PT salary is around £25,598, with the base salary ranging from £18,912 to £39,469. Some PTs may get a bonus of up to £2,909. Their wage usually ranges from £11.78 to £30.91, with overtime rates being £11.88 to £30.32.

    PT salary in South Africa

    PayScale figures show that the median PT’s salary for those working in South Africa is around R184,460. Their base salary ranges between R115,530 and R307,340, with bonuses possibly amounting to R25,083. The entry-level PT salary is usually around R115,812 to R293,792.

    How to become a PT

    To become a PT, one must have a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree. To get into a DPT program, a bachelor’s degree is necessary and other prerequisites, including biology, physiology, anatomy, physics, and chemistry. PT programs often cover courses in anatomy, biomechanics, neuroscience, physiology, and pharmacology. Clinical internships must be completed to gain experience in orthopedic care and acute care. PTs may finish a clinical residency program for up to a year after getting their DPT and get additional training and experience in areas they want to specialize in. States in the US have different licensing requirements, but all of them require PTs to pass the National Physical Therapy Examination provided by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy. Continuing education has to be taken for PTs to keep their license. Certification in various specialty areas may be provided by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties after getting some work experience, passing an exam, and accumulating 2,000 hours spent on clinical work.

    Conclusion about PT salary

    A PT makes an average of $82,180 per year. But the highest earners make at least $113,340 and the lowest earners take home at most $56,280. PT salary is above average.

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